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    Power Reaper
    May 2023

    Group PvE


    Illustrious Masque icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Assassin's HelmSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    Illustrious Epaulets icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Berserker's ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    Illustrious Doublet icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Berserker's ChestSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    Illustrious Wristguards icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Berserker's GlovesSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    Illustrious Breeches icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Assassin's LegsSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    Illustrious Footwear icon Superior Rune of the Scholar icon
    Berserker's BootsSuperior Rune of the Scholar

    Weapons & Sigils

    Greatsword icon Superior Sigil of Force icon Superior Sigil of Accuracy icon
    Berserker's GreatswordSuperior Sigil of Force Superior Sigil of Accuracy
    Staff icon Superior Sigil of Force icon Superior Sigil of Accuracy icon
    Berserker's StaffSuperior Sigil of Force Superior Sigil of Accuracy


    Quiver of a Thousand Arrows icon
    Berserker's Backpiece
    Black Ice Earring icon
    Berserker's Accessory
    Asgeir's Talisman icon
    Berserker's Accessory
    Asgeir's Amulet icon
    Berserker's Amulet
    Black Ice Band icon
    Berserker's Ring
    Mistborn Band icon
    Berserker's Ring


    Cilantro Lime Sous-Vide Steak icon Potent Superior Sharpening Stone icon
    Cilantro Lime Sous-Vide Steak Potent Superior Sharpening Stone


    Mighty WvW Infusion icon
    18xMighty Infusion

    Utility Skills


    Power Reaper provides a strong and self-sufficient all rounder power build, good for up front burst and sustained damage coupled with survivability, CC and self generated Quickness to last through split phases. It can also bring utility such as projectile mitigation or even more CC with minimal damage loss.

    Build fundamentals

    Your rotation loops very well but you will have to pay attention to your lifeforce. You don’t want to stand in too much damage while in Shroud or your dps will suffer a lot.

    Your aim is to enter Shroud every time it’s up while regaining lifeforce when you’re outside of it. Entering and leaving Shroud will also re-apply Soul Barbs buff.

    Make sure to always place NightfallWell of Darkness and Well of Suffering right before entering Shroud because you gain massive stat bonuses while in shroud that boosts their damage significantly.

    While in Shroud you should aim to use Death's Charge three times along with one Soul Spiral. It’s important to not cancel auto-attack chains while in Shroud since not only is Life Reap the strongest skill, it also reduces the cooldown of all your Shroud skills by 1 second and gives you life force. This cooldown reduction allows you to fit two auto-attack chains or an auto-attack chain and a Soul Spiral between each Death's Charge.

    Remember to use the first part of Infusing Terror as well when entering Shroud if it’s ready, as it provides free damage reduction and stability. You can use the second part of the skill if you need extra CC since it can apply fear to targets around you.

    Your rotation will slightly change once the target you’re fighting is below 50% health. The reason for this is Gravedigger will not go on cooldown if a target you hit is below that health threshold and your Executioner's Scythe deals more damage on targets below 50% and 25% health.

    Once 50% is reached, you will be replacing all of your Greatsword auto-attacks and Death Spiral with Gravedigger. Once 25% is reached you will add Executioner's Scythe before each Soul Spiral every loop.

    The rest of the rotation stays the same.

    Your last utility skill is "You Are All Weaklings!". It should be used once per loop for damage but thanks to its low cooldown it can be used at any point before reentering Shroud without issues. Always use it in melee range of your target to trigger its bonus damage. To make it easier to keep track of, that’s the same range as Death Spiral. Its main utility is as a personal stun break while also providing a decent amount of self Might.

    Gravedigger has a long aftercast, to cancel it you can press your auto-attack and Gravedigger again near the end of the cast so to cancel the aftercast and start another Gravedigger. This increases the cast speed by a noticeable amount, and lets you squeeze in extra casts over time.

    Crowd Control


    Utility Skills

    "You Are All Weaklings!" can be replaced with other forms of utility. Some options are:

    Elite Skill

    Summon Flesh Golem is your default choice for bosses with long phases or cc bars but it can be replaced with:

    • Lich Form for higher burst in fast phases where it can be precast. Use Summon Madness and instantly exit.
    • "Chilled to the Bone!" is a niche choice that provides excellent aoe crowd control alongside some boons and damage. Overall its lower damage than Lich Form and less single target cc compared to Summon Flesh Golem so its best use is dealing with trash mobs.


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