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Tank Firebrand
August 2022

Instanced PvE


Illustrious Visor icon Superior Rune of the Water icon
Minstrel's HelmSuperior Rune of the Water
Illustrious Pauldrons icon Superior Rune of the Water icon
Minstrel's ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Water
Illustrious Breastplate icon Superior Rune of the Water icon
Minstrel's ChestSuperior Rune of the Water
Illustrious Warfists icon Superior Rune of the Water icon
Minstrel's GlovesSuperior Rune of the Water
Illustrious Tassets icon Superior Rune of the Water icon
Minstrel's LegsSuperior Rune of the Water
Illustrious Greaves icon Superior Rune of the Water icon
Minstrel's BootsSuperior Rune of the Water

Weapons & Sigils

Mace icon Superior Sigil of Transference icon
Minstrel's MaceSuperior Sigil of Transference
Shield icon Superior Sigil of Concentration icon
Minstrel's ShieldSuperior Sigil of Concentration
Staff icon Superior Sigil of Transference icon Superior Sigil of Concentration icon
Minstrel's StaffSuperior Sigil of Transference Superior Sigil of Concentration


Quiver of a Thousand Arrows icon
Minstrel's Backpiece
Black Ice Earring icon
Minstrel's Accessory
Asgeir's Talisman icon
Minstrel's Accessory
Asgeir's Amulet icon
Minstrel's Amulet
Black Ice Band icon
Minstrel's Ring
Mistborn Band icon
Minstrel's Ring


Mint Creme Brulee icon Bountiful Maintenance Oil icon
Mint Creme Brulee Bountiful Maintenance Oil


Healing WvW Infusion icon
18xHealing Infusion

Utility Skills



If you want to follow a general rotation, you can look at using Empower and Shield of Judgment twice in their respective weaponset.

These skills should be used immediately after swapping to the set and just before swapping out in order to spend the least amount of time in each weaponset.

However, as you are a healer/tank, you should be ready to break this general rotation if it means you will support your allies better or survive easier.

Burst healing

  1. Tome of Resolve
  2. Epilogue: Eternal Oasis first to increase your healing
  3. Chapter 4: Shining River for big aoe heal
  4. Chapter 2: Igniting Burst if affected by conditions
  5. Chapter 1: Desert Bloom is spammable
  6. Additionally:
    1. Holy Strike
    2. Empower
    3. Bow of Truth
    4. Shield of Absorption

Using your Dodge heals allies around you as well.

Condition cleansing

  1. Mantra of Lore – swap one of your utility skills to this if there is heavy condition pressure
  2. Holy Strike in the Light field from Line of Warding/Symbol of Faith
  3. Chapter 2: Igniting Burst in Tome of Resolve is strong, party-wide cleanse with additional healing
  4. Epilogue: Eternal Oasis will convert conditions to boons

Tank Firebrand can be seen as a variant of Heal Firebrand which focuses more on self-sustain and tanking capabilities by swapping the Virtues traitline with Valor. Other than tanking the build can provide permanent Quickness, Swiftness, high uptime on Fury, and <25 stacks of Might to the party. It has access to lots of Stability and Aegis.

Note: As this is more of a niche PvE build, it is reusing most of gear of WvW Firebrand build (with only sigil difference).

Build Fundamentals

Aside of tanking bosses or mechanics, your main role will be the same as with Heal Firebrand: healing and providing boons. For detailed description of Heal Firebrand please refer to this guide.

Staying alive

Staying alive and tanking encounters can be achieved through combining Aegis uptime with the self-sustain from the trait Altruistic Healing.

To ensure blocking relevant attacks with Aegis utilize your skills Shield of Judgment and "Advance!" first. Another option is to use Protector's Strike which can block an attack while providing Aegis and Protection to the party. Entering Tome of Courage gives access to Epilogue: Unbroken Lines, a powerful ability that can also provide Aegis  and Stability  to the party along with 300 Toughness for 5 seconds.

The trait Altruistic Healing will heal the player for a small amount every time a boon is given to an ally. While this may not seem like much, this trait is not subject to an internal cooldown and when the boon output is scaled to 5 players it quickly becomes a powerful way of self-sustaining. Always try to make sure you are in the range of your allies to be able to provide boons to them through symbols, mantras, and other skills such as Shield of Judgment and "Advance!".

Crowd Control


Utility Skills

You can replace Bow of Truth with:

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