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    Support Chronomancer
    June 2024

    Recommended icon RecommendedWeapon Mastery icon Weapon Mastery

    PvP Amulet & Rune

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    Avatar Amulet
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    Rune of the Druid
    Relic icon
    Relic of the Flock

    Weapons & Sigils

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    RifleSigil of TransferenceSigil of Energy
    Sword icon Sigil of Transference icon
    SwordSigil of Transference
    Shield icon Sigil of Energy icon
    ShieldSigil of Energy

    Utility Skills


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    Support Chronomancer is one of the newer additions to the support roster. It is very similar to Support Guardian. It has access to a lot of and very good range support thanks to the Mesmer’s new weapon: rifle. Its unique side comes from the it applies to its team.

    Build Fundamentals

    Such as every other mesmer build, this build relies on shatters a lot. Shatters will heal, cleanse, apply boons, and even apply to close allies. The only shatter you need to be very careful of using is Distortion. On top of its invulnerability effect, it will apply to you and allies around you. Signet of Illusions will reset the cooldown of every shatter beside Continuum Split.

    The build healing also relies a lot on rifle. You can simply autoattack your allies for healing from range but its main strength comes from 3 support abilities : Journey, Inspiring Imagery into Abstraction and Singularity Shot. Singularity Shot lets you use Dimensional Aperture which will let your allies use it as a portal to your position BUT it will increase the cooldown significantly.Mantra of Concentration gives you access to Power Break, breaking allies out of stun and applying stability.
    On top of those effects Restorative Mantras will proc on each and every use and Relic[s] of the Flock will proc every 10 seconds on Power Return.
    Using mantras can be hard, using only one of the 2 charges is usually great. Having to cast the mantra from scratch in a fight exposes you a lot so you have to be careful with that. Only use the 2nd charge of a mantra when you really need to.

    Note: Using a 2nd charge of mantra inside of Continuum Split will still put the mantra on full cooldown and force to you have to cast it again.

    Crowd Control

    Chronomancer has access to a lot of soft and hard cc. If used properly they can lead to your team securing a lot of kills.
    Phantasmal Sharpshooter is a very bland and simple cc ability. It will likely just force a dodge, and you can use it before swapping weapons. Sword/Shield has a much stronger combo with Continuum Split into Swap and instantly using Tides of Time.
    The soft cc we mentioned comes from Tides of Time. You almost always want to double it with Continuum Split.
    Paired with the cc combo mentioned earlier, this can lead to a lot of kills.

    Build adaptation

    Feedback is a very situational skill. A few other options are Null Field, Mantra of Resolve, Portal Entre, Blink or Illusion of Life. We don’t recommend¬†Illusion of Life as much because in most scenarios it will just delay the inevitable because of its 15 seconds duration. It can be cheesed if when the 15 seconds timer runs out your ally has full health and some barrier they will survive as the skill tries to put them back into downstate by dealing 100% of their health to the affected targets.


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