Griffon Masters

Hello Gamers! Hardstuck strikes again with another competition for you to sink your claws into. For the very first time, the Griffon community will have a Arenanet Prize Sponsorship! Hardstuck presents The Griffon Masters Competition! Players will compete by showcasing their flying skills and ultimate stunt game! These stunts can…
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Hardstuck Welcomes All New Steam Gamers

Hello everyone! To those that are new here, welcome to Guild Wars 2 and Hardstuck! Hardstuck is the biggest social and gameplay-oriented community in Guild Wars 2. We strive to create a fun, dynamic and inclusive environment, where all players can feel welcome and find resources to upgrade their in-game experience.…

Congratulations to Zeromissing: Our New Masters of the Arena!

The dust has settled on the battlefield in the Mists... Last Sunday we watched Zeromissing battle their way through the Global Finals, triumphing over the Soo Won Slayers, their long-time rivals Rank Fifty Five Dragons, and Ultrascuffed in the Grand Finale. Zeromissing has earned the right to call themselves "Community…
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Masters Of The Arena II: Watch It Live This Weekend!

Greetings Guild Wars 2 Gamers, It has been two long years, but we are back with another MASSIVE PvP tournament: Masters of The Arena II. Over the past two months there have been 3 qualifiers leading up to this event and now that the dust has settled, it's time for…
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NA Griffon Training For All

I will teach Fancy Griffon Flying from absolute basics, all you need is a Griffon with masteries, position…

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