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    Condition Reaper
    May 2023

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    PvP Amulet & Rune

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    Carrion Amulet
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    Rune of Orr

    Weapons & Sigils

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    StaffSigil of Energy Sigil of Agony
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    ScepterSigil of Exposure
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    DaggerSigil of Agony

    Utility Skills


    Skill Priority


    Condition Reaper is a powerful DPS team fighter that relies on Chilled for both control and damage. This build combines Harbinger’s high damage with Core Necro’s survivability and control. While Condition Reaper is susceptible to CC, it shines when paired with a support such as Tempest or Guardian.

    Build Fundamentals

    Use the range of Staff and Scepter to deal ranged damage and soft AOE Crowd Control to maintain better positioning in a team fight.

    Enter Reaper's Shroud to deal heavy melee damage. This can expose you to melee threats, so only use a few key skills, then reposition again to deal ranged damage with your weapons.

    Build Specifics

    Each time Condition Reaper applies Chilled, it also applies Bleeding and Vulnerability. Blinded effects also apply Chilled every 3 seconds.

    Corrupt boons on enemies to increase damage and overwhelm them with conditions. Most of your boon corruption will come from entering Shroud thanks to Weakening Shroud and Spiteful Spirit. Path of Corruption also makes the last damage tick of Death's Charge corrupt 2 boons.

    Always use Grasping Dead first to ensure you hit Enfeebling Blood reliably.

    Well of Darkness is your most powerful ability, but don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to use it. Instead, use it (almost) off cooldown for damage or peeling an ally.

    "Suffer!" should be used off-cooldown for damage. If you’re under condition pressure, however, make sure you hit as many targets as you can with it to transfer conditions and cleanse yourself.

    Shroud usage is similar to that of Power Reaper: Use Executioner's Scythe followed by Soul Spiral to stack Chilled and Poisoned. Use Infusing Terror so you don’t get CC’d during this combo. If your Weapon Swap is on cooldown, and you don’t need Shroud for health, you can use Shroud Auto-attack chains on targets with high Vulnerability. Decimate Defenses will give you a lot of crits.

    Crowd Control

    Chilled is the main source of control, but you have access to hard cc under the form of fear from Reaper's Mark and "Chilled to the Bone!". You can stow your weapon to bait "Chilled to the Bone!" animation. While using it in melee might sound good to you as it stuns for longer and gives Quickness, you should not focus on hitting this melee range, see it as an extra bonus you might get in some rare cases.
    In shroud Executioner's Scythe is a hard cc and spawns a frost field under the target whether you hit or not, so it will always deal good damage.


    A lot of surviving on Necromancer involves kiting and staying alive by taking less damage. Use your range to get free damage on enemies. Spectral Walk will help you a lot against melee specs who will want to focus you.

    Putrid Mark, "Suffer!", and Deathly Swarm are all of your cleanses. They’re also transfers so you need to make sure they hit for them to get their cleanse effect.

    Use "Your Soul Is Mine!" often, as it has a very low cooldown and, despite its high healing, will rarely heal you back to full health due to Necromancer’s high health pool. It is also good to use out of combat (especially in spawn at the start of the match) to stack life force.

    Being in Shroud reduces power damage taken by 50% and Infusing Terror adds a 20% reduction for both power and condi damage. Note that reusing it to fear with Terrify cancels the damage reduction.

    You can replace "Suffer!" with Spectral Ring, to make it easier to lock onto a target at the cost of reliable cleanse and damage.

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