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Power Boon Daredevil
February 2023

Instanced PvE


Illustrious Visage icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Diviner's HelmSuperior Rune of the Thief
Illustrious Shoulderguard icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Diviner's ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Thief
Illustrious Guise icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Diviner's ChestSuperior Rune of the Thief
Illustrious Grips icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Diviner's GlovesSuperior Rune of the Thief
Illustrious Leggings icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Diviner's LegsSuperior Rune of the Thief
Illustrious Striders icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Diviner's BootsSuperior Rune of the Thief

Weapons & Sigils

Staff icon Superior Sigil of Concentration icon Superior Sigil of Force icon
Diviner's StaffSuperior Sigil of Concentration Superior Sigil of Force
Sword icon Superior Sigil of Concentration icon
Diviner's SwordSuperior Sigil of Concentration
Pistol icon Superior Sigil of Paralyzation icon
Diviner's PistolSuperior Sigil of Paralyzation


Quiver of a Thousand Arrows icon
Diviner's Backpiece
Black Ice Earring icon
Diviner's Accessory
Asgeir's Talisman icon
Diviner's Accessory
Asgeir's Amulet icon
Diviner's Amulet
Black Ice Band icon
Diviner's Ring
Mistborn Band icon
Diviner's Ring


Spherified Sesame Oyster Soup icon Potent Lucent Oil icon
Spherified Sesame Oyster Soup Potent Lucent Oil


Mighty WvW Infusion icon
18xMighty Infusion

Utility Skills


Burst combo

Power Boon Daredevil is a very similar build to pure Power Daredevil and plays the same when it comes to damage dealing. The main difference is the usage of Detonate Plasma stolen skill, which you acquire by using Swipe. All that is topped off with amazing CC via Basilisk Venom and Fist Flurry.

This build should only be used on bosses such as Matthias Gabrel, Mursaat Overseer, Statues of Grenth, and Cardinal Adina, where you can steal Detonate Plasma from the boss.

Build fundamentals

High boon duration items will allow you to provide permanent Quickness uptime, high Resistance uptime, Stability stacks, Aegis spam, and maintain 25 stacks of Might with help of pre-stealing.

Other boons provided by Detonate Plasma and your traits, like Protection,  Resolution,  Regeneration,  Swiftness,  Fury,  Vigor have much higher uptime and you’ll be able to keep them up permanently even with much lower boon duration.

Much as with basic Power Daredevil, your DPS comes in repeated bursts, between which you will enter a rest period where you will refill your resources with the staff Auto-attack chain.

If your endurance bar fills to one dodge while in your rest period, you will want to Dodge and use Weakening Charge.

Changing Critical Strikes to Trickery gives up some damage for boosting your  Swipe:

Preparedness and Kleptomaniac will increase your initiative and initiative generation, allowing you to tank more effectively or squeeze a bit more Weakening Charge attacks if you chose to dps.

On top of that, you can use your stolen skills twice with Improvisation in Deadly Arts for maximum boon output from Detonate Plasma.


Sword/Pistol set is used both for mobility from Infiltrator's Strike, and for some additional CC from Head Shot.

But more importantly, that will be your go-to set if you choose to tank, that’s because Pistol Whip is spammable stationery evade that is 60% longer than your normal Dodge, which in junction with 3 endurance bars, makes you very hard to kill.

As a tank, you can mitigate some damage with your regular Dodge, but save Pistol Whip for most threatening attacks.

If you are in a fight like Cardinal Adina where tanking is toughness-based, swap some Diviner’s pieces with Commander’s and make sure you have the highest toughness in your squad.

Crowd Control


Utility Skills

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