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Blow off some steam in the monthly Cornerstone Brawl!

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The Cornerstone Brawl returns this Sunday, Mar. 26, with a 2v2 tournament, a charity stream for Gamers Outreach & a 1K gold prize pool. What a combo!


Last month, Globe, one of the driven members powering our community, began his gigantic quest to revive the Players versus Player scene, starting with a monthly 1v1 tournament. For those unfamiliar with it, there is a recurring joke –or is it?– that PvP is dead. It is no secret the game mode has not received as much attention as it deserves over the years, but the truth is, it is totally within our power to rejuvenate the scene. Globe is the type of player that follows this school of thought!

About last month’s tournament, Globe told us the event was received really well by everyone and we couldn’t be happier about it! Upon second thought, he added that perhaps his neighbours did not appreciate the tournament as much. Globe was clearly referring to the eight hours of continous shout-casting, as the tournament had 25 participants on EU and 7 on NA, for a whopping total of 48 and 16 games on each region respectively! An honorable mention goes to Kaspiii, who was sent to the Lower Bracket early on in th event, but did not give up and crawled up almost all the way back to the top. Unfortunately for Kaspiii, Belzedar was waiting for them at the end of the climb, ready to seize the crown.


Behold! The winners of the Feb. 26 tournament! You can view the full bracket here.

  1. EU: Belzedar • NA: Phoenix
  2. EU: Bel • NA: GenocideCelePlayers
  3. EU: Bufflrweaverffsfkanet (aka Astrian) • NA: Hatuey

If you missed the Feb. 26 edition, we have good news for you: a new tournament is coming this Sunday, March 26. This date will also be the epic conclusion of a week of charity streams for the Gamers Outreach Foundation, which you can read more about here. All the more reason to get in there; you’d be literally fighting for a good cause!


This event will be a classic 2v2, double elimination tournament for players of all skill levels. You and your teammate will be sparring against two other opponents. You get two strikes before you’re moved to the Lower Bracket and one additional chance within that bracket before you’re eliminated from the tournament. You advance in the Upper Bracket by getting the best out of 3 rounds.

We know timezones can get confusing, so we will be posting localized timestamps in our Discord announcement, a couple days prior to the event.

  • EUROPE: 17:00 UTC
  • NORTH AMERICA: 10:00 PDT • 13:00 EDT

The event will be streamed on Twitch, as part of a fundraising campaign for Gamers Outreach. You can sign up by joining the Cornerstone of the Mists server. This 2v2 tournament is the perfect chance to bring your buddies in! You can also join alone and you will be assigned a teammate randomly.


What if you can’t make it this Sunday? Don’t fret, these tournaments will be occurring monthly, and maybe even more frequently than that! Make sure to turn on the Hardstuck announcements channel for those juicy pings; but most importantly, join the Cornerstone of the Mists Discord server to stay tuned on upcoming events, get mentorship and meet your potential, future teammates!
A note on future dates: Globe has listened to your feedback and future editions will not be hosted so close to the Monthly Automated Tournament. This way, players will get more of a breather inbetween events. Additionally, we are working on implementing an easy sign-up system hosted entirely in the Hardstuck Discord!

You can support the initiative by joining the Globe’s server, participating yourself, spreading the word, or donating to the prize pool. All donations can go to TheGlobalLegend#7057.

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