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August 2022


PvP Amulet & Rune

PvP amulet icon
Berserker Amulet
PvP rune icon
Rune of the Soldier

Weapons & Sigils

Axe icon Sigil of Intelligence icon
AxeSigil of Intelligence
Warhorn icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
WarhornSigil of Cleansing
Axe icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
AxeSigil of Cleansing
Warhorn icon Sigil of Intelligence icon
WarhornSigil of Intelligence

Utility Skills


Do you hate dying when you misplay? Then this is the build for you. Shoutsworn is a nearly immortal duelist that take advantage of Tactics and Tactical Reload to spam an ungodly number of shouts which constantly heal, cleanse, and provide boons to itself and allies.

Build Fundamentals

Bladesworn replaces adrenaline with Flow, a new mechanic that you use to charge Dragon Trigger. You can generate Flow with any adrenaline-granting traits or by healing with River's Flow . Maintaining positive flow lets you keep constant pressure and your opponents. Use Dragon Slash - Force if close enough to the target and Dragon Slash - Boost if you need to catch up. While charging you will have Stability. You can also use Triggerguard and Flicker Step to cover the charge.
Dragon Slash - Reach is almost never used due to its small hitbox making it hard to hit from range and worse than the 2 others in melee.

Bladesworn’s other new mechanic is Unsheathe Gunsaber. Unsheathe Gunsaber is a kit weapon that you’re locked into if you play Bladesworn, so it’s important you understand it. For the most part, gunsaber is very straight forward – most of your skills are pure damage.Artillery Slash, your third skill, is your best source of damage and Immobilizes foes from Leg Specialist to set up damage.

Use your buffs wisely – Bladesworn runs a defensive build without Discipline but you have easy access to 25 improved Might and Guns and Glory for 1k power and 250 ferocity on top of your high base damage.

Crowd Control

Unyielding Dragon makes all of your Dragon Trigger abilities unblockable, ignore Blinded, and stun for a duration based on the amount of Flow you expend. If you want to run shield offhand, you also have Shield Bash.


All of your shouts heal you considerably and cleanse conditions thanks to Vigorous Shouts and Rune of the Soldier. Combined with Might Makes Right and a free reset on your heal and shouts from Tactical Reload, you have nearly endless access to resustain. Try to use both charges of a shout or other ability before using Tactical Reload since it will let you proc Unshakable Mountain for more barrier on top of the heal.

Combat Stimulant is your only non-instant cast heal on the build, and it take a little bit of thought to use correctly. Since it has a bit of a delay on the second half of the heal, you have to be smart about when you use it to get value. Using the second charge for the Quickness is almost never worth it, but it can increase your damage enough to get a kill under certain situations.

Call of Valor gives you access to cleanses and barrier in aoe. Making condi matchups easier. Charge cleanses annoying conditions such as Chilled and boosts your next 2 attacks. It is very good in combination of Throw Axe


  • Your shouts don’t just heal you, they heal allies! Use them in teamfights near low team members for free healing and cleanse.
  • Take advantage of Sigil of Intelligence, Throw Axe can randomly hit for up to 7k if you’re lucky.
  • If you activate Dragon Slash – Boost immediately after entering Dragon Trigger, it goes on a 4 second cooldown and you get the dash for free.
  • You can repeatedly spam Artillery Slash – the first hit will Immobilize your target and each projectile can hit for up to 4k damage.
  • Hide in your Cyclone trigger versus ranged classes, it’s a 1.5 second projectile block as well as good damage.

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