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Core Ranger
December 2022


PvP Amulet & Rune

PvP amulet icon
Valkyrie Amulet
PvP rune icon
Rune of the Dolyak

Weapons & Sigils

Greatsword icon Sigil of Intelligence icon Sigil of Energy icon
GreatswordSigil of Intelligence Sigil of Energy
Axe icon Sigil of Intelligence icon
AxeSigil of Intelligence
Dagger icon Sigil of Energy icon
DaggerSigil of Energy

Utility Skills


Juvenile Smokescale icon Juvenile River Drake icon
Smokescale River Drake

Core ranger is and for a very long time has been a good 1v1 build with decent team fight pressure and good survivability when outnumbered.

Build fundamentals

Your main damage comes from your pet and Maul, but generally, you would want to keep your distance while using Ricochet and Winter's Bite until you have an opportunity to swap to a greatsword.

When you are able to get closer to perform your damage combo from greatsword, you should use Maul followed by Hilt Bash (preferably from behind as it will stun rather than daze) and use Maul again.

The main combos you can use with this build are Smokescale’s Smoke Cloud and Swoop for Stealth. Instead of Swoop you can also swap pets to use Lesser Call of the Wild through Clarion Bond. It can allow you to either get a good Maul and pet swap to drake to have it use Tail Swipe, or to simply escape/kite.

Be mindful of how you are using your Weapon Swap because Sigil of Intelligence gives a guaranteed crit on Maul and Winter's Bite once you swap weapons.

For defensive options keep in mind that all 3 of your utility skills are stunbreaks and Counterattack will block attacks for 3 seconds and a dodge when casting Counterattack Kick. Use this to counter an enemy’s burst. Stalker's Strike and Swoop also give you extra evades.

Make sure to use Troll Unguent early as it heals you over a 8 seconds duration.

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