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    Decap Druid
    December 2022


    PvP Amulet & Rune

    PvP amulet icon
    Avatar Amulet
    PvP rune icon
    Rune of the Dolyak

    Weapons & Sigils

    Greatsword icon Sigil of Cleansing icon Sigil of Energy icon
    GreatswordSigil of Cleansing Sigil of Energy
    Longbow icon Sigil of Revocation icon Sigil of Energy icon
    LongbowSigil of Revocation Sigil of Energy

    Utility Skills


    Juvenile Smokescale icon Juvenile Jacaranda icon
    Smokescale Jacaranda

    Decap Druid is great at holding out in outnumbered situations, it can easily decap enemy nodes with lots of sustain and condition cleanse. Build is relatively easy to pick up

    Build fundamentals

    While this build is mostly a stall build with low kill potential, you can still take down an opponent if make use of Barrage and Jacaranda’s lightning field as it provides mass chip damage allowing you to steadily wear down an opponent. But the key skills of this build are Point-Blank Shot and Glyph of the Tides as they will keep enemies off the point, allowing you to easily decap.

    To land these more often it’s quite useful if you combo it with Immobilize (via Jacaranda’s Jacaranda's Embrace or Entangle), however Entangle is better saved for after you knock them off the capture point to allow more ticks.

    Another small knockback combo you can use is Counterattack Kick (from Counterattack) followed by Point-Blank Shot or Glyph of the Tides.


    Your main source of sustain is Regeneration and synergy from Healing Spring and Swoop or Lunar Impact. Entering Celestial Avatar will cleanse all your conditions and give you access to Rejuvenating Tides which is your best sustain after the aforementioned abilities

    Try to be aware of Quick Draw internal cooldown. It should be used with Point-Blank Shot, Swoop (for the leap finisher synergy mentioned above), or Counterattack for the extra blocks which can be very useful if you are under pressure.

    Remember that you have some good panic buttons: Signet of Stone and Counterattack can block incoming attacks for a total of 8 seconds while "Protect Me!" stunbreaks you and grants Barrier and Protection.

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