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    Condition Harbinger
    June 2024

    WvW - Roaming


    Celestial icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Celestial HelmSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Celestial icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Celestial ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Celestial icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Celestial ChestSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Celestial icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Celestial GlovesSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Celestial icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Celestial LegsSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Celestial icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Celestial BootsSuperior Rune of the Trapper

    Weapons & Sigils

    Pistol icon Superior Sigil of Geomancy icon
    Celestial PistolSuperior Sigil of Geomancy
    Dagger icon Superior Sigil of Doom icon
    Celestial DaggerSuperior Sigil of Doom
    Sword icon Superior Sigil of Cleansing icon
    Celestial SwordSuperior Sigil of Cleansing
    Sword icon Superior Sigil of Earth icon
    Celestial SwordSuperior Sigil of Earth


    Celestial icon
    Celestial Backpiece
    Celestial icon
    Celestial Accessory
    Celestial icon
    Celestial Accessory
    Celestial icon
    Celestial Amulet
    Celestial icon
    Celestial Ring
    Celestial icon
    Celestial Ring
    Relic icon
    Relic of the Demon Queen


    Spherified Peppercorn-Spiced Oyster Soup icon Magnanimous Tuning Crystal icon
    Spherified Peppercorn-Spiced Oyster SoupMagnanimous Tuning Crystal


    20 x Malign WvW Infusions icon
    20 x Malign WvW Infusions

    Utility Skills


    Target Stats



    This Condition Harbinger is a great setup made for World vs World roaming.

    Build Fundamentals

    Unlike Death Shroud, Harbinger Shroud does not protect the Harbinger’s health pool while it is active. Harbinger benefits from self-inflicted stacks by utilizing Shroud skills that consume in exchange for more damage.

    Build Specifics

    Throwing Elixirs on yourself will make you gain (10 stacks from the heal and utilities, 15 from elite). This will allow for higher damage thanks to Septic Corruption at the cost of your max health so use with caution.

    Additionally, if you are above a certain blight threshold when using an Elixir (5 stacks for the heal and utilities, 10 for elite) it will consume those stacks to double the strike damage of the Elixir and the duration of the conditions applied. This is useful to remove stacks on yourself to improve your max health during a fight and to increase the total damage of your Elixir of Ambition.

    Always use Elixir of Ambition while above 10 stacks of as this doubles the duration of the conditions it applies to enemies! Generally, Harbinger Shroud and your basic Elixirs generate enough that meeting this threshold isn’t an issue. The skill gives you every boon in the game, including , , and .

    In general use your heal and utilities to manage your stacks by throwing them on you to gain stacks or away from you to lose them.

    Transfer conditions on yourself by using Deathly Swarm. This also applies to the enemy and can be used tactically to prevent a high-damage skill from hitting you.

    Block enemy projectiles with Corrosive Poison Cloud, additionally apply and . Be aware that this skill is a Corruption that inflicts on yourself too.

    Use Spectral Walk, Summon Flesh Wurm, and Path of Gluttony for mobility and kiting enemy attacks. If you do not want to use Summon Flesh Wurm, check the Alternatives section down below. The flip skill of Path of Gluttony, Gorge, is an additional leap and boon corruption.

    Ravenous Wave generates life force, while Hungering Maelstrom and Gormandize are good sources.

    Devouring Visage applies and its flip Consume grants you and the enemy .

    The auto-attack Enervation Blade applies at the end of the chain.

    A good combination is to chain Gorge into swapping weapons and using Vile Blast to activate Superior Sigil[s] of Geomancy and Superior Sigil[s] of Doom.

    Enter Harbinger Shroud to gain and pulsing thanks to Implacable Foe and Deathly Haste.

    The Death Magic trait line makes you gain Death's Carapace which increases your Toughness and with Deadly Strength additionally increases your Power and Condition Damage.

    Crowd Control






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