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    NA The Slothtrain

    Big spirit shard gaming. Schedule: Stream:

      NA [NA] After meta train Fashion contest Wednesday!

      The after meta train Fashion contest wednesday is here! This will happen every wednesday after the meta train!…

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      Introductory tutorials

      The Interface

      It is time to learn everything about Guild Wars 2 starting from humble beginners to battle-hardened veterancy!


      This is an important one: learn how to fight stuff, you'll be doing a lot of it! Timestamps below and in comments!

      Boons and Conditions

      You had better be prepared for your mind to be FILLED WITH KNOWLEDGE regarding some of the most important mechanics in Guild Wars 2!

      Gear And Attributes

      Character customization is very important in MMORPGS and Guild Wars 2 is no exception, in fact it's quite exceptional in just HOW MUCH you can play with and tweak!

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