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Tactics Warrior
August 2022


PvP Amulet & Rune

PvP amulet icon
Berserker Amulet
PvP rune icon
Rune of the Fighter

Weapons & Sigils

Greatsword icon Sigil of Battle icon Sigil of Intelligence icon
GreatswordSigil of Battle Sigil of Intelligence
Axe icon Sigil of Energy icon
AxeSigil of Energy
Shield icon Sigil of Cleansing icon
ShieldSigil of Cleansing

Utility Skills


Tactics warrior is a core duelist build similar to Bladesworn  that takes advantage of shouts and Rune of the Soldier for self-sustain and team utility.

Core warrior is not currently meta, but can hold many 1v1 matchups and be effective as a side-noder if played properly.

This build is very simple to understand and execute, making it ideal for new players without access to expansions.

Build Fundamentals

Tactics Warrior does good damage by buffing itself with 25 might and unique modifiers like peak performance. Some of your hardest hitting abilities are your burst skills, Eviscerate and Arcing Slice , and Throw Axe which can randomly hit up to 8k.

You can Might cap yourself easily with "For Great Justice!" and Forceful Greatsword , make sure to do so for large crits on your burst skills.

Your basic combos all revolve around Bull's Charge and Shield Bash to hard cc a target and chain skills on them. Reference the basic  combo sections for some ideas on how to execute bursts correctly. Throw Axe is also an Immobilize to set up hard cc.


Mending is one of the strongest heals in the game, removing 5 conditions and only having a 15-second cooldown when traited with Peak Performance . Both your shouts heal you from Vigorous Shouts and pairs well with Might Makes Right and Mending Might, both of which heal you considerably over time.

Keep in mind that you have extra endurance regeneration from Might Makes Right and Building Momentum , so you can afford to be fairly liberal with your Dodges.

For more traditional mitigation, you have Shield Stance which is a good mobile block and Whirlwind Attack which is an evade.


  • Your shouts don’t just heal you, they heal allies! Use them in teamfights near low team members for free healing and cleanse.

  • Take advantage of Sigil of Intelligence, Throw Axe can randomly hit for up to 7k if you’re lucky.

  • Rampage can be used to revive downed teammates as well as get kills, your Stability and extra health make it hard to interrupt!

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