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Hardstuck Raiding Party #1

Real money donations

WUSSUP_HATERZ, ScoobySharky, Chris_Cheng
Erlien_, chflux, Ausschweifungen, lexi503, x_Rhi_x
aigissch, IAscheI
Bartimaeus171, Aro
alex_uwu_sc, cmaelstrom

In-game donations

Champ10 000Gold coin
Arenanet8 188Gold coin
Cyrogerm6 689Gold coin 27Silver coin 99Copper coin
Guild MM4 561Gold coin 96Silver coin 91Copper coin
Kelida2 908Gold coin 36Silver coin 17Copper coin
meme2 425Gold coin 99Silver coin 99Copper coin
Aizza2 339Gold coin 97Silver coin 92Copper coin
Crazyfox2 084Gold coin 77Silver coin 95Copper coin
Mormont1 566Gold coin 85Silver coin 27Copper coin
Jhem1 561Gold coin 09Silver coin 49Copper coin
Hardstuck1 011Gold coin 34Silver coin 95Copper coin
Luna900Gold coin 68Silver coin
Sherf802Gold coin 47Silver coin 50Copper coin
Brio500Gold coin
Je Pull500Gold coin
Virezen500Gold coin
Tweedy476Gold coin 47Silver coin 47Copper coin
Ginji372Gold coin 69Silver coin 18Copper coin
N E X O T H A R331Gold coin 40Silver coin
Uriel Evaniscus330Gold coin 37Silver coin 89Copper coin
Evo302Gold coin 47Silver coin 50Copper coin
Kelinda Apollyon289Gold coin 99Silver coin 95Copper coin
Avarice The Hoarder275Gold coin 06Silver coin 71Copper coin
Erlien268Gold coin 98Silver coin 99Copper coin
Josh259Gold coin 90Silver coin
Lairon250Gold coin
Skeleng250Gold coin
Ruius248Gold coin 45Silver coin
Fideloo238Gold coin 68Silver coin 82Copper coin
Divtec203Gold coin 97Silver coin 50Copper coin
Emecci202Gold coin 99Silver coin 99Copper coin
Fiery Guardians185Gold coin 21Silver coin 08Copper coin
Jeremy Bee169Gold coin 66Silver coin 06Copper coin
Katháres157Gold coin 42Silver coin 50Copper coin
Beneteus153Gold coin 40Silver coin 01Copper coin
Your Mom152Gold coin 14Silver coin 60Copper coin
Sugar Búnny149Gold coin 99Silver coin 97Copper coin
GigaSith138Gold coin 98Silver coin 99Copper coin
Reythina136Gold coin 74Silver coin 71Copper coin
Clow130Gold coin
Renji120Gold coin 02Silver coin 52Copper coin
Epandemic107Gold coin 99Silver coin 99Copper coin
Mists Darkness104Gold coin 95Silver coin
Still Lone Warrior104Gold coin 95Silver coin
Laminae Lilium102Gold coin 47Silver coin 50Copper coin
Delta100Gold coin
Icarus Desiderius100Gold coin
Nimue Caoilinn100Gold coin
Seduker100Gold coin
Luurky87Gold coin 97Silver coin
Z D P S85Gold coin 09Silver coin 50Copper coin
Pleasenotthat80Gold coin
Roh74Gold coin 32Silver coin 46Copper coin
I Stealth In Wvw57Gold coin 99Silver coin 99Copper coin
BanzanSaber56Gold coin 41Silver coin 57Copper coin
Akeinehah54Gold coin
Eyxx52Gold coin 47Silver coin 50Copper coin
miguelfermi52Gold coin 47Silver coin 50Copper coin
South Central52Gold coin 47Silver coin 50Copper coin
Gantor Rageclaw50Gold coin
Gnomerz50Gold coin
Phasks50Gold coin
Tavendish50Gold coin
Unidentified Gear A48Gold coin 49Silver coin 25Copper coin
Zephex42Gold coin 98Silver coin 20Copper coin
Asche41Gold coin 00Silver coin 43Copper coin
I Eikichi Onizuka I30Gold coin 37Silver coin 50Copper coin
Devils Rîght Hand30Gold coin
xwallerx30Gold coin
Regalpower25Gold coin
Dahrens24Gold coin
Vluhd23Gold coin 70Silver coin 27Copper coin
Mudblood Dan15Gold coin
Retro Avera15Gold coin
Aiphaton2310Gold coin
Colin Sochadson10Gold coin
Lady Kitty7Gold coin 80Silver coin 60Copper coin
baratheonbbq5Gold coin 69Silver coin 69Copper coin
Korryda5Gold coin 25Silver coin
Mike Od Your Wife5Gold coin 24Silver coin 75Copper coin
B O O S T E R S5Gold coin
Delilah Shallows5Gold coin
Warmaster Kyle5Gold coin
Mesis1Gold coin 82Silver coin 98Copper coin
Leechgade1Gold coin 75Silver coin
Banjo1Gold coin
Eorlund Graybeard1Gold coin
Phokus1Gold coin

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