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    Heal Boon Chronomancer
    March 2024

    Group PvE


    Illustrious Masque icon Superior Rune of the Monk icon
    Harrier's HelmSuperior Rune of the Monk
    Illustrious Epaulets icon Superior Rune of the Monk icon
    Harrier's ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Monk
    Illustrious Doublet icon Superior Rune of the Monk icon
    Harrier's ChestSuperior Rune of the Monk
    Illustrious Wristguards icon Superior Rune of the Monk icon
    Harrier's GlovesSuperior Rune of the Monk
    Illustrious Breeches icon Superior Rune of the Monk icon
    Harrier's LegsSuperior Rune of the Monk
    Illustrious Footwear icon Superior Rune of the Monk icon
    Harrier's BootsSuperior Rune of the Monk

    Weapons & Sigils

    Rifle icon Superior Sigil of Transference icon Superior Sigil of Paralyzation icon
    Mist Lord's Rifle RifleSuperior Sigil of Transference Superior Sigil of Paralyzation
    Scepter icon Superior Sigil of Transference icon
    Harrier's ScepterSuperior Sigil of Transference
    Shield icon Superior Sigil of Paralyzation icon
    Harrier's ShieldSuperior Sigil of Paralyzation


    Quiver of a Thousand Arrows icon
    Harrier's Backpiece
    Black Ice Earring icon
    Harrier's Accessory
    Asgeir's Talisman icon
    Harrier's Accessory
    Asgeir's Amulet icon
    Harrier's Amulet
    Black Ice Band icon
    Harrier's Ring
    Mistborn Band icon
    Harrier's Ring
    Relic icon
    Relic of the Monk


    Bowl of Fruit Salad with Mint Garnish icon Bountiful Maintenance Oil icon
    Bowl of Fruit Salad with Mint Garnish Bountiful Maintenance Oil


    Healing WvW Infusion icon
    20xHealing Infusion

    Utility Skills


    Skill Priority


    Prioritize the following skills:

    1. Tides of Time
    2. Echo of Memory
    3. Illusionary Counter
    4. Ether Bolt Ether Blast Ether Clone


    1. Journey for Regeneration and clone generation
    2. Phantasmal Sharpshooter for Alacrity or Quickness.
    3. Inspiring Imagery for Might and Fury
    4. Singularity Shot for Resistance and barrier


    Use these as soon as you have 3 clones:

    1. Split Second
    2. Time Sink
    3. Rewinder


    Heal Boon Chronomancer is a flexible defensive support with solid healing, condition cleanse, and Crowd Control (CC) while providing permanent Protection, Fury, Vigor, Regeneration, and 25 stacks of Might along with a good amount of Swiftness. Additionally, Chronomancer can provide Aegis and Stability on demand.

    Build Fundamentals

    Select the trait Stretched Time or Seize the Moment if your team needs Alacrity or Quickness.

    Summon Phantasms on both Rifle and Scepter/Shield and use Shatter skills to give Alacrity or Quickness. Use Mantras and Wells to heal, cleanse conditions, and provide other boons.

    Build Specifics

    Alacrity or Quickness is generated by summoning Phantasms and using your Shatters:

    • Phantasmal Sharpshooter summons one phantasm per charge. Each charge has a 20-second cooldown.
    • Echo of Memory summons one phantasm at the end of the cast. If you block an attack during the channel of this skill, you summon the phantasm immediately and unlock Deja Vu, which allows you to block again and summon another phantasm.
    • Use Shatter skills when you have three clones to maximize boon uptime.

    Boon Application

    Stability and Aegis:


    • Rifle skills heal consistently:
    • Mantra of Recovery – first activation and using charges from any mantra heals you and your allies. Also, If you need more condition cleanses you can take Well of Eternity instead.
    • The last pulse of any Well skill heals everyone inside it.
    • Each time you use a Shatter skill, you heal and cleanse conditions. The effect is increased if you have more clones active.
    • Summon Illusions to heal allies. This healing is pretty low, so during high-pressure moments, prioritize shatters, mantras, and wells as those skills have more burst healing.

    Continuum Split

    After using Continuum Split use any skills you want to double up on, as after Continuum Split expires or you use Continuum Shift all the skills used in this time, your health, and endurance will be reverted to the moment you used Continuum Split the first time. This effectively “cancels” the cooldown of the skills you used.

    Note this is a Shatter skill, so you get stronger Alacrity which increases the time limit by 1.5 seconds per clone shattered before Continuum Shift automatically triggers. Zero clones gives 1.5 seconds, up to 6 seconds when you shatter with 6 clones, increasing the number of skills you can use.

    Continuum Split can be used to precast more boons at the start of the fight or in situations where you need extra CC or portals. It’s useful to use it when channeling long casting skills too, so you save a short time that you can spend to cast extra skills.

    Mimic will not get reverted if used during Continuum Split.


    Phantasmal Sharpshooter and Echo of Memory must have a proper target in range to summon phantasms and generate Alacrity.

    Time Sink alone cannot provide permanent Fury to the team. Use it while you have the effect of Continuum Split to use it twice when you precast all the boons. Well of Action is a good option to improve Fury generation.

    Winds of Chaos and illusions auto-attacking the target while in Staff will give extra Might and Fury, but since the projectile giving boons bounces only two times, you shouldn’t rely only on this for Might and Fury generation for the entire team.

    Crowd Control


    Change your gear stats into Giver’s or Minstrel’s if you want to tank. Full Giver’s is recommended to have the best toughness with the same healing power and boon duration as Harrier.

    You can swap Well of Senility and Well of Precognition for the following skills:


    Depending on the encounter, you can consider taking the following weapons:

    • Focus – for pulling enemies
    • Staff – for more phantasms generating and random pulses of Resolution, Aegis, or Swiftness.

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