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    Trapper Dragonhunter
    February 2023


    PvP Amulet & Rune

    PvP amulet icon
    Berserker Amulet
    PvP rune icon
    Rune of the Trapper

    Weapons & Sigils

    Sword icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
    SwordSigil of Cleansing
    Shield icon Sigil of Energy icon
    ShieldSigil of Energy
    Longbow icon Sigil of Opportunity icon Sigil of Separation icon
    LongbowSigil of Opportunity Sigil of Separation

    Utility Skills


    Mobile, very bursty build with access to Stealth. For experienced players, this build can be very easy to counter with simple spatial awareness, blocks, dodges, or evades. But in lower ranks, it can wreak havoc.

    Build fundamentals

    This build gets value from its really high range damage from the longbow. You can (and should) amplify your damage by using Spear of Justice, as long as your target is tethered, they will take a lot of extra damage. You want to use it before any other damage spell but be careful not to miss it.

    Superspeed from Rune of the Trapper will be your main mobility tool, that mobility paired with Stealth from it can be used both offensively and defensively, be careful though, as every trap deals damage when an enemy walks in it so you will get revealed.


    From your longbow skill, True Shot is your most basic and reliable source of damage from range, and Hunter's Ward is a very big AoE, yet it’s still worth using in a duel. It’ll deal high damage and lock enemies who don’t dodge it. If anyone gets locked, focus them as they won’t be able to Dodge.

    Symbol of Energy is by far your worst weapon skill on longbow, its main use will be under your feet for Vigor unless you can cleave many targets with it.

    Procession of Blades will rarely be used for damage, unless you can drop it on downs or pressure a node (keep in mind you have 11k hp you can die very quickly if you take risks), as people can escape it very easily.

    Test of Faith can fully kill a target if played around. The basics of it are to pull and knock people in and out of it to proc its damage:

    1. Test of Faith
    2. Spear of Justice > Hunter's Verdict to pull
    3. Deflecting Shot to knock in any direction (it can also be used defensively to destroy projectiles or knock people while running away)
    4. Shield of Absorption to knock around you

    If you want to go maximum damage, you can switch your Absolute Resolve to Inspiring Virtue but that will reduce your condition cleanse so isn’t recommended.


    Your Virtues and Sword set will be your defensive toolbelt.

    Contemplation of Purity and Renewed Focus are your main panic buttons, Contemplation of Purity will stunbreak and turn every condition on you into a boon, and Renewed Focus will offer you invulnerability and reset the cooldown of all your Virtues.

    Another source of very limited condition cleanse you have is Wings of Resolve, it will also heal allies in the area you dash to as well as yourself.

    Your Sword/Shield set offers strong mobility on Symbol of Blades, you can use it to chase someone or port in a team fight if you’re being focused and see a way to escape by porting to another enemy. You will also have access to good projectile defense with Shield of Absorption and Zealot's Defense (which not only blocks projectiles but deals good damage as well if the target isn’t too far as the tracking is very slow).

    Shield of Courage is a strunbreak and gives stability to you and nearby allies, it then blocks everything in front of you.

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