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Power Shatter
December 2022


PvP Amulet & Rune

PvP amulet icon
Berserker Amulet
PvP rune icon
Rune of the Lynx

Weapons & Sigils

Greatsword icon Sigil of Exploitation icon Sigil of Energy icon
GreatswordSigil of Exploitation Sigil of Energy
Sword icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
SwordSigil of Cleansing
Torch icon Sigil of Energy icon
TorchSigil of Energy

Utility Skills


Using stealth and strong burst, Power Shatter core mesmer can deal a ton of damage to any target if used well. However, in the current meta Power Chronomancer ends up being better because of more ways to deal extreme amounts of damage and crowd control.

Build fundamentals

This build is based on one simple burst, hitting it is very important as most of the kills you’ll get will be from this combo.

  1. Mirror Blade in melee range. You can start casting it from range and use Blink at the very end of the cast to teleport close to your target.
  2. Mantra of Pain
  3. Mind Wrack almost at the same time but it’s important to apply the Vulnerability first
  4. Mind Stab

In case you are not on greatsword but still want to burst because you see good timing or want to finish the target quickly you can use Illusionary Leap into Swap to Immobilize shortly and port yourself to the target, Blurred Frenzy and then the usual burst follow up Mantra of Pain and Mind Wrack.

Because the combo is very important you have to make sure you can hit it consistently. We already introduced using Blink to surprise a target, but you can use other tools such as stealth.

Mass Invisibility and The Prestige are the best to use to gain Stealth. Signet of Midnight will also provide it, but is also a stunbreak, therefore it is better to keep it for that purpose.

You can also use look for an opportunity to use your burst when an ally is using crowd control on the target.

If the fight just started and you’re unable to join an already existing one, you’ll have to bait enemies abilities because missing your burst means you’re useless until it’s off cooldown. Phantasmal Mage can be excellent for it, it’s a very obvious hard-hitting phantasm that everybody will try to dodge, same goes for Phantasmal Berserker.

Defense and disengage potential

This build really struggles with being focused. Most other roamers can hunt it down easily if the build is played in a greedy way, and because of not a lot of sustain. Once again Stealth is an amazing tool, letting you disengage almost any fight. Yet look out for Herald and some other specs, as they can reveal you.

Blink if not used to burst is your best disengage tool, very few classes can catch up to you if you use it, Mirror can be used strictly for mobility as it gives you a small amount superspeed¬† if you’re not threatened, the reflect part can save you from range classes like ranger very reliably. Remember Mass Invisibility is your most versatile spell. It stealths and gives superspeed to allies which can give you and your allies a window of opportunity to burst, secure a rez or save a teammate. Distortion is your panic button which will negate any damage while you have invulnerability from it.


This build struggles against other roamers such as Heralds or Thieves. You should never duel on this unless you’re confident in getting a sneaky clean one burst, but that’s very unlikely. In the current meta, it is pretty unplayable because of high power damage from specs like Willbender, Chronomancer, Untamed and Catalyst.

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