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    Condition Specter
    March 2024

    Group PvE


    Illustrious Visage icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's HelmSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Illustrious Shoulderguard icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Illustrious Guise icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's ChestSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Illustrious Grips icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's GlovesSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Illustrious Leggings icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's LegsSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Illustrious Striders icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's BootsSuperior Rune of the Trapper

    Weapons & Sigils

    Scepter icon Superior Sigil of Torment icon
    Viper's ScepterSuperior Sigil of Torment
    Dagger icon Superior Sigil of Doom icon
    Viper's DaggerSuperior Sigil of Doom


    Quiver of a Thousand Arrows icon
    Viper's Backpiece
    Black Ice Earring icon
    Viper's Accessory
    Asgeir's Talisman icon
    Viper's Accessory
    Asgeir's Amulet icon
    Viper's Amulet
    Black Ice Band icon
    Viper's Ring
    Mistborn Band icon
    Viper's Ring
    Relic icon
    Relic of the Fractal


    Meaty Asparagus Skewer icon Toxic Focusing Crystal icon
    Meaty Asparagus Skewer Toxic Focusing Crystal


    Malign WvW Infusion icon
    18xMalign Infusion

    Utility Skills

    1. Use Spider Venom + Skale Venom + Prepare Thousand Needles off-cooldown around allies.
    2. Enter Shadow Shroud
      1. Grasping Shadows
      2. Eternal Night
      3. Grasping Shadows
      4. Grasping Shadows
      5. Exit Shadow Shroud
    3. Spam Twilight Combo while not in Enter Shadow Shroud.
    4. Fill with Auto-attack chains
    5. Use Siphon for more Shadow Force.


    Condition Specter is a powerful DPS build that offers high survivability and solid damage from mid-range via large amounts of Torment and Poisoned. Specter can provide a lot of barrier and Crowd Control (CC) without sacrificing anything from its base kit.

    Build Fundamentals

    Deal damage to enemies with skills in Enter Shadow Shroud. Use Twilight Combo on Scepter/Dagger as much as possible to deplete initiative and apply more conditions. Fill with Auto-attack chains.

    Use Spider Venom and Skale Venom off-cooldown as long as there are allies nearby to scale your damage. When you are ready to Enter Shadow Shroud, make sure your initiative is as low as possible.

    Swap weapons, Enter Shadow Shroud, and Exit Shadow Shroud regularly to proc Superior Sigil of Doom and Quick Pockets.

    Build Specifics

    Use Siphon to gain more Shadow Force while on Scepter/Dagger.

    If possible, place Prepare Thousand Needles on any boss during the beginning of an encounter, so you can get two uses in your opener.

    The amount of time spent inside Shadow Shroud can vary depending on the situation and your resources:

    In most cases, you will want to stay in Shadow Shroud until you have used Grasping Shadows (#2) three times. While waiting to cast Grasping Shadows, use Eternal Night (#4) and fill the remaining time with your auto-attack.

    If you need more CC, equip the Scepter and Dagger in the same weapon set and bring an offhand Pistol with a Superior Sigil of Paralyzation. Spam Head Shot for massive defiance bar damage!

    Crowd Control


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