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Defense Spellbreaker
February 2023

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PvP Amulet & Rune

PvP amulet icon
Berserker Amulet
PvP rune icon
Rune of the Fighter

Weapons & Sigils

Greatsword icon Sigil of Intelligence icon Sigil of Battle icon
GreatswordSigil of Intelligence Sigil of Battle
Dagger icon Sigil of Absorption icon
DaggerSigil of Absorption
Shield icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
ShieldSigil of Cleansing

Utility Skills



  1. [skill id]

Mobile and bursty build with decent team fight potential. However, the main value you get from this build is its 1v1 potential as well as its 1v2 potential. This build has pretty good consistent damage however you prioritize landing Arcing Slice as it is your biggest burst skill.

Build fundamentals

Your main strength in a 1v1 is the amount of CC you can utilize, possibly allowing you to CC chain your enemy to death through the use of Shield Bash, Disrupting Stab, and Rampage.

Due to great No Escape interaction with Arcing Slice (as you can hit from behind and in front and still land it), you can use Disrupting Stab into Arcing Slice or Full Counter and Arcing Slice (Full Counter can reset your F1 cooldown as well as activating No Escape).

Self-sustain and damage mitigation

You have a large number of defensive abilities to help you survive:

"Shake It Off!" and Endure Pain are both stunbreaks, while Endure Pain and Shield Stance can help mitigate an enemy’s burst combo.

To deal with conditions you can use Mending and "Shake It Off!".

Aura Slicer, Whirlwind Attack, and Rush can all be used for movement, either to retreat from a lost fight or to quickly get to a node/teamfight/objective. Keep in mind that Aura Slicer and Rush will head towards your selected target if you have one.

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