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Protection Holosmith
December 2022


PvP Amulet & Rune

PvP amulet icon
Demolisher Amulet
PvP rune icon
Rune of the Dolyak

Weapons & Sigils

Sword icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
SwordSigil of Cleansing
Shield icon Sigil of Energy icon
ShieldSigil of Energy

Weapon Skills

Utility Skills


Prot Holo offers very high sustain and lots of CC. This build gets its value from the boons and Regeneration output it can provide as well as the passive AoE damage that slowly wears down enemies. It is currently not the most common build, as its protection uptime was nerfed multiple times.

Build fundamentals

The utility skills gain the most value when heat is above 50 (out of 150):

At the start of each match, you should use every skill in Engage Photon Forge to get a head start with heat, allowing you to access these buffs asap.

This build also has high resustain via boons from: Super Elixir, Elixir Shell, Compounding Chemicals, and Heat Therapy, as well as high condition management through Anticorrosion Plating and Deactivate Photon Forge (keep in mind you have to actually use this skill to get the condition cleanse).

The gameplay itself is rather rotational, you swap between:

Latest video

Latest Hardstuck video


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