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    Power Dragonhunter
    December 2022

    Group PvE


    Suun's Visor icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Dragon's HelmSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    Illustrious Pauldrons icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Berserker's ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    Suun's Breastplate icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Dragon's ChestSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    Illustrious Warfists icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Berserker's GlovesSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    Suun's Tassets icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Dragon's LegsSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    Illustrious Greaves icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Berserker's BootsSuperior Rune of the Scholar

    Weapons & Sigils

    Greatsword icon Superior Sigil of Force icon Superior Sigil of Impact icon
    Berserker's GreatswordSuperior Sigil of Force Superior Sigil of Impact
    Longbow icon Superior Sigil of Force icon Superior Sigil of Impact icon
    Berserker's LongbowSuperior Sigil of Force Superior Sigil of Impact


    Ad Infinitum icon
    Dragon's Backpiece
    Black Ice Earring icon
    Berserker's Accessory
    Mists-Charged Jade Talisman icon
    Dragon's Accessory
    Mists-Charged Jade Pendant icon
    Dragon's Amulet
    Mists-Charged Jade Band (Infused) icon
    Dragon's Ring
    Mists-Charged Jade Band (Infused) icon
    Dragon's Ring


    Cilantro Lime Sous-Vide Steak icon Potent Superior Sharpening Stone icon
    Cilantro Lime Sous-Vide Steak Potent Superior Sharpening Stone


    Mighty WvW Infusion icon
    20xMighty Infusion

    Utility Skills




    1. Sword of Justice
    2. Procession of Blades
    3. Spear of Justice
    4. Symbol of Energy
    5. True Shot
    6. Weapon Swap

    Greatsword Loop

    1. Symbol of Resolution
    2. Whirling Wrath
    3. Binding Blade
    4. Auto-attack chain x4
    5. Whirling Wrath
    6. Symbol of Resolution
    7. Weapon Swap

    Longbow Loop

    1. Symbol of Energy
    2. True Shot
    3. Puncture Shot x6
    4. True Shot
    5. Puncture Shot x6
    6. True Shot
    7. Symbol of Energy
    8. Weapon Swap


    Leap of Faith, Binding Blade, Deflecting Shot and Hunter's Ward are situational skills as they can only be used once per loop or every other loop. Try to use them under the effects of Big Game Hunter. The same applies to Sword of Justice although this skill can be used more freely at the start of the rotation due to having 3 charges.

    Power Dragonhunter can provide very good burst DPS and Vulnerability while possessing multiple options allowing you to mitigate incoming damage. The equipment for this build is easy to obtain, and the basics of Power Dragonhunter is easy to pick up, making it a popular choice in instanced content such as Strikes and Raids. However, mastering this build will take some time since you need to cancel the aftercasts of certain skills such as Symbol of Resolution and Zealot's Defense. Players should pay special attention to learn boss timing to use the build’s burst windows properly to reach the build’s maximum potential.

    Build Fundamentals

    You want to remember that all high damage skills should be combined with Spear of Justice to increase your burst damage via Big Game Hunter.

    High uptime of Resolution is crucial as you get a 25% critical chance from Righteous Instincts. That’s why having multiple Power Dragonhunters in the same party is ideal as they will benefit from Resolution from Symbol of Resolution. If you don’t have other DHs in your group, make sure you are in the subgroup with other classes that can provide you some extra Resolution, most common will be Firebrands with Mantra of Solace, Catalysts with Deploy Jade Sphere, or Alacrity Mesmer with Chaos Storm.

    If you further struggle with Resolution and in a fight where you are attacked, you can more consciously use Greatsword and give yourself Light Aura by leaping with Leap of Faith into Symbol of Resolution or other Light fields.

    Important Notes

    Spear of Justice cooldown can be reset by killing enemies due to Renewed Justice. Make sure to not waste it by using it while your high damaging skills are on cooldown. Build your combos around Spear of Justice, if it’s active and you have excess charges of  Sword of Justice , use it instead Auto-attack chains.

    If there are multiple targets around, you can use Binding Blade inside the hitbox to hit a single target up to 5 times.

    Hunter's Verdict will increase your damage by 15% while the tether is active, and Bane Signet will increase your power while not used, that’s why you should avoid using signet and breaking the tether unless you really need CC.

    Sustain and mobility

    Leap of Faith is a good movement skill if you find yourself in the need of it, and so is Wings of Resolve, but keep in mind it will also heal your party and yourself and will cleanse conditions from yourself which might come in handy in some encounters. Leap of Faith can also be used to create Light Aura when used in Light field to help with Resolution uptime a bit.

    Use Shield of Courage to block attacks or to share Aegis with your party. This is particularly useful in situations, where normal Aegis is unreliable because can be stripped by environmental attacks, that’s because Shield of Courage will grant Aegis at set intervals.

    To heal up quickly after taking damage or to counter high damage pressure use Litany of Wrath.

    Crowd Control


    Utility Skills

    You can replace Sword of Justice with:

    You can replace "Feel My Wrath!" with Dragon's Maw if need CC and your group is not benefitting from extra Quickness or Fury.


    You can swap Righteous Instincts for Perfect Inscriptions if you need to use your Bane Signet for CC. If you swap to Righteous Instincts you will need to:

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