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    Booster Willbender
    March 2024

    Open World
    Offensive Support
    Booster build icon Booster build


    Celestial icon Superior Rune of Balthazar icon
    Celestial HelmSuperior Rune of Balthazar
    Celestial icon Superior Rune of Balthazar icon
    Celestial ShouldersSuperior Rune of Balthazar
    Celestial icon Superior Rune of Balthazar icon
    Celestial ChestSuperior Rune of Balthazar
    Celestial icon Superior Rune of Balthazar icon
    Celestial GlovesSuperior Rune of Balthazar
    Celestial icon Superior Rune of Balthazar icon
    Celestial LegsSuperior Rune of Balthazar
    Celestial icon Superior Rune of Balthazar icon
    Celestial BootsSuperior Rune of Balthazar

    Weapons & Sigils

    Sword icon Superior Sigil of Air icon
    Celestial SwordSuperior Sigil of Air
    Torch icon Superior Sigil of Bursting icon
    Celestial TorchSuperior Sigil of Bursting
    Scepter icon Superior Sigil of Corruption icon
    Celestial ScepterSuperior Sigil of Corruption


    Celestial icon
    Celestial Backpiece
    Celestial icon
    Celestial Accessory
    Celestial icon
    Celestial Accessory
    Celestial icon
    Celestial Amulet
    Celestial icon
    Celestial Ring
    Celestial icon
    Celestial Ring
    Relic icon
    Relic of the Fractal


    Peppered Cured Meat Flatbread icon Toxic Focusing Crystal icon
    Peppered Cured Meat FlatbreadToxic Focusing Crystal

    Utility Skills


    Target Stats



    This Celestial Booster Willbender is a great beginner-friendly offensive support setup made for open-world. The equipment above is designed to be played with the Exotic gear obtained by the Level 80 Boost, with some modifications to runes and sigils. To gear this build without the Level 80 Boost, use crafting or purchase items directly from the trading post.

    NOTE: If you have access to the expansion Secrets of the Obscure you can swap both your Sword and Scepter to Pistols.

    Build Fundamentals

    The build utilizes the traits Battle Presence and Phoenix Protocol to share to allies. To grant the boon it’s necessary to be under the effect of Flowing Resolve and be dealing damage to targets.

    Cast your Rushing Justice to gain Justice , every 5 strikes you will deal AOE .

    Use your Purging Flames and Whirling Light as much as possible.

    Judge's Intervention teleports you to the selected target, it’s a great skill for mobility on top of the mobility access granted by your profession skills.

    Crowd Control


    "Feel My Wrath!" can be changed to Heaven's Palm for additional Crowd Control.

    Judge's Intervention can be replaced with "Advance!" or "Stand Your Ground!" to gain access to and for yourself and allies.

    Judge's Intervention can also be replaced bySanctuary or Bane Signet for additional Crowd Control. Sanctuary is great for large defiance bars.

    In case of running solo and not be involved in any group event, Battle Presence can be swapped to Permeating Wrath for more or Indomitable Courage to gain access to a stun break on your Crashing Courage .

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