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Power Reaper
August 2022


PvP Amulet & Rune

PvP amulet icon
Berserker Amulet
PvP rune icon
Rune of the Lynx

Weapons & Sigils

Staff icon Sigil of Cleansing icon Sigil of Energy icon
StaffSigil of Cleansing Sigil of Energy
Axe icon Sigil of Exposure icon
AxeSigil of Exposure
Focus icon Sigil of Battle icon
FocusSigil of Battle

Utility Skills


Reaper is the teamfighter with the highest damage potential, relying on Chilled to always be in range to hit its abilities.

Build fundamentals

The idea of this build is to use Reaper's Shroud to get kills. Therefore, you will first have to build up life force. You want to stay outside of fights until you have enough life-force.

Start every fight on staff. Chillblains should be used first so hitting every other mark is either, then Reaper's Mark right before swapping to axe to make sure to hit Spinal Shivers and Ghastly Claws

Spectral Armor  can be used right before entering Reaper's Shroud to grant you some extra tankiness as well as life force generation while in shroud, extending its duration.

Once you have enough life force, enter Reaper's Shroud . Keep in mind that it gives you permanent Quickness while in Reaper's Shroud thanks to Reaper's Onslaught . This is the moment to finish kills and hunt down enemies. Make sure to use Infusing Terror when entering the melee. Executioner's Scythe into Soul Spiral should be what you prioritize to kill a target, in case they get away from the cc Death's Charge and the Chilled applied before should let you catch up and use your main source of damage in shroud Life Rend aka your shroud autoattack.

As necromancer you also have access to Lich Form. Open with Ripple of Horror then harmoniously smash Deathly Claws and Lich's Gaze. Beware of reflect as you can easily kill yourself on it

Defense and disengage potential

When you swap back to staff, Putrid Mark deals a lot of damage as well as transferring conditions. Leaving Reaper's Shroud will also cleanse 2 conditions from you
Spectral Walk is your best kiting option as it stunbreaks and lets you port back to the location you first used it at (up to 10 seconds). Necrotic Traversal is also a stunbreak and will port you where you set up Summon Flesh Wurm. You can use it as a basic panic button but be careful to not isolate yourself from your team trying to survive, especially if facing Herald.

This is a rather agressive build so if you have a support make sure to always play with it.

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