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Power Banner BladeswornMay 2022

Instanced PvE
Offensive support


Illustrious Visor icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Berserker's HelmSuperior Rune of the Thief
Illustrious Pauldrons icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Berserker's ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Thief
Illustrious Breastplate icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Berserker's ChestSuperior Rune of the Thief
Illustrious Warfists icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Berserker's GlovesSuperior Rune of the Thief
Illustrious Tassets icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Berserker's LegsSuperior Rune of the Thief
Illustrious Greaves icon Superior Rune of the Thief icon
Berserker's BootsSuperior Rune of the Thief

Weapons & Sigils

Axe icon Superior Sigil of Force icon
Berserker's AxeSuperior Sigil of Force
Pistol icon Superior Sigil of Impact icon
Berserker's PistolSuperior Sigil of Impact


Quiver of a Thousand Arrows icon
Assassin's Backpiece
Black Ice Earring icon
Berserker's Accessory
Asgeir's Talisman icon
Berserker's Accessory
Asgeir's Amulet icon
Berserker's Amulet
Black Ice Band icon
Assassin's Ring
Mistborn Band icon
Berserker's Ring


Cilantro Lime Sous-Vide Steak icon Potent Superior Sharpening Stone icon
Cilantro Lime Sous-Vide Steak Potent Superior Sharpening Stone


Mighty WvW Infusion icon
18xMighty Infusion

Utility Skills




Precast Blooming Fire, Break Step, and "To the Limit!" to start off with positive flow and Fierce as Fire stacks.


  1. Cyclone Trigger (if on cooldown use Artillery Slash)
  2. Gunstinger
  3. Dragon's Roar
  4. Tactical Reload (if Gunstinger is on cooldown)
  5. Cyclone Axe
  6. Throw Axe
  7. Auto-attack chain
  8. Dragon Trigger
  9. Dragon Slash - Force


Power Banner Bladesworn gains the Unsheathe Gunsaber and Dragon Trigger for the loss of weapon swapping in combat. Similar to other Banner Warrior builds it offers strong group support through Banner of Strength and Banner of Discipline.

Build Fundamentals

Instead of adrenaline, Bladesworn uses Flow.  You gain Flow by being in combat thanks to the trait Gun X Sword, hitting enemies with Unseen Sword and using "To the Limit!" and Signet of Rage if you’re not using Tactical Reload.

When in Dragon Trigger your flow gets converted into charges to prepare the use of a Dragon Slash, you require a minimum amount of 53 Flow to be able to get a 10 charge Dragon Slash - Force which is what we are aiming for every time.

Fierce as Fire is a significant damage-boosting trait, always try keeping this at 10 stacks. Stacks are gained by using any ammunition skills like Dragon's Roar for example. While in Dragon Trigger you can use Triggerguard or Flicker Step to help upkeep Fierce as Fire, if they are not needed to update your positioning to be closer or further from an enemy, avoid or block incoming attacks.

In addition to Gunsaber, you should use the pistol combo of Gunstinger+Dragon's Roar for Fierce as Fire stacks and Tactical Reload to reload your high damaging ammunition skills, to make sure your Dragon Trigger is always at the maximum possible stacks and Cyclone Trigger is ready as often as possible.

It is important to place Banner of Strength and Banner of Discipline at the start of the encounter. If there happens to be downtime in the encounter make sure to pick up your banners and place them again to ensure high uptime.

Always flank enemies to benefit from Superior Rune of the Thief.

Crowd Control

Bladesworn’s crowd control is also the most damaging skill, which can make your effectiveness suffer in fights where the enemy is invulnerable to damage during crowd control phases.

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