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Accessibility Challenge Recap

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Hello gamers!

Thank you all for your interest and support in the Accessibility Challenge! We had a blast putting on the competition and I’d like to give you all a recap.


We had just under 130 submissions for the contest! There were a few participants that submitted multiple builds, but wow, this was quite the turnout and we were blown away! All of the builds were a joy to look through and there truly were some real gems in there! We expected to see some great builds, but there were cases where low APM builds were competitive with “meta” builds and absolutely dominated in the videos and logs that were submitted. Mechanist is a very notable example of this and I’ve personally started playing a low APM condi Mechanist after seeing what it can do from the contest. Additionally, I’d love you to check out some of our favorites below!

Also, be sure to check out the full recap videos on MightyTeapot’s YouTube Channel!

Feedback and Improvement

We’ve received some great feedback from some of you and we want you to know that your voices have not gone unheard. This was the first time hosting a competition of this nature and we faced a lot of challenges with it. We were simultaneously looking for objectively superior data, creativity, humor, strong presentation, and a few other things. The lines got a little blurry in a few cases and some care needs to be taken going forward to prevent that from happening again. Overall we feel that the contest was a huge success and was great fun for everyone involved, but we also believe that we can do an even better job next time around!

Closing Thoughts

Thank you all once again for participating and watching, and we truly do hope that this contest had a positive impact on the participants, viewers, and community as a whole. You are all rockstars, and thank you for stopping by!



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