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Power Specter
August 2022


PvP Amulet & Rune

PvP amulet icon
Marauder Amulet
PvP rune icon
Rune of the Chronomancer

Weapons & Sigils

Sword icon Sigil of Exploitation icon
SwordSigil of Exploitation
Dagger icon Sigil of Energy icon
DaggerSigil of Energy
Dagger icon Sigil of Absorption icon
DaggerSigil of Absorption
Pistol icon Sigil of Courage icon
PistolSigil of Courage

Utility Skills


Specter is a safe roaming build. It offers stealth, easy decaps and a really good teamfight presence

Build fundamentals

Specter is slower than other thief variant that can run shortbow but it still offers enough mobility to be very hard to follow. Infiltrator's Strike and Heartseeker will help you move on the map. It wont help if you try to go for a decap. Most of your mobility comes from wells and obviously Shadowstep this is also your only stunbreak, use it with care.

Dealing damage

First things first, all your wells will give you Quickness

Sword is a good weapon to start with in any type of fight. It has quite strong auto-attacks a basic engage combo you can cancel at any time by going back to your first position thanks to Infiltrator's Return. Logically the combo goes

  1. Infiltrator's Strike
  2. Cloak and Dagger
  3. Tactical Strike (replaces your auto-attack once you gained stealth)

Another great damage skill is Flanking Strike, turning into Larcenous Strike if it hits. It is unblockable making it very strong against support guardian.
The dagger on the other hand makes finishing kills way easier thanks to Heartseeker dealing extra damage on low health targets. This weapon set also offers you access to Shadow Shot which is excellent to chase fast targets and still deal high damage. When stealthed you gain access to a great damage skill, Backstab. Make sure to hit the flank/back of your target to deal maximum damage.

Now another way to deal damage is to Enter Shadow Shroud, this gives you access to an entirely new weapon set and a new health bar. Grasping Shadows is big damage, try and snipe people with it or cc them into it as the damage only procs a second after you place it. Eternal Night brings extremely high damage and Chilled but care as this has a very small range, forcing you to be melee to hit. Sadly shroud auto-attack isn’t great so you don’t want to stay in shroud for damage too long.


Most of your sustain comes from Enter Shadow Shroud but to get to use it you need shadow force. Shadow force is gained by using initiative, wells and Siphon. Wells also bring you some healing and 4 second of Alacrity each.

As thief you can stealth, specter offers good aoe blast so despite not running shortbow you can stealth your allies, a simple combo would be

Or more simply Black Powder and Heartseeker. You can get up to 3 Heartseeker inside the smoke field for stealth

CC (Crowd Control)

Thief has access to Siphon a cc that rips boons, making it the best class to interupt Signet of Mercy or Glyph of Renewal.
Head Shot is really good to interrupt key skill like heals as they’re less likely than the 2 above to be covered by Stability.

Shadowfall is your best bet to kill or clutch a teamfight as it pulses pull for it’s whole duration, making it impossible to escape unless stunbreaking and dodging. Dawn's Repose is a great skill to do so, as you can chain the fear and the stun.

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