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    Trapper Dragonhunter
    March 2024

    Low intensity icon Low intensity

    PvP Amulet & Rune

    PvP amulet icon
    Berserker Amulet
    PvP rune icon
    Rune of the Warrior
    Relic icon
    Relic of the Defender

    Weapons & Sigils

    Longbow icon Sigil of Opportunity icon Sigil of Separation icon
    LongbowSigil of OpportunitySigil of Separation
    Sword icon Sigil of Energy icon
    SwordSigil of Energy
    Shield icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
    ShieldSigil of Cleansing

    Utility Skills


    Skill Priority

    Test of Faith Options

    1. Spear of Justice > Hunter's Verdict to pull
    2. Deflecting Shot to knock in any direction (it can also be used defensively to destroy projectiles or knock people while running away)
    3. Shield of Absorption to knock around you

    Target Stats


    Mobile, very bursty build. This build thrives on exploiting mistakes from your opponent and bursting them down very quickly.


    Our goal is to mostly be present in teamfights and focus squishy targets. This build enjoys really high range damage from longbow and traps. Coupled with tons of damage increases, try to tether them with Spear of Justice and kill them quickly. we have sufficient mobility and plenty of damage to roam a bit and outnumber duels, ending them quickly.

    Quick Tips


    We have a lot of modifiers to boost our damage significantly. Try to maintain as many of these as possible while using your bigger skills.

    From your longbow skill, True Shot is your most basic and reliable source of damage from range and should be used as often as possible.
    Hunter's Ward is a very big AoE, yet it’s still worth using in a duel. It’ll deal high damage and lock enemies who don’t dodge it. If anyone gets locked, focus them as they won’t be able to Dodge.

    Symbol of Energy is by far your worst weapon skill on longbow, its main use will be under your feet for unless you can cleave many targets with it.

    Test of Faith Is an excellent zoning tool and can fully kill a target if played around. The basics of it are to pull and knock people in and out of it to proc its damage. Options will be in the priority section.
    Also use it to zone your target, keeping them away and giving you space, maintaining extra damage modifiers from Sigil[s] of Separation and Pure of Sight, while hitting them safely with longbow.

    Procession of Blades can round off your damage if your enemy is inside Test of Faith to pressure them to get out of it. If they’re tethered by Spear of Justice, you can pull them back in potentially killing them.

    On sword, you can use Symbol of Blades to close the distance and apply some cleave damage. Zealot's Defense can hit pretty hard if the target isn’t too far as the tracking is very slow. You can set it up by applying . Shield of Judgment can hit pretty far away to finish a low target running away from us when we’re stuck on sword.


    Our mobility is pretty poor without support, as we don’t have any or movement speed modifiers. We have 3 skills to help us get around:

    • Symbol of Blades is our cheapest option. It has the lowest cooldown and can port through walls. Use it as often as possible outside of combat with a target to get faster to the fight. Can be used on a target far away to disengage.
    • Wings of Resolve is a very good movement skill, but it’s also one of our heals. Use with caution as this is an important cooldown for your survival if things go south.
    • Judge's Intervention is our best movement skill, but it is also one of our 2 stunbreaks. Use with caution if Shield of Courage is on cooldown. Can be used on a target far away to disengage.


    Your Virtues and Sword set will be your defensive kit.

    Utilize your swap to sword for Sigil[s] of Cleansing and Sigil[s] of Energy when you need either.

    Shield of Courage and Renewed Focus are your main panic buttons, Shield of Courage will stunbreak, give you and nearby allies stability and block all attacks in a cone in front of you for a few seconds. Renewed Focus will offer you invulnerability and reset the cooldown of all your Virtues, so you can use Shield of Courage again.

    Use to block attacks. to preserve your longer cooldowns. Hunter's Premonition Will cause our trap skills to give us and Shield of Judgment is also very good and also provides .

    Try to utilize from Symbol of Blades and Purification to negate some damage.

    Our main source of very limited condition cleanse you have is Wings of Resolve, it will also heal allies in the area you dash to as well as yourself.

    You will also have access to good projectile defence with Shield of Absorption and Zealot's Defense.

    Use your traps to zone enemies away and scare them from jumping you.

    Relic[s] of the Defender will make every block heal us for 5% (down to 1% if we block multiple attacks in short spans). This also applies to blocks.
    To take maximal advantage of this, If not at full HP, try to block attacks rather than dodge them if they’re not .

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