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Team Builder

Team Builder is a sandbox environment where you can see an overview of what many builds can bring to the table, and also what you’ll need to tackle PvE encounters. You can then play around with building a squad that will be able to handle anything and seeing how certain builds might synergize with each other or counter boss mechanics!

You can also select encounters and then just click the random button and Team Builder will create a composition with everything you need to beat it! If you want to lock certain builds in then click the lock icon in the bottom right corner of a squad slot, then when you randomize only unlocked slots will be randomized.

  • Strike Missions
  •   Shiverpeaks Pass
  •   Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen
  •   Fraenir of Jormag
  •   Whisper of Jormag
  •   Boneskinner
  •   Aetherblade Hideout
  •   Aetherblade Hideout (CM)
  •   Xunlai Jade Junkyard
  •   Kaineng Overlook
  •   Old Lion’s Court
  •   Harvest Temple
  • W1: Spirit Vale
  •   Vale Guardian
  •   Spirit Run
  •   Gorseval the Multifarious
  •   Sabetha the Saboteur
  • W2: Salvation Pass
  •   Slothasor
  •   Bandit Trio
  •   Matthias Gabrel
  • W3: Stronghold of The Faithful
  •   Escort
  •   Keep Construct
  •   Xera
  • W4: Bastion of The Penitent
  •   Cairn the Indomitable
  •   Mursaat Overseer
  •   Samarog
  •   Deimos
  • W5: Hall of Chains
  •   Soulless Horror
  •   River of Souls
  •   Statues of Grenth
  •   Dhuum
  • W6: Mythwright Gambit
  •   Conjured Amalgamate
  •   Twin Largos
  •   Qadim
  • W7: The Key of Ahdashim
  •   Cardinal Sabir
  •   Cardinal Adina
  •   Qadim the Peerless

Encounter Guide

Nothing Selected

šŸ”’ - locked slots won't change when generating random squad members or clearing squad, you can still change and clear the slot manually.

    Used Builds

    To reduce clutter, only required or highly recommended boons were included in the tool.
    Due to complexity of the tool, some roles are tagged to never be picked as they are only used in some rare occasions (Druid tank, Boon thief). If you know how they function and when to use them, select them and lock the slot before generating the squad.

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