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    Support Vindicator
    March 2024

    Low intensity icon Low intensityRecommended icon RecommendedWeapon Mastery icon Weapon Mastery

    PvP Amulet & Rune

    PvP amulet icon
    Avatar Amulet
    PvP rune icon
    Rune of the Druid
    Relic icon
    Relic of the Flock

    Weapons & Sigils

    Scepter icon Sigil of Transference icon
    ScepterSigil of Transference
    Shield icon Sigil of Energy icon
    ShieldSigil of Energy
    Staff icon Sigil of Transference icon Sigil of Energy icon
    StaffSigil of TransferenceSigil of Energy


    No explanation here, just a list of skills.


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    Target Stats


    Support Vindicator is a very durable support build, with exceptional healing output, along with significant and thanks to the addition of scepter.

    Build Fundamentals

    This build is very tanky, you should not be afraid to be in the middle of the action.
    You should default to Scepter/shield, to have access to Otherworldly Bond, but swap to staff if Crystal Hibernation is on cooldown and you start getting focused.
    Use Dodge to support your allies. It heals, provides and cleanses a condition (which provides ).

    Use Ventari's Will to the target location you wish to cast a Legendary Centaur Stance at.

    In Legendary Alliance Stance, Use mostly the blue stance. It’s more defensive and provides team support.
    Swap to red stance only if you need to move around with Nomad's Advance, or you’re being focused and need Selfish Spirit or Reaver's Rage.

    Defensive Supporting

    Your dodge provides excellent overall support, by providing you with the Saint of zu Heltzer buff, while providing multiple trait interactions at once:

    Keep using Dodge on allies to sustain them from pokes.

    You can use Energy Meld with Angsiyan's Trust to gain energy/endurance for another Dodge or legend skill.

    Any legend skill you use, Generous Abundance will provide a small heal around you.

    For Legendary Centaur Stance:

    Generous Abundance Will provide an additional bigger heal around your tablet per skill use.
    Use Ventari's Will to the target location you wish to cast a Legendary Centaur Stance at.
    Your first Legendary Centaur Stance skill after every time the tablet is summoned will be empowered:

    Therefore, it’s a good idea to always use Ventari's Will if you can before casting Protective Solace or Purifying Essence.
    When casting Natural Harmony or Energy Expulsion it’s better to use those first and use Ventari's Will to move it to the target while the delay is ticking off.
    Song of the Mists Will also cause the swap to Legendary Centaur Stance to do a big heal around you. It’s very relevant to hit this on allies.
    Protective Solace is quite cheap, use it to shield allies from projectiles whenever you can.

    In Legendary Alliance Stance, you also have several support options.

    First of all, any blue stance skill will provide around you due to Amnesty of Shing Jea.
    Selfless Spirit Is a big heal in an area around you and a good reset for allies.
    Use Tree Song to cleanse allies while in Legendary Alliance Stance.
    Awakening Can be used to allies who are getting chain CC’d.

    Urn of Saint Viktor Drop Urn of Saint Viktor can also provide a sizeable heal if you’re not high HP.

    On your weapons, you also have a few options.
    Envoy of Exuberance is a nice large heal, providing and . Very effective against power damage teams.
    Crystal Hibernation heals around you, but should be saved to defend yourself most of the time.
    It also forces your pressured ally to stick close to you, preventing them from kiting. Therefore, it’s better used to keep supporting allies while pressured.

    Blossoming Aura Will provide a bit of to an ally or to an enemy. Both are valid uses to defend an ally.
    Otherworldly Bond is a more offensive option, but using it on an ally will eventually grant you access to Otherworldly Attraction, granting in an area.
    If you’re on staff, because you were pressured or if you have no more cooldowns to help an ally:
    Renewing Wave is a nice medium heal and cleanse and can blast a field like Natural Harmony for an additional cleanse.
    Use Mender's Rebuke if you have nothing better.

    Offensive Options

    There’s not a whole lot of options to help with kills, your main one is Otherworldly Bond.
    Use it on an enemy if you have multiple allies focusing them. It will provide a damage increase, , and as its timer ticks out.
    Near the end of the cast, you will gain access to Otherworldly Attraction, pulling them to you.
    If you only have 1 ally applying pressure, it’s better to use it on them. It will provide and high stacks, helping them burst down their target.
    Near the end of the cast, you will gain access to Otherworldly Attraction, teleporting to your ally and providing them .

    Your other tools to help with crowd control are Ventari's Will Energy Expulsion for a ranged knockdown, Reaver's Rage to daze around you,
    and Surge of the Mists, knocking back enemies in your path.

    If you really have nothing else to do, and want to do some damage yourself, use Scavenger Burst to grant yourself and use one of your auto attacks.

    Mobility and Self-Sustain

    Most of the heals you can apply to allies you also apply to yourself, albeit weaker, as your healing effectiveness to other allies is quite big.
    But you also have a few other tricks up your sleeve to sustain yourself:
    Rapid Flow provides small heals constantly as you’re using your skills.
    You should proc Balance in Discord multiple times by using Alliance Tactics when under pressure.
    You have an extra healing skill with Selfish Spirit.
    You also have a lot of endurance regeneration and some uptime to Dodge a lot.

    In addition to all of this, you have strong active defenses in Surge of the Mists, Crystal Hibernation, Warding Rift and Battle Dance.

    In Legendary Alliance Stance, keep enough energy to use a in the near future, to not get bursted down.
    In Legendary Centaur Stance, You have no s. Play safer, and if caught, use your tablet to heal yourself while disabled.

    For movement, you mostly have Rapid Flow for permanent , and Nomad's Advance to move around.
    You can also use the latter to leap away from a fight if you don’t have an enemy targeted.

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