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Fractals are 5 player instanced content where players face various encounters beset with random game-changing features. Fractals progress players from low-tier introductory content into a higher tier, much more difficult variants of the same maps. Agony resistance (attribute unique to this game mode) is required to progress to higher tiers of Fractals.

Introduction to Fractals of the Mists icon
Introduction to Fractals of the Mists
What are Fractals? How do I get started? How do I progress? If you have any questions about Fractals this guide will aim to answer all of them!

Normal Modes

Aetherblade icon
Map represents the first part of the attack on the hidden Aetherblade base in Lion's Arch as encountered during Living World Season 1.
Aquatic Ruins icon
Aquatic Ruins
First fractal containing only underwater content, including a final boss fight and some shape-shifting race-style sections.
Captain Mai Trin icon
Captain Mai Trin
Very quick boss fractal that represents the fight against Mai Trin from the hidden Aetherblade base as encountered during Living World Season 1.
Chaos icon
The Chaos Fractal is the start of the Arkk NPC arc. This map, as the name suggests, is a mix of multiple other maps: Cliffside, Urban Battlefield, Snowblind, Uncategorized, Molten Furnace and Aetherblade
Cliffside icon
The fractal introduces a unique mechanic of carrying and using Cultist Hammer to progress through the map. Jumping skills might come in handy here.
Deepstone icon
Go treasure hunting with new allies and find out why the Deepstone Vault has been abandoned for centuries.
Molten Boss icon
Molten Boss
Map represents part of the limited time dungeon Molten Facility as encountered during Living World Season 1.
Molten Furnace icon
Molten Furnace
Map represents the first part of the attack on the Molten alliance Weapons facility during Living World Season 1.
Siren’s Reef icon
Siren’s Reef
Escape the cursed island that is the final resting place of the pirate queen Captain Arabella Crowe.
Snowblind icon
Traverse icy areas to confront legendary shapeshifting shaman. Movement-heavy fractal with some unique mechanics.
Solid Ocean icon
Solid Ocean
Explore the solid ocean and confront the Jade Maw within
Swampland icon
Banish evil spirits from a dangerous swamp, make sure to bring a lot of movement skills and stability.
Thaumanova Reactor icon
Thaumanova Reactor
Play as an Asura trying to stabilize Thaumanova Reactor, a relatively easy and short fractal that benefits from some movement skills and teamwork.
Twilight Oasis icon
Twilight Oasis
Spearhead the assault on the oasis of Sunspear!
Uncategorized icon
Ascend an unknown asuran structure floating around in the mists.
Underground Facility icon
Underground Facility
Delve deep into an underground Dredge facility.
Urban Battleground icon
Urban Battleground
Welcome to Fractal where knockbacks will be one of your main enemies. Relatively easy map, that can be punishing if you won't bring proper classes.
Volcanic icon
Go into the volcano to confront condition-heavy end boss, bring reflects and cleanses.
Nightmare icon
Second of Arkk storyline fractals, takes place within the Tower of Nightmares (Living World season 1) before it was destroyed.
Shattered Observatory icon
Shattered Observatory
The last part of the Arkk storyline takes place in the Shattered Observatory where Arkk has been messing with the mists.

Challenge Modes

Nightmare (CM) icon
Nightmare (CM)
First of Challenge Mode Fractals, fights rely heavily on stability and benefits from fast CC. Fights may seem chaotic for newcomers, but this guide will make it very easy.
Shattered Observatory (CM) icon
Shattered Observatory (CM)
Introduction to the Shattered Observatory Challenge Mode Fractal

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