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    Power Herald
    June 2023


    PvP Amulet & Rune

    PvP amulet icon
    Berserker Amulet
    PvP rune icon
    Rune of Divinity

    Weapons & Sigils

    Sword icon Sigil of Battle icon
    SwordSigil of Battle
    Sword icon Sigil of Energy icon
    SwordSigil of Energy
    Staff icon Sigil of Escape icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
    StaffSigil of Escape Sigil of Cleansing

    Power Herald is a mobile teamfight DPS with high burst damage. it’s especially useful when there’s enemy classes that can’t survive its combo, forcing defensive play and kiting. The mobile nature of this build makes it double as a roamer. Your main weakness is being generally squishy, especially to condition damage.

    Build Fundamentals


    Your role is a damage dealer in a team fight. You want to be where the action is, and burst vulnerable targets with your team.
    You’re squishy, melee, with high burst. Once you used your burst, make sure you get out of the fight to recover. Then repeat.
    Your mobile nature allows you to get to a side node to outnumber a 1v1 if needed.

    Quick Tips

    • Refer to the “Rotation” segment for an opener.
    • Save Infuse Light for the right moment to extract maximum value.
    • Don’t stay long in the thick of the fight, you’ll run out of resources quickly. Burst and get out.
    • Utilize kiting effectively to avoid being teleported on to when vulnerable.
    • Your best defence is offense – look for an opening to turn on your aggressors.
    • The importance of Impossible Odds cannot be overstated. Make sure you utilize it in your bursts.
    • Manage your cleanses carefully. Dodge highly dangerous condition attacks.
    • Don’t miss Deathstrike.
    • Use Facet of Nature True Nature off cooldown (on targets).

    Build Specifics

    Dealing Damage

    This is a purely melee build, but we compensate by utilizing a plethora of movement skills to stick to and kill our targets, such as: Phase Traversal, Deathstrike, and Unrelenting Assault;
    As well as applying movement impairing conditions like Chilled from Chilling Isolation, and Immobilize from Shackling Wave.

    Legendary Assassin Stance offers reliable Quickness through Phase Traversal and legend swap with Song of the Mists, extra damage through Impossible Odds , and our best gapcloser – Phase Traversal, but its skills are also very costly.
    Therefore, it’s the stance in which we would most often want to burst and start a fight with. The general opener idea can be found in the Rotation segment.
    What’s important to understand about the opener is applying our damage mods as well as Enchanted Daggers, which should be enough damage and resustain to always force the opponent to go defensive. The importance of Impossible Odds cannot be overstated. It brings your burst to its full potential.
    Note: Shiro burst is notoriously telegraphed, and you can expect a skilled opponent to dodge if they see the animation. Teleporting from behind a wall is preferred for this reason. Then again, also keep in mind to not throw too many skills into a dodging opponent as to not run out of damage.
    Other than the opener, when swapping to shiro and you’re already in the thick of the fight, it’s a good idea to use Facet of Nature True Nature right away. Proceed by using mostly autos and Chilling Isolation with Impossible Oddssaving your energy for defensives.

    Again, do not forget about Impossible Odds. it can be deadly in combination with skills such as Shackling Wave. Always try to use Impossible Odds mid-cast to avoid spending energy you don’t have to.

    For followup, Legendary Dragon Stance offers good damage skills like Facet of Elements Elemental Blast and Facet of Strength Burst of Strength. The nice thing here is that Legendary Dragon Stance skills cost no energy, leaving you a lot of room to use weapon skills. You also gain great boon access and modifier access via Draconic Echo and all your facet skills; Offensively, Fury uptime is the most important. Use Facet of Chaos Chaotic Release if you need Crowd Control (recommended to deal with downed bodies), use sword abilities and complete the sword auto chain.

    Lastly, your mobility skills (detailed in the following section) will provide you Resistance via Aggressive Agility, which lets you ignore Blinded and Weakness. Make sure you utilize this to put extra pressure against classes that rely on these effects to survive.


    We have excellent move-speed based mobility through permanent Swiftness via Rapid Flow, combined with Rising Momentum and Impossible Odds.
    Additionally, we havePhase Traversal and Deathstrike for catchup, giving the important advantage of ignoring terrain by teleporting through it – as long as there’s a target available. Unrelenting Assault Is also great for closing the distance, but requires line of sight and will not work if the target goes out of range mid-cast.
    For disengage mobility, we have Riposting Shadows and Surge of the Mists.

    Every one of the aforementioned skills also grants you Resistance via Aggressive Agility, which makes you hard to pin down, as you can ignore Chilled, Crippled and Immobilize.

    An important aspect to master Herald’s mobility is the “About face” keybind, turning your character in a 180° angle so you can use Riposting Shadows to disengage to any direction, as well as the “Take target” keybind to utilize Phase Traversal to its full potential.

    Sustain & Healing

    Like any revenant build, it’s important to plan out enough energy to be able to stunbreak in the near future in case you get jumped. Be mindful to always be near the next Legend Swap or enough energy to use Riposting Shadows or play safe if Facet of Darkness Gaze of Darkness is on cooldown to avoid gettind disabled and dealt significant damage.

    Given its role as a Damage dealer, the build has decent sustain.
    The build’s mostly relys on damage mitigation through its strong blocks and evades, such as Warding Rift, Surge of the MistsRiposting Shadows and to some extent Unrelenting Assault. To play this build effectively, you should utilize Blinded from Warding Rift and Gaze of Darkness.

    In passive healing, we have Thrill of Combat, which makes hitting targets restore some hp. We also have Rapid Flow for which you want to use an energy skill every 5 seconds to restore some HP and upkeep Swiftness.

    In active healing, we have Shining Aspects– which helps you heal on Legendary Dragon Stance.
    it’s also important to remember to hit your attacks when Enchanted Daggers is active. They’re blockable and reflectable, so beware opponents with Magnetic Aura.

    While the build is reasonably durable against conditions in teamfight scenarios, when alone it will struggle against a good condition build. On weapon- / legend swap proccing effects like Sigil of Cleansing, Sigil of Escape and Cleansing Channel are very important for managing condition pressure. It is still important to manage your cleanses carefully. The Weapon Swap to Staff and into Renewing Wave is your main go-to under condition pressure.

    Lastly, on Legendary Dragon Stance you have the infamous Facet of Light. You should upkeep the facet effect for Regeneration uptime, and use Infuse Light as a last resort. It will most likely fully heal you when under severe pressure. Beware that you become a priority target once enemies know it’s on cooldown.


    If you find yourself struggling with sustain against power damage, you can change your Rune of Divinity to Rune of the Dolyak.
    Sigil of Exposure instead of Sigil of Battle is also a viable option.
    If you have no issue with conditions, and struggle against lockdown, swap Cleansing Channel for Glaring Resolve.

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