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    Defense Spellbreaker
    March 2024

    Low intensity icon Low intensityRecommended icon RecommendedWeapon Mastery icon Weapon Mastery

    PvP Amulet & Rune

    PvP amulet
    PvP rune icon
    Rune of the Fighter
    Relic icon
    Relic of Isgarren

    Weapons & Sigils

    Staff icon Sigil of Revocation icon Sigil of Intelligence icon
    StaffSigil of Revocation Sigil of Intelligence
    Dagger icon Superior Sigil of Energy icon
    DaggerSuperior Sigil of Energy
    Sword icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
    SwordSigil of Cleansing

    Utility Skills


    Mobile and bursty build with decent team fight potential. However, the main value you get from this build is its 1v1 potential as well as its 1v2 potential. This build has good consistent damage, and excellent survivability.

    Build Fundamentals

    You have a variety of hard-hitting skills to keep throwing at your opponent in a 1v1 to eventually overwhelm them when they run out of defensives.
    Most notably, Path to Victory hits hard, applies Magebane Tether, and is hard to avoid. Good followups include Valiant Leap, Aura Slicer, Impale Rip and Breaching Strike.
    The counterattack on Riposte also hits very hard, so make sure to hit it as well.

    You should also use your various CCs and Magebane Tether to help setup the aforementioned skills. Your CCs mostly include Snap Pull, Full Counter, Disrupting Stab, Bull's Charge and Rampage. Your CCs also synergize very well with trait No Escape and makes them even more dangerous, forcing your opponent to choose between using a defensive against one of them now or against a damage skill later.

    Dodge to proc Resilient Roll against foes that try to stop you with Weakness or Blinded.

    Shield Master turns some of your defensives into offensives against projectile users. Reflecting key projectile attacks can turn a fight around very quickly.

    Self-sustain and Damage Mitigation

    "Shake It Off!" and Balanced Stance are your Stun Breaks.

    You have a wide array of active mitigation abilities: Bullet Catcher, Full Counter, Bull's Charge, Riposte and Line Breaker (Aegis) can help mitigate avoid enemy attacks entirely.
    Note: Riposte can block an unlimited number of ranged attacks, but it will stop blocking and trigger its counterattack if attacked in melee.

    Balanced Stance prevents you from being critically hit, and Rampage reduces incoming damage and gives you a bigger health pool. Both provide Stability and greatly reduce incoming power damage taken, which will make you very hard to kill, even outnumbered.

    To manage conditions, land your burst skills consistently (Path to Victory, Full Counter, Breaching Strike) to keep triggering Cleansing Ire. Weapon Swap will trigger Brawler's Recovery, and you have a Sigil of Cleansing on Dagger. If the conditions build up, you can also use Mending and/or "Shake It Off!" to reset.

    Aura Slicer, Valiant Leap, and Line Breaker can all be used for movement, either to retreat from a lost fight or to quickly get to a destination.
    Keep in mind that Aura Slicer will head towards your selected target if you have one.
    If you’re retreating from a fight, you can also use Bull's Charge and Breaching Strike to without a target to gain some distance.

    All of these movement skills will remove Immobilize from you due to Warrior's Sprint.

    You have great re-sustain with healing.
    For passive healing, land your burst skills consistently (Path to Victory, Full Counter, Breaching Strike) to keep triggering Adrenal Health.
    You also have high Regeneration uptime for just using Path to Victory often and completing the Balanced Strike chain.
    You have several healing skills on your staff. Bullet Catcher Defiant Roar, Line Breaker, Valiant Leap and Path to Victory all do moderate heals and it adds up.
    Lastly you have a low cooldown healing skill in Mending to round you up.


    Cull the Weak is great if the enemy doesn’t have projectiles.

    Relic of the Defender Is a more defensive option to help you better survive outnumbered situations.

    Endure Pain Is a viable option.

    PvP Amulet & Rune

    PvP amulet
    PvP rune icon
    Rune of the Fighter
    Relic icon
    Relic of the Midnight King

    Weapons & Sigils

    Dagger icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
    DaggerSigil of Cleansing
    Shield icon Sigil of Intelligence icon
    ShieldSigil of Intelligence
    Hammer icon Sigil of Savagery icon Sigil of Revocation icon
    HammerSigil of Savagery Sigil of Revocation

    Utility Skills


    This variant is not recommended if you have Secrets of the Obscure. The staff variant is currently a significantly superior build.
    However, this variant is still very much playable.

    Build Fundamentals

    Your main strength in a 1v1 is the amount of crowd control you can utilize, making you extremely scary. If you successfully stun an opponent without a stunbreak, there’s a good chance you’ll kill them there and then if you’re fast enough with chaining your stuns and insert some damage in between.
    Fierce Blow is your main damage on hammer. Use it on a stunned opponent, and then recharge it with Backbreaker and do it again.
    Finish off with Weapon Swap Breaching Strike.

    Build Specifics

    Due to the synergy from No Escape, you can use Disrupting Stab to initiate your combos pretty consistently if your opponent doesn’t have an immediate answer.
    This also means that Full Counter is also a viable choice to start off your combo with.

    Relic of the Midnight King will provide you Fury for your combos, as well as some extra damage with Might.

    Keeping in mind Dispelling Force and Sigil of Revocation, an opponent can be caught off-guard quite easily, being crowd controlled through stability when they believed they’d be safe.

    Don’t be afraid to dagger auto for some damage while you threaten and look to combo your opponent by catching them with any CC.

    Staggering Blow‘s animation can make it tricky to dodge, so it’s a great candidate to setup a combo.

    Breaching Strike hits incredibly hard and is Unblockable. Make sure it connects to do significant damage or force a dodge to make way for your CC.

    If you are confident in your abilites to deal with conditions you can drop Revenge Counter and take Magebane Tether.Hitting Breaching Strike orEarthshaker will apply Magebane Tether, which will apply Revealed to the target and give you Might overtime. You can also try and run out of range to Pull them in and start your combo that way.

    Be sure to hit your Fierce Blows on controlled targets, as it will make it hit incredibly hard due to Merciless Hammer coupled with the damage increase on the skill itself.

    If your opponent seems low on cooldowns, you can go Rampage to try and finish them off. Hit with one of the CCs into Dash into another rampage CC, exit ramage and execute your normal combo from there.

    Sustain and Healing

    You have a large number of defensive abilities to help you survive:

    Constantly hitting Breaching Strike Earthshaker or Full Counter to maintain Adrenal Health.

    Using Full Counter to mitigate damage.

    Don’t forget to use your CCs a LOT. this will not only threaten a combo, but prevent your opponent from dealing damage.

    "Shake It Off!" and Endure Pain are both stunbreaks, while Endure Pain and Shield Stance can help mitigate an enemy’s burst combo.

    Bull's Charge is also a long evade. If you’re not getting a finisher combo any time soon, use it to mitigate some damage while forcing a dodge.

    To deal with conditions you can use Mending and "Shake It Off!". Also Weapon Swap will trigger Brawler's Recovery, and you have a Sigil of Cleansing on Dagger. Addittionally Revenge Counter will help you a lot with Blinded.

    Aura Slicer Bull's Charge and Earthshaker can be used for movement, either to retreat from a lost fight or to quickly get to a node/teamfight/objective. Keep in mind that Aura Slicer and Bull's Charge will head towards your selected target if you have one.

    Lastly, you can use Rampage for its damage reduction and mobility skills via Seismic Leap and Dash to get away from an outnumbered situation.


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