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Hardstuck Community Response Party #1

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The Hardstuck Community Reponse Party (HCRP) was a tournament that took place on the 3rd of July and revolved about completing Dragon Response Missions as quickly as possible. This event was streamed live on Twitch.

In-game donations

The Legendary Lyn9 005Gold coin 98Silver coin 70Copper coin
Oh My Gosh Virtual Squirrels [vs]299Gold coin 93Silver coin 50Copper coin
Arky270Gold coin 42Silver coin
Cube_O242Gold coin 80Silver coin
Serious Jester242Gold coin 80Silver coin
Rhi230Gold coin 00Silver coin 04Copper coin
Sognus179Gold coin 81Silver coin 85Copper coin
Asche153Gold coin 26Silver coin 32Copper coin
Radik140Gold coin 44Silver coin 50Copper coin
Czokalapik15Gold coin 96Silver coin 85Copper coin

Latest video

Latest Hardstuck video


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