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    Power Scrapper
    March 2024

    Group PvE


    Berserker's icon Superior Rune of the Dragonhunter icon
    Berserker's HelmSuperior Rune of the Dragonhunter
    Berserker's icon Superior Rune of the Dragonhunter icon
    Berserker's ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Dragonhunter
    Berserker's icon Superior Rune of the Dragonhunter icon
    Berserker's ChestSuperior Rune of the Dragonhunter
    Berserker's icon Superior Rune of the Dragonhunter icon
    Berserker's GlovesSuperior Rune of the Dragonhunter
    Dragon's icon Superior Rune of the Dragonhunter icon
    Dragon's LegsSuperior Rune of the Dragonhunter
    Berserker's icon Superior Rune of the Dragonhunter icon
    Berserker's BootsSuperior Rune of the Dragonhunter

    Weapons & Sigils

    Hammer icon Superior Sigil of Force icon Superior Sigil of Impact icon
    Berserker's HammerSuperior Sigil of ForceSuperior Sigil of Impact


    Dragon's icon
    Dragon's Backpiece
    Dragon's icon
    Dragon's Accessory
    Berserker's icon
    Berserker's Accessory
    Berserker's icon
    Berserker's Amulet
    Dragon's icon
    Dragon's Ring
    Dragon's icon
    Dragon's Ring
    Relic icon
    Relic of Fireworks


    Cilantro Lime Sous-Vide Steak icon Potent Superior Sharpening Stone icon
    Cilantro Lime Sous-Vide SteakPotent Superior Sharpening Stone

    Weapon Skills

    Utility Skills


    Target Stats



    Power Scrapper is a powerful and durable DPS build that brings a lot of Crowd Control and ample Superspeed, giving you and your group great in-combat mobility. It can also revive downed allies from range with Function Gyro.

    Build Fundamentals

    The rotation of this build revolves around 2 combinations of skills that share cooldowns:

    After that, follow the skill priority list to fill the time between those 2 combos.

    Build Specifics

    Every time you cast Shrapnel Grenade, check Freeze Grenade and Poison Grenade. If they are available, cast them. If one of them is 1-2 seconds from being off cooldown, you can use toolbelt skills or utilities while you wait for it to come back instead of switching off the kit.

    Make sure to use the “stow kit” key (Stow Grenade Kit or Stow Mortar Kit) when switching off Grenade Kit and Elite Mortar Kit. If you use Weapon Swap, it will interrupt any ability you might still be casting, but pressing “stow kit” will allow you to finish casting even if the kit has been put away.

    Throw Mine is used as a damage skill but also stuns and strips 3 boons.

    Function Gyro does damage and puts down a lightning field, but most importantly it revives downed players in its area. It can be worth sacrificing its damage to have revive power on-deck during difficult fights.

    Crowd Control

    Most of your crowd control is part of your rotation and is used for damage. Most of the time, it’s not worth delaying your skills to save them for CC, since you already have so much. However, if you’re noticing a lack of CC in your group, it can be worth saving Spare Capacitor and Static Shock.


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