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Masters of The Arena II

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Masters of The Arena II (MoTA2) was a community-driven PvP event. It ran over of the span of three days, starting on Friday 29th of July, and concluding on Sunday the 31st 2022.

The tournament had both cash prizes and in-game prizes. Cash prizing was split between the top two, the ingame prizepool was split across the 3rd and 4th place in the regional finals and all contestants in the global finals.

The prize pool was contributed by the community supporting this game.

Real money donations

leo_nardin, Chaton

In-game donations

Hardstuck19 464Gold coin
GuildMM12 007Gold coin 37Silver coin 83Copper coin
Frae3 900Gold coin 00Silver coin 09Copper coin
ArenaNet2 746Gold coin 80Silver coin
Aidda1 989Gold coin 99Silver coin
Sin Of Anubis1 845Gold coin
Magicae Tenebrarum1 234Gold coin 71Silver coin 43Copper coin
Khea Whitebird1 135Gold coin
Neuronutz1 134Gold coin 67Silver coin 50Copper coin
Bankrotas1 088Gold coin 30Silver coin 01Copper coin
Benteus1 056Gold coin 60Silver coin 61Copper coin
Nezlin1 000Gold coin 69Silver coin 42Copper coin
Furious Lia1 000Gold coin 15Silver coin
Bianko Ez Clap1 000Gold coin
Virtués1 000Gold coin
Seeking Judgement857Gold coin 34Silver coin 40Copper coin
Luring In The Dark800Gold coin
Sarah Gipfelweg800Gold coin
Merserk788Gold coin 80Silver coin
Kelida729Gold coin 29Silver coin 60Copper coin
Syndariâ652Gold coin 50Silver coin
Bari Potter632Gold coin 80Silver coin
Nitro600Gold coin
Naru580Gold coin
Anonymous578Gold coin 72Silver coin 50Copper coin
Mystical Candysmith573Gold coin 75Silver coin
Sera Tiril514Gold coin 82Silver coin 50Copper coin
Choi Sohée500Gold coin
emecci445Gold coin 08Silver coin 60Copper coin
Uriel Evaniscus442Gold coin 45Silver coin
Rym425Gold coin 69Silver coin 69Copper coin
Estelaen424Gold coin 95Silver coin
Lil Babacar424Gold coin 95Silver coin
Rihina414Gold coin 22Silver coin 50Copper coin
Ruius406Gold coin 97Silver coin 50Copper coin
I Come In Peace Rly399Gold coin 98Silver coin 99Copper coin
Kingoftheweak391Gold coin 59Silver coin 80Copper coin
Maravelia349Gold coin 99Silver coin 98Copper coin
Ligmaspreader348Gold coin 17Silver coin 25Copper coin
Drowning In Joy327Gold coin 42Silver coin 73Copper coin
Darens326Gold coin 86Silver coin
Ferowo322Gold coin 54Silver coin 62Copper coin
Hate Healing Power320Gold coin
Elmirani300Gold coin
Skeleng300Gold coin
Reythina287Gold coin 74Silver coin 39Copper coin
Velox Ghostfire267Gold coin 63Silver coin 13Copper coin
Qublesse252Gold coin 07Silver coin 20Copper coin
Arcane251Gold coin 25Silver coin
Having No Alac245Gold coin 84Silver coin 12Copper coin
Inks245Gold coin 25Silver coin
Daily Hero M242Gold coin 15Silver coin 16Copper coin
Jeremy Bee226Gold coin 54Silver coin 27Copper coin
Outhealing You219Gold coin 27Silver coin 42Copper coin
Illusive Sinner212Gold coin 82Silver coin 50Copper coin
Plaintiff Too212Gold coin 82Silver coin 50Copper coin
Silent But Strong211Gold coin 13Silver coin 50Copper coin
Teapots Metabot205Gold coin 50Silver coin
Andreas200Gold coin
Garishimo200Gold coin
Luuurky200Gold coin
Myraebos200Gold coin
The Legendary Lyn200Gold coin
Roca190Gold coin
Bagnasty186Gold coin 61Silver coin
Troyas178Gold coin 61Silver coin
Zan174Gold coin 40Silver coin
Zeromis174Gold coin 40Silver coin
Shattered Zephyr168Gold coin 58Silver coin 50Copper coin
Lillsnorres161Gold coin 60Silver coin
Path Of Necro157Gold coin
Divtec152Gold coin 89Silver coin 09Copper coin
Regalpower144Gold coin 59Silver coin 94Copper coin
Commander Beneteus144Gold coin 42Silver coin 27Copper coin
Boyce142Gold coin 40Silver coin
vivilouf140Gold coin 04Silver coin
Beatrice Castilioni129Gold coin 31Silver coin 82Copper coin
Keymaster Ahmoa124Gold coin 99Silver coin 99Copper coin
Beatftw120Gold coin 28Silver coin 70Copper coin
Benjammn Prime115Gold coin 70Silver coin
Kiing Jake110Gold coin 40Silver coin
Fjalllar110Gold coin 02Silver coin
Blu Muscari107Gold coin 67Silver coin 72Copper coin
Tirluin106Gold coin 40Silver coin
Meta Everywhere104Gold coin 53Silver coin 77Copper coin
Minidoom Himself101Gold coin 98Silver coin 80Copper coin
Lorave101Gold coin 69Silver coin 10Copper coin
Lâncêlot100Gold coin 96Silver coin
Waldrath100Gold coin
Krylest94Gold coin 82Silver coin 50Copper coin
Space Glider86Gold coin
Boycerino Senpai85Gold coin 13Silver coin
Tolle T84Gold coin 99Silver coin
Clonidelius80Gold coin
Cmcs Massive Hog80Gold coin
Icarus Desiderius80Gold coin
Malayaketh80Gold coin
Orophia80Gold coin
Slenge Nurub80Gold coin
Randald Mc Donald78Gold coin 22Silver coin 33Copper coin
Aby Syl70Gold coin
Xya Caethrawr69Gold coin 69Silver coin 69Copper coin
Johnnyy Sins62Gold coin 47Silver coin 20Copper coin
C A S S I62Gold coin 36Silver coin 59Copper coin
Doctor Momo50Gold coin 25Silver coin
Avenseen50Gold coin
Conan Quu50Gold coin
Thor Hoth48Gold coin 65Silver coin
Miss Riveni48Gold coin 44Silver coin 43Copper coin
Kíérá48Gold coin
Dan Alcedo45Gold coin 15Silver coin 86Copper coin
I Róckstàr I41Gold coin 10Silver coin
Kevin41Gold coin 10Silver coin
Sigga41Gold coin 10Silver coin
Shininghair40Gold coin 87Silver coin 50Copper coin
Big Quaggan Fan40Gold coin
Darth Indica40Gold coin
Debatrax40Gold coin
Micekrispies40Gold coin
Jäydon33Gold coin 99Silver coin 60Copper coin
Deheriana33Gold coin 80Silver coin 02Copper coin
Violet Youkai32Gold coin 93Silver coin 45Copper coin
Kuro Channn32Gold coin 78Silver coin 76Copper coin
derpsterpro29Gold coin 10Silver coin
Verrrx28Gold coin 65Silver coin
Campanula Mortis27Gold coin 51Silver coin 15Copper coin
Mia Sunspeer25Gold coin 65Silver coin 01Copper coin
Tís25Gold coin 20Silver coin 10Copper coin
Meggie The Third25Gold coin
Sylwinne20Gold coin 55Silver coin
Kids Rev20Gold coin
Watch Yor Back17Gold coin 84Silver coin 79Copper coin
Content16Gold coin 39Silver coin 50Copper coin
Asura Booty Shake16Gold coin
Bobbie Dràper12Gold coin 75Silver coin
Kornyn Dawn10Gold coin 87Silver coin 50Copper coin
Pandora Pebblestone10Gold coin 57Silver coin 22Copper coin
Loiick10Gold coin
Son of isildur10Gold coin
Illusionary Seji9Gold coin 37Silver coin 54Copper coin
Eyra Lichborn9Gold coin 25Silver coin 92Copper coin
Baz Boulderblood8Gold coin 65Silver coin
Cherry Tom8Gold coin 65Silver coin
Lydia De Brassard7Gold coin 05Silver coin 94Copper coin
Indard7Gold coin 00Silver coin 20Copper coin
Jaje Níya7Gold coin 00Silver coin 20Copper coin
B R Y N O L F5Gold coin
Faye Chriel5Gold coin
Guri gashi4Gold coin 90Silver coin 50Copper coin
Wilma Fíngerdoo4Gold coin 90Silver coin
The Chocolate Guy3Gold coin 25Silver coin 54Copper coin
Melfi Harrsdottir2Gold coin 55Silver coin
Zewix1Gold coin 93Silver coin 05Copper coin
Stay Hydrated Bot1Gold coin 60Silver coin
Ashlyn Echomind1Gold coin 54Silver coin 54Copper coin
K Ö T T B U L L E1Gold coin
Adult Baby 80Silver coin

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