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Raid Rankings

For a list of all past raid winners see Hardstuck Raid Tournament Winners.

For a quick breakdown on how the ranking is calculated see Raid Ranking Breakdown.

This active player ranking contains players who have participated in a raid tournament in the past 2 years, ERP 3 or HRP. It will be updated after every tournament.

Players will be removed from the active list if they have not participated in a tournament in the previous two years. Players will be removed from the active list each January.

Players who last participated in ERP 3 will be removed from the active rankings after the next Tier 1 raid tournament, players who last participated in HRP will be removed in 2025.

If a player is removed from the active ranking list they will not lose their ranking, it is kept in the system but not shown on the active list until they participate in a new tournament.

*this player had ranking protection in this tournament (they were allowed to play under the rules but their rank and games played were locked)

Rankings last updated: November 03, 2023

RankNameRatingGames PlayedLast TeamLast Tournament
1Tomokou.2479167823Snow Crows [SC]HRP Invite
2Skiiney.7290162918Snow Crows [SC]HRP Invite
3Mst.1596162325Snowify [sT]ERP 3
4RUNITDOWN.7483161719Lucky Noobs [LN]ERP 3
5Roul.3205159926Snow Crows [SC]HRP Invite
6Blood Prince.7420158120Snow Crows [SC]HRP Invite
7Fennec.2961157835Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
8ShadowRX.9024157424Snowify [sT]ERP 3
9Mankel.8391154413Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1*
9skeil.4195154413Lucky Noobs [LN]ERP 3
11Osiris.5768154315Lucky Noobs [LN]ERP 3
12Nightmare.5026154120Lucky Noobs [LN]ERP 3
13Alcatraz.1957153711Lucky Noobs [LN]ERP 3
13InkaTen.7358153711Lucky Noobs [LN]ERP 3
15Obvious Trash.863415326Snow Crows [SC]HRP Invite
15Zeneles.905815326Snow Crows [SC]HRP Invite
17Subi.8014152321Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
17Kenzo.6584152321Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
19XCution.4152151814Lucky Noobs [LN]ERP 3
20aeriel.3589150220Snowify [sT]ERP 3
21TheCryophoenix.4587149017Snow Crows [SC]HRP Invite
21Gamer.1463149012Snow Crows [SC]HRP Invite
21Streamy.9275149017Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
24Yui.340914848Snow Crows [SC]HRP Invite
25Decados.8473147030Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
26tbk.9523146913Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
26elkwisit.1392146913Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
26FlizzyFler.3791146913Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
26JakeHunter.7428146913Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
26Zach.4620146913Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
31Stompy.1387146628Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
32eupneo.1036145728Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
33Codzka.6413145317Snowify [sT]ERP 3
33Nika.8573145314Snow Crows [SC]HRP Invite
35skarpak.859414469Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
35Grimjack.8130144617NostalgiaRCC 3*
37Mtndewdew.3187144029Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
38Enko.6123143023NostalgiaRCC 3
39Wincera.7564142712KormirBMB 1
40Goldenrayquaza.9248142316Downstate Cucks [WIN]ERP 3
41Miko.6584142223NostalgiaRCC 3
41benb.3574142223NostalgiaRCC 3
43Aizza.4950142111Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
43Master Toine.7428142111Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
43Mythic.4863142111Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
43xNero.7503142111Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
43Varonos.8956142111Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
43jin.3246142111Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
43BudaBob.8306142111Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
43Bosa.3627142111Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
43Caioxp.1560142111Downstate Cucks [WIN]HRP Invite
52Vegzio.6738141716KormirBMB 1
53ItalianApple.5291141422Downstate Cucks [WIN]ERP 3
53Chupathingy.7365141425NostalgiaRCC 3
55crowbur.4507141313Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
56Bamsachti.4185141111Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
56ZIvEOoR.3572141111Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
56Pikls.8710141111Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
56spinerek.1250141111Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
56TheBug.1568141110Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
56bean.1497141110Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
56anorange.1056141110Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
56Ronny.6140141110Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
56acumen.1980141110Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
56Aether.2864141110Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
56Huya.9412141110Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
56Aeryllos.5197141110Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
56DCBeer.4936141110Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
69Shyzuxai.8693139821Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
70Nirvs.8913139514Narcins Audio [NA]BMB 1
71TheOnly.8937139414Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
71Tolgon.9842139414Quantify [qT]HRP Invite
73Schokonelke.4387138819Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
73Julie Runo.3481138819Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
73Yanic.3025138819Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
73Ama.4851138819Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
73Playfreak.8674138819Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
78Luaren.3921138518Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
78BrIcK.7258138518Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
78hennes.326113859Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
78Pryte.130213859Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
78Flint.675113859Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]BMB 1
83Marina.7435138311Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
83kwoo.7980138311Retired Misfits [rMF]RCC 3
83Puffin.2136138317NostalgiaRCC 3
86Fines Juliverine.5846138211KormirHRP Open
87MrTJpwnz.4710137911Catalyse [cL]ERP 3
87masterofdisaster.4591137911Catalyse [cL]ERP 3
89Koszkaty.3567137511State of [FluX]BMB 1
90GeodarCZ.7930137314Downstate Cucks [WIN]ERP 3
91Xlausius.9732137118Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]HRP Invite
92oPeet.1702136516Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
92Ahri.9357136516Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
92Delta.2109136516Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
92styx.5189136516Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
92Ssalg.1205136516Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
92Dean.3056136516Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
92kartorus.7149136516Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
99WiizZ.578613646Catalyse [cL]ERP 3
99Eot.756913646Catalyse [cL]ERP 3
99uGoz.415713646Catalyse [cL]ERP 3
99Timbo.510713646Catalyse [cL]ERP 3
99Sawcy.820913646Catalyse [cL]ERP 3
99Radon.671013646Catalyse [cL]ERP 3
105Neiriko.869513589ZetaRCC 2
105ArmageddonLPT.6307135819Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
107Prud.1864135510Downstate Cucks [WIN]ERP 3
107druakian.3402135510Downstate Cucks [WIN]ERP 3
109The Killdmaster II.297513528Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
109Demolition Dieter.695213525Plebs in the Void [QQ]ERP 3
109WarriorOTP.354613525Plebs in the Void [QQ]ERP 3
109Win.371413525Plebs in the Void [QQ]ERP 3
109goodlive.625713525Plebs in the Void [QQ]ERP 3
109noyo.479013525Plebs in the Void [QQ]ERP 3
109Sharpshooter.804913525Plebs in the Void [QQ]ERP 3
109TiltedDolphin.837013529ZetaRCC 2
109Tyr.650313527ZetaRCC 2
109xChris.890413527ZetaRCC 2
109Kisukke.732513527ZetaRCC 2
109Zalinex.579413527ZetaRCC 2
109Kerchu.190613527ZetaRCC 2
109Dr Nem.895213527ZetaRCC 2
109Daxxed.305613527ZetaRCC 2
109Fallen I Leave.284113527ZetaRCC 2
109shyneck.142613527ZetaRCC 2
126Felinn.973013516Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
126Frenzy.928313516Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
126Muru.385113516Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
126ddtantor.806413516Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
126Saturo.402113516Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
126ster.568313516Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
126Joiend.197313516Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
126Wasaabii.460513516Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
126Seatek.982513516Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
135Bossk.4351134611Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
135DaniDomum.8217134611Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
135Alpha.7651134611Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
135ThermoTrittversuch.7482134611Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
135FiveGun.4681134611Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
140Narcin Roc.3018133713Narcins Audio [NA]BMB 1
140renverie.7895133713Narcins Audio [NA]BMB 1
142Sneakyotter.6725133313Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
143Sixmb.9234133215Narcins Audio [NA]BMB 1
143Polly.2695133213Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
143Martoto.7213133213Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
143DingoUndSo.4516133213Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
143Bereavment.1352133213Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
148Domesday.453613286Plebs in the Void [QQ]ERP 3
148lontron.602713288ZetaRCC 2
150pooitoi.203913277Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
150hologramm.576913277Seventeen Elitists [XVII]HRP Invite
152Reema.736013228Loch Loch [LOCH]ERP 3
153Nova.903713174Loch Loch [LOCH]ERP 3
153Tripedior.781213174Loch Loch [LOCH]ERP 3
153Commander Sealjan.587213174Loch Loch [LOCH]ERP 3
153Light Lawliet.125013174Loch Loch [LOCH]ERP 3
153Sofn.521613174Loch Loch [LOCH]ERP 3
153Loch Loch #1013174Loch Loch [LOCH]ERP 3
159MikSki.9481131113Wicked Frogs [WF]BMB 1
160xehos.829513077I Am An Expert At KillingRCC 2
160Ghael.472613077I Am An Expert At KillingRCC 2
160bad arse man.960413077I Am An Expert At KillingRCC 2
160SOF Noble Six.425613077I Am An Expert At KillingRCC 2
160filedesless.573613077I Am An Expert At KillingRCC 2
160Ninjacatbob.349013077I Am An Expert At KillingRCC 2
160Vraed.416213077I Am An Expert At KillingRCC 2
160Steven.712313077I Am An Expert At KillingRCC 2
160Alyciaa.542613077I Am An Expert At KillingRCC 2
160pigeon.768413077I Am An Expert At KillingRCC 2
170KareBox.9628130611KormirBMB 1
170zoalerah.2470130610NostalgiaRCC 3
170jekyllandaldehyde.7018130610NostalgiaRCC 3
170NotoriousNaru.6241130610NostalgiaRCC 3
170Vysil.3108130610NostalgiaRCC 3
170Kai Vapor.2653130610NostalgiaRCC 3
170Steampunkengineer.7146130610NostalgiaRCC 3
177Christoph.746013009Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
177Multitimo.5690130013I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
179spAce.405712979Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
179Yurih.958612979Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
179Aries.728612979Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
182BluexEpikHigh.801412964Inters Care Unit [ICU]RCC 1
182Dragon Ruth.512412964Inters Care Unit [ICU]RCC 1
182Ithamir.592812964Inters Care Unit [ICU]RCC 1
182Blackkarmy.645212964Inters Care Unit [ICU]RCC 1
182Aloe.195812964Inters Care Unit [ICU]RCC 1
182AvatardesKahine.765012964Inters Care Unit [ICU]RCC 1
182Pelda.1896129613Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
189Zodiac.763112947Narcins Audio [NA]BMB 1
189humes.756812947Narcins Audio [NA]BMB 1
189Arduinna.130612947Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
189Tom.748312947Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
189vipro.965112947Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
194MrTea.420812935Trust Me Im An [Engi]RCC 1
194Ferral.904312939Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
196Aegis.651812868Cute Gamer Girls [UwU]RCC 2
197smile.7285128212State of [FluX]RCC 3
197Poe Tempest.9573128212State of [FluX]RCC 3
197BlueFire.9128128212State of [FluX]RCC 3
200Feilou.7395128012KormirBMB 1
201slamerlol.372612768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
201Elijaha.521312768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
201Arladk.865412768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
201IlikeSonic.103912768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
201Kuchta.702812768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
201Allou.198612768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
201lisa.821012768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
201skramya.785212768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
201Cemox.708912768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
201BowlFish.246312768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
201RangerAUT.469212768Stick to Plan A [DPS]RCC 3
212Zerumi.5120127514State of [FluX]RCC 3
212tyrro.279412756KormirBMB 1
212Yoniix.491212756KormirBMB 1
212CasualElitist.879512756KormirBMB 1
212Tharan.908512756KormirBMB 1
212FiestyFrog.547212756KormirBMB 1
212Bakilyd.850312756KormirBMB 1
219Zaka.490112747Dua LipaRCC 2
219Enzio.473812747Dua LipaRCC 2
219LimonadeSenpai.814312747Wicked FrogsRCC 2
219Thomas.420812747Wicked FrogsRCC 2
219WiSkiM.426812747Wicked FrogsRCC 2
219Sniffa.293412747Wicked FrogsRCC 2
219Meleoron.689112747Wicked FrogsRCC 2
226julixx.8927127310Tiny Ducklings [dL]BMB 1
227Frost.3896127120Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
227Anto.1786127120Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
227TGD.3602127120Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
230Enzane.7821127010Massive Meh Quality Raids [MMQR]BMB 1
231Apfelkuchen.7143126910Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
232MrCamonkill.6419126618State of [FluX]RCC 3
233HaruSenshi.3902126414Pack [SG]RCC 3
233Keesh.5960126416State of [FluX]RCC 3
233DARKstrider.9245126416State of [FluX]RCC 3
236Cuauhti.974812627Orden Der NebelRCC 2
236popcorncarry.254612627Orden Der NebelRCC 2
236Kruemeltod.968212627Orden Der NebelRCC 2
236RacoonStylePlay.185212627Orden Der NebelRCC 2
236GrafDurchblick.920312627Orden Der NebelRCC 2
236Blank.541612627Orden Der NebelRCC 2
236Mashi.906212625Cute Gamer Girls [UwU]RCC 2
236Vibrasphere.371512625Cute Gamer Girls [UwU]RCC 2
236CurleyFlows.109712625Cute Gamer Girls [UwU]RCC 2
236Blue Hare.861212625Cute Gamer Girls [UwU]RCC 2
236Jeremlloyd.683712625Cute Gamer Girls [UwU]RCC 2
236Amorphin.368112625Cute Gamer Girls [UwU]RCC 2
236Waterbreath.238012625Cute Gamer Girls [UwU]RCC 2
236Bartimaeus.150312625Orden Der NebelRCC 2
236Peach.416812625Orden Der NebelRCC 2
236Glimmermoon.406512625Orden Der NebelRCC 2
252Swift.907212606Skein Gang [SG] (Pack)RCC 2
253Enyo.965712559State of [FluX]RCC 3
254elvina.8917125413State of [FluX]RCC 3
255KingHenne.9837125311State of [FluX]RCC 3
256KarlFranzOtto.7863125010Dua LipaRCC 2
257Yaanawo.782512484Nudelwasser Ist Lecker [Mjam]RCC 1
257Deviss.490112484Nudelwasser Ist Lecker [Mjam]RCC 1
257Lorelay.738512484Nudelwasser Ist Lecker [Mjam]RCC 1
257oOYoshiOo.834112484Nudelwasser Ist Lecker [Mjam]RCC 1
257TryAgain.715912484Nudelwasser Ist Lecker [Mjam]RCC 1
257NEXiS.504712484Nudelwasser Ist Lecker [Mjam]RCC 1
257Calvex.654112484Nudelwasser Ist Lecker [Mjam]RCC 1
264Washington Irving.241312468Why Am I Dead [Why]RCC 2
264Da Sonic.652112468Why Am I Dead [Why]RCC 2
264elisethechemist.834712468Why Am I Dead [Why]RCC 2
264Jangles.576412468Why Am I Dead [Why]RCC 2
268Emrakul.3924124519Pack [SG]RCC 3
268Yurugani.1679124519Pack [SG]RCC 3
268Tea.6024124519Pack [SG]RCC 3
268Ginge.9065124521Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
272Jukobico.579212448At Least We May Have Had [FUN]RCC 1
273Hasosoft.9701124217Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
273Revan.1826124217Cute Gamer GirlsRCC 3
273Yamato.524912424Cute Gamer Girls [UwU]BMB 1
276Vita.350212418Orden Der NebelRCC 2
276REMagic.8937124114Team Team [SG]RCC 3
278Wranos.431912406Wicked Frogs [WF]BMB 1
279Bananenquark.7538123610Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]HRP Invite
279Jenny.3791123610Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]HRP Invite
279Apocalypto.7649123610Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]HRP Invite
279TheRaven.3462123610Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]HRP Invite
279Bahevenor.5790123610Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]HRP Invite
279SyNyxthete.2104123610Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]HRP Invite
279zOrbAx.2601123610Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]HRP Invite
279aliiz.745012367Skein Gang [SG] (Pack)RCC 2
279Hirkeru.269312367Skein Gang [SG] (Pack)RCC 2
279Sephirus Drakonis.690312367Skein Gang [SG] (Pack)RCC 2
279Zickbad.760512367Skein Gang [SG] (Pack)RCC 2
290Ede.657112337KormirHRP Open
291Shorty.394812317Pack [SG]RCC 3
291Sarulias.380712317Pack [SG]RCC 3
293RagingRube.254012294Trouble [SG]RCC 3
293KitsuneKeira.538412294Trouble [SG]RCC 3
293Nachoman.345812294Trouble [SG]RCC 3
293Ian.751912294Trouble [SG]RCC 3
293wolfer.158712294Trouble [SG]RCC 3
293sonnie.281012294Trouble [SG]RCC 3
293haskha.750912294Trouble [SG]RCC 3
293SurrealFrostyy.459012294Trouble [SG]RCC 3
301Misterred.187312275KormirHRP Open
301Archy.530712275KormirHRP Open
301Flave.306512275KormirHRP Open
301LKEY.956712275KormirHRP Open
301GlacialOblivion.973412275KormirHRP Open
301Xorxy.867512275KormirHRP Open
307kmasing.873012243The Alleged Korean Mafia [KM]RCC 1
307Pulseeker.629312243The Alleged Korean Mafia [KM]RCC 1
307morganabanana.351712243The Alleged Korean Mafia [KM]RCC 1
307JEK.231612243The Alleged Korean Mafia [KM]RCC 1
307Omanplation.152012243The Alleged Korean Mafia [KM]RCC 1
307Foust.897212243The Alleged Korean Mafia [KM]RCC 1
307BloodyLion.867112243The Alleged Korean Mafia [KM]RCC 1
307View.285012243The Alleged Korean Mafia [KM]RCC 1
307Omashiii.709212243The Alleged Korean Mafia [KM]RCC 1
307Simplicity.720812243The Alleged Korean Mafia [KM]RCC 1
307Alucard.364512243At Least We May Have Had [FUN]RCC 1
307Saqo.938412243At Least We May Have Had [FUN]RCC 1
307pentachord.574612243At Least We May Have Had [FUN]RCC 1
307CandyKane.534712243At Least We May Have Had [FUN]RCC 1
307xXIssyXx.867012243At Least We May Have Had [FUN]RCC 1
307drauskam.576012243At Least We May Have Had [FUN]RCC 1
307Gaborstagis x.530712243At Least We May Have Had [FUN]RCC 1
307Thanatos.761912243At Least We May Have Had [FUN]RCC 1
307buzzerbeater.540712243At Least We May Have Had [FUN]RCC 1
326WipZedKay.5316122116State of [FluX]RCC 3
327LunarPixie.7869122013Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]HRP Invite
327Ancaron.273612205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327Norcelia.452012205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327Ascers.608212205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327Kontian.961212205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327FidelOo.149312205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327Kisikage.274012205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327Blink.794012205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327Grzegorz.891612205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327LittleYoshi.254812205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327Clowxic.564312205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327SuperbadSweety.178312205Practice is OverratedHRP Open
327Irda.4105122011State of [FluX]BMB 1
327Guyron.6247122012Team Pack [SG]BMB 1
327SnowEagle.350612205State of [FluX]BMB 1
342Elleandria.2846121412Pack [SG]RCC 3
342Furball.1236121412Pack [SG]RCC 3
342ZeryN.8907121412Pack [SG]RCC 3
342Big DaddE.2890121412Pack [SG]RCC 3
346Galle.792812099Trouble [SG]RCC 3
347Mimie.185612069Trouble [SG]RCC 3
347Nick.173912069Trouble [SG]RCC 3
349Korneliy.861712046KormirHRP Open
349paulelle.681312046KormirHRP Open
349Balanceg.681412046KormirHRP Open
349PurpieSips.237012044Army of Twelve MonkeysRCC 2
349Meeso.638012044Army of Twelve MonkeysRCC 2
349Coconut.712012044Army of Twelve MonkeysRCC 2
349rookBishop.102412044Army of Twelve MonkeysRCC 2
349Pazu.832012044Army of Twelve MonkeysRCC 2
349Zar.935012044Army of Twelve MonkeysRCC 2
349Roy.563912044Army of Twelve MonkeysRCC 2
349Strugglebus.687312044Army of Twelve MonkeysRCC 2
360Kakoee.639112036KormirHRP Open
360Kerkhoven.8264120313Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
360Keb.3016120313Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
360Orkbadger.3604120313Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
360Rudee.9034120313Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
365Tarasicodissa.708412012State of Flux [FluX]RCC 1
365Mooshh.967512012State of Flux [FluX]RCC 1
365Godborne.976812012State of Flux [FluX]RCC 1
368jaymin.178512002Why Am I Dead [Why]RCC 1
368Jmadman.425712002Why Am I Dead [Why]RCC 1
368Bunnyblaster.458012002Why Am I Dead [Why]RCC 1
368Seth.916812002Why Am I Dead [Why]RCC 1
368Sandy.751812002Why Am I Dead [Why]RCC 1
368Cookies.972312002Why Am I Dead [Why]RCC 1
368Florimel.806912002Orden Der Nebel [ODN]RCC 1
368Muffin.758612002Orden Der Nebel [ODN]RCC 1
368Wrigleygum.598012002Orden Der Nebel [ODN]RCC 1
368TanteThunfisch.143612002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
368Rupert.605312002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
368Christi.402612002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
368Robin.487012002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
368happylp.492512002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
368Xdye Rock.731012002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
368RubyoftheSun.638912002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
368Krebons.274512002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
368RobusterRettich.753112002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
368Allyson.693212002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
368Helios.758912002Je Pull [Rise]RCC 1
388Mirclus.930511984GaHRP Open
388Mesis.295111984GaHRP Open
388masterofensive.926511984GaHRP Open
388Cortex.309511984GaHRP Open
388TheGlobalLegend.375411984GaHRP Open
388DarkSide.842711984GaHRP Open
388belst.681511984GaHRP Open
388RogueThief.876911984GaHRP Open
388Melora Rose11984GaHRP Open
388GigaSith.390411984GaHRP Open
388Hedgehog.527111984GaHRP Open
399kiranslee.482911966State Of FluXRCC 2
400CorruptSystem.479311954State Of FluXRCC 2
400Sashyca.817211954State Of FluXRCC 2
400SwyDie.569311954State Of FluXRCC 2
403MrCrowe.841711897Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
403mishima.296711897Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
403Sturdy.847311897Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
403gnomen.514011897Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
403Handford.520811897Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
403Erkkan.530811897Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
403sasjason.184711897Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
403Marhem.813011897Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
411Dro.752811854Team Team [SG]RCC 3
411UndeadChoya.954811854Team Team [SG]RCC 3
411Soul Of.510311854Team Team [SG]RCC 3
414Mrzoeller.164211805Caudecus MinistryHRP Open
414tilted off mobas.265711805Army of Twelve MonkeysRCC 2
414Spliffster.450811805Army of Twelve MonkeysRCC 2
417Paintball Partner Arnsberg.138411793Caudecus MinistryHRP Open
417SamHawkens.319411793Caudecus MinistryHRP Open
417Xar.273411793Caudecus MinistryHRP Open
417JeyAr.295411793Caudecus MinistryHRP Open
421Andreas.873611779I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
421MontyPylon.391211779I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
421Toldohans.149811779I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
421Icetea.320411779I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
421CopyThisStatic.645011779I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
421ElBlood.287311779I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
421WhiteWarat.704611779I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
421Ehryon.463811779I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
421Paintball Partner Arnsberg.13811771Caudecus Ministry [CM]RCC 1
421Knigt.942311771Caudecus Ministry [CM]RCC 1
421Urgnu the Gnu.428111771Caudecus Ministry [CM]RCC 1
421Sersch.132611771Caudecus Ministry [CM]RCC 1
421ohnoes.197011771Caudecus Ministry [CM]RCC 1
421sporkles.641311775Team Pack [SG]BMB 1
421Shikki.764811775Team Pack [SG]BMB 1
436Explicit Godz.708411763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436Feawen.250711763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436Rewor.480111763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436chinchiyo.679411763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436VivaLaLuz.269411763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436Snappy.894111763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436josebaabasolo.568011763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436Flion du Nord.305811763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436Hilt.207111763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436badger tycoon.625911763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436ZheGardenGnome.305211763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436Hyrador.390111763Do it again but betterHRP Open
436Matze.839511763Error 404:Balance not foundHRP Open
436Syurielle.152611763Error 404:Balance not foundHRP Open
436Valfyn.524311763Error 404:Balance not foundHRP Open
436Grisu.753411763Error 404:Balance not foundHRP Open
436pea.927011763Error 404:Balance not foundHRP Open
436DrHaxxor.952611763Error 404:Balance not foundHRP Open
436ZenDrake.831611763Error 404:Balance not foundHRP Open
436Brandash.495611763Error 404:Balance not foundHRP Open
436Saviera.498611763Error 404:Balance not foundHRP Open
436Dopeteddy.761811763Error 404:Balance not foundHRP Open
436Gorlim.425011761Skein Gang [SG] (Pack)RCC 1
436Wiyew.159211761Skein Gang [SG] (Pack)RCC 1
436Rakusson.790111761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436Marbur.591711761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436Antimos.274311761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436Kari.294811761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436MrLoyt.389511761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436klops.957211761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436TwoBlades.214311761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436Shamara.790211761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436lukser.524611761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436Neikni.391011761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436Heart Courage.964811761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436Poleseos.612811761Kroniki Horyzontu [KrHo]RCC 1
436Cheese.635211761Mechanicaly Challenged [MCU] (Mechanically Challenged)RCC 1
436Furorem.870611761Mechanicaly Challenged [MCU] (Mechanically Challenged)RCC 1
436keiran.894711761Mechanicaly Challenged [MCU] (Mechanically Challenged)RCC 1
436Rudra.693211761Mechanicaly Challenged [MCU] (Mechanically Challenged)RCC 1
436Teddy Oso.984311761Mechanicaly Challenged [MCU] (Mechanically Challenged)RCC 1
436BuyBroughtWurst.210611761Mechanicaly Challenged [MCU] (Mechanically Challenged)RCC 1
436trainypooh.762011761Mechanicaly Challenged [MCU] (Mechanically Challenged)RCC 1
436JelloJawn.712611761Mechanicaly Challenged [MCU] (Mechanically Challenged)RCC 1
436Arch.941511761Mechanicaly Challenged [MCU] (Mechanically Challenged)RCC 1
436Realm.302511761Mechanicaly Challenged [MCU] (Mechanically Challenged)RCC 1
436Markanthion.287111761Yeet Yoot Yoten [yYy]RCC 1
436Bound Immortality.961311761Yeet Yoot Yoten [yYy]RCC 1
436Onskelini.401311761Yeet Yoot Yoten [yYy]RCC 1
436fondentenero.789311761Yeet Yoot Yoten [yYy]RCC 1
436Arc.203811761Yeet Yoot Yoten [yYy]RCC 1
436Pacman.281311761Yeet Yoot Yoten [yYy]RCC 1
436CupCake.815311761Yeet Yoot Yoten [yYy]RCC 1
436Cyarah.407911761Yeet Yoot Yoten [yYy]RCC 1
436Mike.806111761Yeet Yoot Yoten [yYy]RCC 1
436cHFlux.951711761Skritts And Crits [SAC]RCC 1
436lothlexar.467511761Skritts And Crits [SAC]RCC 1
436linuxfan.497511761Skritts And Crits [SAC]RCC 1
436Dylwar.193611761Skritts And Crits [SAC]RCC 1
436DisturbedSurvivor.267511761Skritts And Crits [SAC]RCC 1
436Squall.732411761Skritts And Crits [SAC]RCC 1
436thebigoak.605111761Skritts And Crits [SAC]RCC 1
436Arch Angel.612911761Skritts And Crits [SAC]RCC 1
436Martin.197011761Skritts And Crits [SAC]RCC 1
436Quendi.639511761Skritts And Crits [SAC]RCC 1
436Anubis.430111761Megumins Explosive Grand Union [Megu]RCC 1
436Amaya Tora.365411761Chosen by the Mists [Crow]RCC 1
436Schyloe.295311761Chosen by the Mists [Crow]RCC 1
436BlackValeKnight.610411761Chosen by the Mists [Crow]RCC 1
436vulnerate.462811761Chosen by the Mists [Crow]RCC 1
436CrackBone.346811761Chosen by the Mists [Crow]RCC 1
436Carrots.903711761Chosen by the Mists [Crow]RCC 1
436Opz.392011761Chosen by the Mists [Crow]RCC 1
436Arknoodle.691411761Chosen by the Mists [Crow]RCC 1
436DarrynUllyett.639711761Chosen by the Mists [Crow]RCC 1
436BobbyFrasier.845011761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436Zero.609111761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436guillaume.209311761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436Elheanlie.271311761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436KuromeChi.689411761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436Klexmer.158711761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436Hazelion.749211761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436Escape.895211761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436ich.708611761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436Relaxator.490111761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436Teremko.675911761La Caverne Aux Noisettes [NUTS]RCC 1
436Ethelyn.295811761U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]RCC 1
436will.698511761U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]RCC 1
436Shelana.579811761U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]RCC 1
436EnairaEU.397511761U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]RCC 1
436TheRannokas.715611761U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]RCC 1
436Vash.465211761U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]RCC 1
436Arkh.406511761U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]RCC 1
436Chonkorilla.592111761U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]RCC 1
436Krab.647311761U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]RCC 1
436jadoon.756111761U N I V E R S I T Y Eu [GWU]RCC 1
436Helvetica.846011761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436Aglacien.907811761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436MorpheusDV.859211761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436Desperation.145911761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436S O A R E R.417911761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436Raisu.165711761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436Blackstone.625711761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436eschaton.472511761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436Loweryi.365211761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436Sparrow.250611761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436Kemzan.201611761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436Cyran.354211761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436Awestin.896311761U N I V E R S I T Y [GWU] (Masters of the GWUniverse)RCC 1
436jedrik.310911761Spent Gem Accounts [SGA]RCC 1
436Gerplunka.386111761Spent Gem Accounts [SGA]RCC 1
436Josh.317011761Spent Gem Accounts [SGA]RCC 1
436ephemere.852611761Spent Gem Accounts [SGA]RCC 1
436HeroineDark.628711761Spent Gem Accounts [SGA]RCC 1
436Caramel Aran.562111761Spent Gem Accounts [SGA]RCC 1
436MisterTim.798011761Spent Gem Accounts [SGA]RCC 1
436Zekowah.648011761Spent Gem Accounts [SGA]RCC 1
436Mephice.785011761Always Waiting For [RC]RCC 1
436sueghu.697111761Always Waiting For [RC]RCC 1
436Mofitex.271911761Always Waiting For [RC]RCC 1
436La mano de noxus.541711761Always Waiting For [RC]RCC 1
436Belensnow.204811761Always Waiting For [RC]RCC 1
436Dama Arwen.487311761Always Waiting For [RC]RCC 1
436Helamir.695311761Always Waiting For [RC]RCC 1
436Ritualista Iracundo.908511761Always Waiting For [RC]RCC 1
436artsug.475611761Always Waiting For [RC]RCC 1
436FhaiThel.610811761Always Waiting For [RC]RCC 1
436SugarBomb.475211761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436Laxgoly.235411761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436demize.798111761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436Kohishi.496511761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436Mashii.135011761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436Fluorescent.127411761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436bbbaconboy.715011761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436Zilel.419011761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436eGhostGamer.874011761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436Tripe.685411761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436SirBravo.358111761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436Boperdoodle.758411761No One But Us From Now On [NOT]RCC 1
436Croft.821711761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436hoochie.175911761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436Tobi.736211761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436Lexder.240311761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436meepoSenpai.385011761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436superpflaume.815611761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436Kyiu.896011761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436Da Sean.251411761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436nicronis.789511761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436Mugen.719611761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436Torsokitty.378111761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436Whiscars.764011761Familientherapie [ToT]RCC 1
436Mithos.518211761Skein Gang [SG] (KP Deniers)RCC 1
436Reynard.329411761Skein Gang [SG] (KP Deniers)RCC 1
436SoraLink.574911761Skein Gang [SG] (KP Deniers)RCC 1
436DavidKf.956811761Skein Gang [SG] (KP Deniers)RCC 1
436AdamHDesigns.803511761Skein Gang [SG] (KP Deniers)RCC 1
436Mialaz.849611761Skein Gang [SG] (KP Deniers)RCC 1
436Logikfail.531811761Skein Gang [SG] (KP Deniers)RCC 1
436Srouc.164911761Skein Gang [SG] (KP Deniers)RCC 1
436fototo.730611761Skein Gang [SG] (KP Deniers)RCC 1
436vikingthor.743211761Skein Gang [SG] (KP Deniers)RCC 1
436DataNerd.397111761Skein Gang [SG] (Team Watch)RCC 1
436Splash.475811761Skein Gang [SG] (Team Watch)RCC 1
436Valyrian.584911761Skein Gang [SG] (Team Watch)RCC 1
436imdannyboy.607111761Skein Gang [SG] (Team Watch)RCC 1
436soondubu.270911761Skein Gang [SG] (Team Watch)RCC 1
436Turial.129311761Skein Gang [SG] (Team Watch)RCC 1
436Jade.307211761Skein Gang [SG] (Team Watch)RCC 1
436hubedihubbe.925411761Skein Gang [SG] (Team Watch)RCC 1
436DaedSaint.619011761Skein Gang [SG] (Team Watch)RCC 1
436Lolly Bunny.261411761Trust Me Im An [Engi]RCC 1
436LaninKhan.274911761Trust Me Im An [Engi]RCC 1
436Icewolf.107611761Trust Me Im An [Engi]RCC 1
436BlindGirl.342811761Trust Me Im An [Engi]RCC 1
436Tyranokhan.190511761Trust Me Im An [Engi]RCC 1
436Clown.513211761Trust Me Im An [Engi]RCC 1
612Salieri.7962116110Reject Elitism Embrace [Core]RCC 2
613Casual Sophie.238011584PartyBMB 1
613Sanderinoa.806511584PartyBMB 1
613GoddieChan.617311584PartyBMB 1
613Articus.816411584PartyBMB 1
613hornhann.537811584PartyBMB 1
613inYOUrFaCe.245811584PartyBMB 1
613Ventris.320811584PartyBMB 1
613eddyein.429711584PartyBMB 1
621DasJoscha.517811564Caudecus Ministry [CM]RCC 1
621scitomniares.576811564Caudecus Ministry [CM]RCC 1
621Hiscadi.240311564Caudecus Ministry [CM]RCC 1
621Frysteiler.932011564Caudecus Ministry [CM]RCC 1
621sqooooster.631511564Caudecus Ministry [CM]RCC 1
626JackyGnu.2486115510I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
627Areki.5906115310I Just Invited Randoms [idk]HRP Invite
628DANI.482511522Yeet Yoot Yoten [yYy]RCC 1
628cork.312511522Trust Me Im An [Engi]RCC 1
628Lucky.546111522Trust Me Im An [Engi]RCC 1
628Darkz.739411524Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
628FirePuMa.270811524Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
628Insolent.453211522Cactus MonkeysHRP Open
628Stephen.941711522Cactus MonkeysHRP Open
628Stormblest.860511522Cactus MonkeysHRP Open
628Kaffebille.518711522Cactus MonkeysHRP Open
628SarosAchernar.952111522Cactus MonkeysHRP Open
628LolCoca.926011522Cactus MonkeysHRP Open
628TheBaboEscobar.723511522Cactus MonkeysHRP Open
628acaetano.540611522Cactus MonkeysHRP Open
628Slion.936411522Cactus MonkeysHRP Open
628Reaver.247311522Cactus MonkeysHRP Open
628Orih.521011522Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
628kiralikesyou.726911522Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
628Zianor.174211522Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
628ChromVI.362911522Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
628Nimon.784011522Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
628Asterius.394111522Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
628Lyara.481311522Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
628Nightara.180411522Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
628Reiki.945011527Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
628Liqhtq.537111527Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
628Alcatraz.485111527Wicked Frogs [WF]RCC 3
654pancakecookie.1357115011Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
654draclyna.6407115011Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
654RoyalWabbit.8359115011Gift of EnvoyRCC 3
657EpheSOSIayer.637011283Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
657Dom.540911283Pragmatic RaidingHRP Open
659Regalpower.208411234Team 99%RCC 3
659Kelida.869011234Team 99%RCC 3
659WrathofKane.890611234Team 99%RCC 3
659Darens.254711234Team 99%RCC 3
659The Perdge.960411234Team 99%RCC 3
659Legit Pillow.692011234Team 99%RCC 3
659Emilyna.184211234Team 99%RCC 3
659Goose.679411234Team 99%RCC 3
659HeroOfTimeKen.524611234Team 99%RCC 3
668swift.468711214ElysiumRCC 3
668Sir Cusfreak.597111214ElysiumRCC 3
668Soulcakeduck.175211214ElysiumRCC 3
668Kuang Eleven.978111214ElysiumRCC 3
668Dalent.935811214ElysiumRCC 3
668fushimington.856111214ElysiumRCC 3
668Neyrissa.163911214ElysiumRCC 3
668Rayalot.801211214ElysiumRCC 3
668lunara.632411214ElysiumRCC 3
668julian.396211214ElysiumRCC 3
668to feliz cara.620411214ElysiumRCC 3
668chuchusama.780311214ElysiumRCC 3
680Anarkismo.617011204MeguRCC 2
681Gryps.145711164SEAR MomentsRCC 2
681Bagu.375011164SEAR MomentsRCC 2
681Barraind.732411164SEAR MomentsRCC 2
681bobdole.628111164SEAR MomentsRCC 2
681Olive.817611164SEAR MomentsRCC 2
681Sirius.451011164SEAR MomentsRCC 2
681Randominicus.956711164SEAR MomentsRCC 2
681MooseFace.892411164SEAR MomentsRCC 2
681Maryenne.182711164SEAR MomentsRCC 2
681KataniKoneko.573111164SEAR MomentsRCC 2
681ViviLouF.670511164The FunCampRCC 2
681CuspBeans.210411164The FunCampRCC 2
681Pastafarian Legend.549611164The FunCampRCC 2
681Vechora.216911164The FunCampRCC 2
681Musaceae.183211164The FunCampRCC 2
681Kalan.269811164The FunCampRCC 2
681Vic.251011164The FunCampRCC 2
681rafoenet.487311164The FunCampRCC 2
681Heavy Metal Pirate.269511164The FunCampRCC 2
681Suile.784911164The FunCampRCC 2
681Niksuli.975111164The FunCampRCC 2
681spruudel.645911164The FunCampRCC 2
681Marquardt.907811164Reject Elitism Embrace [Core]RCC 2
681Theraon.423011164Reject Elitism Embrace [Core]RCC 2
681Syroforce.259611164Reject Elitism Embrace [Core]RCC 2
681Alarishct.750911164Reject Elitism Embrace [Core]RCC 2
681vuko.369211164Reject Elitism Embrace [Core]RCC 2
681harauwer.782411164Reject Elitism Embrace [Core]RCC 2
681Alt Tab.610811164Reject Elitism Embrace [Core]RCC 2
681Kez.148711164Reject Elitism Embrace [Core]RCC 2
681Saraiguma.765211164Modest MoasRCC 2
681Reimu.941211164Modest MoasRCC 2
681Ragnaa.378011164Modest MoasRCC 2
681Ellieanna.502711164Modest MoasRCC 2
681Mora.396711164Modest MoasRCC 2
681Noro.287911164Modest MoasRCC 2
681Hasaple.642711164Modest MoasRCC 2
681JMDhouse.716211164Modest MoasRCC 2
681Wisty.413511164Modest MoasRCC 2
681Edwerian.312011164Modest MoasRCC 2
681koiikayla.714211164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681Pixie.198211164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681Sadistic.157211164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681WessHMD.176011164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681Tchurrul.390211164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681Misofengaros.689311164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681Mido.573811164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681EasyMork.358911164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681Petah.163211164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681Lowe LongShanks.184311164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681Ascleph.214711164Koi KhaosRCC 2
681TheLastHuntress.610411164Koi KhaosRCC 2
733flooo.315811134Team Drift [SG]BMB 1
733Vaporeon.784211134Team Drift [SG]BMB 1
733MSN.804911134Team Drift [SG]BMB 1
733blaze.316711134Team Drift [SG]BMB 1
737QuietlyExisting.836110995Team 99%RCC 3
737sigga.419710995Team 99%RCC 3
737Haliyon.859610995Team 99%RCC 3
740Korean.729110988Team Team [SG]RCC 3
740neko.902810988Team Team [SG]RCC 3
740Buttstallion.758210988Team Team [SG]RCC 3
740Parnie.970410988Team Team [SG]RCC 3
740Chaos.237610988Team Team [SG]RCC 3
740MyPigIsOnFire.790310988Team Team [SG]RCC 3
740TheNorwegian.596810988Team Team [SG]RCC 3
747Ablu.952810965MeguRCC 2
747ChrisLBC.195410965MeguRCC 2
747Caitelady.692710965MeguRCC 2
747Blaust.302610965MeguRCC 2
747Juguard.675110965MeguRCC 2
747hydrodien.870510965MeguRCC 2
747Cocoa.347110965MeguRCC 2
747Infonaut.748310965MeguRCC 2
747killazilla.305710965MeguRCC 2
756Sejsel.8473108314Reject Elitism Embrace [Core]RCC 2

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