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Recommended: Soft Crowd Control Conditions (e.g. Taunt, Immobilize, Chilled, Blinded, Weakness, Slow, Crippled)

The encounter will begin when Minister Li is attacked. Once engaged he will leap to the second rooftop. Players must use the Zip Line to follow him (Jade Bot is not required).

Minister Li phase 1: 100% – 66%

Minister Li has a very strict attack cadence, which adds new mechanics with each phase. In the first phase, he will start with a Cleave, followed by a Dash to the corner, a Cleave from the corner, a Dash to the center, a Number attack, then will repeat his pattern.

In addition to Li’s large attacks, he will fixate on one player and auto-attack between his major attacks. As his auto-attacks only do moderate damage and determining who the fixate is can be confusing, players typically ignore this aspect of the fight.

Note: While the rest of Li’s attacks have fixed directions, his Cleave from the center of the platform will be in the direction of the fixated player.


Minister Li’s Cleave will damage, knockback, and stun players in a ~180° cone attack. This is telegraphed by a very large cone that will flash at detonation. He will use a Cleave at the start of the encounter and after every Dash.

This attack can be dodged, blocked, or avoided by standing behind him. If you are hit by his Cleave use Stability or stunbreaks.

The AoE is telegraphed shortly before the actual attack. If you’re in the danger zone pause for a half-second, and Dodge right as the cone flashes orange. Alternatively, during the first phase, this attack can always be avoided by stacking behind the boss.


Right after the first Cleave, the boss will face one corner of the arena and charge his Dash. An arrow will appear and he will Dash along with it.

This attack will instantly down any players in his route and will kill any downed players. Dash can be avoided by usual means like dodging, blocking, or evading, but the best defence will always be to step out of his path before the arrow appears.

The boss will Dash between five fixed points: each of the four corners and the center of the arena. The first Dash will be from the center to the far-left corner as viewed from the entrance, but subsequent Dash directions are random.


After every other Dash, Li will mark three players with roman numeral icons above their heads: I, II, and III. Targeted players will also see a yellow border on their screen.

Li will attack with three Slashes, one at each marked player, in the order of their icons. The Slash can be mitigated by dodging, evading, blocking, and other standard means.

While each Slash deals low damage to their respective marked player, it will deal lethal damage to everyone in its path if it hits more targets. This includes the marked player. Additionally, the Slash will inflict Extreme Vulnerability, increasing incoming damage. It is crucial that players marked with numbers spread away from the group.

If Minister Li assigns numbers from a corner the group should stack behind the boss in the corner and marked players should spread in front of the boss.

If numbers are assigned from the center the group should stack in one place (commanders will often mark the entrance for the squad to stack) while marked players should spread on the other side of the boss.

Each of Minister Li’s attacks are relatively quick, with very long “charging” animations. Players should watch to see which direction he is facing to determine the direction of his next attack. This is most relevant for his Dash. Make sure to watch for an arrow under his feet that telegraphs his orientation!

Enforcer, Ritualist and Mindblade

Tanks: Proximity-based fixation

Upon reaching 66% health, Minister Li will become invulnerable, knocking the squad to the lower platform to face the three mini-bosses of the first split phase. Proper positioning and target priority can render this phase trivial.


The tankiest and most mobile of the first three mini-bosses, the Enforcer will start the fight by teleporting to the center and Dashing around in predefined directions creating fiery lines on the platform, which look similar to an hourglass. The Enforcers dash pattern will change but the fiery lines are predetermined and easily avoided.


After Dashing around the Enforcer will cast a large AoE in the middle, summoning a deadly Bladestorm that applies big stacks of Burning. Instantly after this attack, the Enforcer will fixate on the closest player as his tank.


Occasionally the Enforcer will spawn large charging AoEs under three random players and on himself. The targeted players should move away from the stack as they will damage the squad on detonation as well as apply Extreme Vulnerability.

Note: When the Mindblade is close to the Enforcer, they both will gain buff: Stronger Together. This buff activates Lethal Inspiration, causing them to steal life and convert all conditions they have to boons every 10 seconds. It is crucial to keep them apart.


The Mindblade has hard-hitting cleave attacks. When paired with the Lethal Inspiration effect shared with Enforcer, this mini-boss is the biggest threat in this phase. Focus on the Mindblade first.


The Mindblade will periodically spawn three medium-sized AoEs around him, telegraphing three Bladestorms that will travel outwards. Sidestep this attack.

Interchangeably, the Mindblade will use a version of this attack with six Bladestorms surrounding the mini-boss. There will always be a safe spot close to the Mindblade himself.


The Ritualist is the only stationary mini-boss in this phase. He will cast ranged attacks from one of three spots: his spawn location, the middle of the arena, and close to the Zip Lines.

He will start the fight by spawning small damaging lightning fields. Simply step out of these AoEs to avoid the damage. Healers should be prepared to start this phase with large heals.

After the Enforcer finishes his second Dash sequence and Bladestorm attack, the Ritualist will teleport to the center, summoning spirits that will cover most of the platform with large AoE crowd control attacks. The spirits will alternate between four ghosts with knockdowns or two ghosts with pulls. The squad should step out of each attack’s AoEs.

Once they attack the spirits will despawn. The Ritualist will then teleport to the opposite side of the platform.


The Mindblade and Enforcer will fixate on the closest players, marking their tanks with purple diamond icons and applying a Fixated effect. The Mindblade will refixate every 30 seconds, while the Enforcer will fixate after each of his Bladestorm attacks.

As the Enforcer and the Ritualist pose little threat together, the squad should focus on killing the Mindblade first, kiting the Enforcer away from the Mindblade and cleaving the Ritualist while damaging the Mindblade.

Experienced groups will often speed up this phase by stacking on the Ritualist, pulling the Mindblade to the Ritualist. The squad can now cleave the Ritualist with the Mindblade. If the Mindblade dies before the Ritualist the Enforcer can be pulled to the Ritualist next to continue to cleave down the mini-bosses.

Minister Li phase 2: 66% – 33%

Once all three mini-bosses have been defeated the squad can take the Zip Line again to return to Minister Li’s platform. This is just like the original Minister Li fight, with the addition of a Spread mechanic during Li’s Cleave.

After Dashing to a corner, Li will spawn AoEs on the 5 closest players. These AoEs will follow their players and explode when fully expanded. While an explosion will deal very little damage to the players standing in the circles, overlapping multiple circles will increase the damage drastically, downing all players in them.


Poor positioning and timing are the biggest threats here. The safest strategy is for the five players targeted by the Spread AoE to stand in front of Minister Li, Dodge his cleave attack, wait for their AoEs to detonate, then rejoin the squad behind the boss.

If you are not confident with your Dodge timing, you can bring a good source of Stability or blocks such as Aegis. Additionally, you can practice dodging his attacks solo! As the fight begins with Minister Li you can start the encounter alone and practice dodging his Cleave attack.

Li’s attack pattern will change slightly in this phase. He will Dash to each corner and perform Cleave and Spread attacks. Once he has done this in all four corners he will Dash to center and perform the Numbers attack. He will repeat this pattern until phased at 33% health.

The Sniper and the Mech Rider

Upon reaching 33% health, Li will again kick you back to the first roof where two more mini-bosses will spawn: the Sniper and the Mech Rider.

These mini-bosses have a semi-shared health pool. For each 1% difference in health, the mini-bosses will gain a stack of Equalization Matrix. At 20 stacks they will equalize their health levels. For example, if the Sniper is ignored entirely and the Mech reaches 80% health, both health pools will be reset to 90%.

In addition to recalibrating health, at 20 stacks the mini-bosses will gain a Destructive Aura buff, dealing 2K damage around them per second. This buff lasts for 20 seconds and will stack – if you burst one of the bosses to reach 20 stacks twice in 20 seconds Destructive Aura will tick for 4K. Squads should aim to avoid hitting 20 stacks by keeping the HP difference between the mini-bosses below 20%.

Mech Rider

The Mech Rider will spawn in the center of the platform and be stationary for the majority of the fight.


The Mech Rider will spin in the center of the platform, pushing players away and throwing mines around the platform. These mines deal relatively low damage and can be cleared during downtime by players at full health, with Aegis or by Dodge.

Clearing mines is mostly unnecessary as the mini-boss does not spawn a huge number of them and they are easily avoided. The mines will despawn over time, so you will only need to avoid one set of mines at a time.


The Mech Rider will shoot missiles around the platform dealing moderate damage. He will open the phase with this attack, will perform it regularly later, and will spam it if there are no players in his melee range.

Barrage targets the area with the player with the highest toughness.


Occasionally the Mech Rider will mark four players with roman numerals: I, II, III, and IV. The Mech Rider will leap to the targeted players, dealing small damage and floating them in the air. Floating can be avoided with Aegis, Dodge, Stability, or can be escaped with stunbreaks. This is the only time that the Mech Rider will leave the center of the arena.


The Mech Rider will sometimes start channelling a laser attack indicated by wide rectangular AoE in front of him. This attack will instantly down and kill you if you stay in its range.

Be careful as this attack has a large hitbox – it is very easy to get clipped by the edge of the attack and die. Stand behind the boss at max melee range to guarantee to avoid this mechanic.

In addition to the Mech Rider’s main attacks, he will fixate on and auto-attack the nearest player. This fixate will refresh occasionally. One player should tank the boss by sidestepping his attacks and facing him away from the group.


The Sniper will appear in a random spot on the platform. She does not move except to teleport to and from the arena. Her auto-attacks deal low damage and can be easily ignored.

The Sniper’s only threatening attacks are her Snipes. Periodically, the Sniper will teleport to one of the four rooftops around the platform and will target one player. This player will have a thin orange or green tether line indicating one of two types of Snipes.

Orange Snipe

The targeted player will also have a large, thin red circle surrounding them. Any players in this AoE will be downed by the Sniper’s shot unless the shot is absorbed or reflected.

Green Snipe

The Sniper must be interrupted or all players in the range of the target will be downed by the Sniper’s shot. This shot can not be absorbed or reflected.

The Sniper will alternate between an orange and a green Snipe, starting with an orange one – players should absorb or reflect the shot to mitigate this attack. For the green shot, one or two players with large amounts of crowd control should use a Zip Line in one of the corners of the arena to travel to the Sniper, break her breakbar, and use the teleporter on top of the rooftop to quickly get back to the main platform. The Zip Line to take will be indicated by a marker, and the teleporter is the circular tube on the rooftop. If the breakbar has failed the teleport will not be accessible – in this case, players should glide back to the main arena.

Note: travelling to the Sniper will kill Spirits, Banners, and Minions. Try to assign players to break the Sniper’s breakbar that do not have these summons.

The Sniper can be preloaded with conditions to break her breakbar without travelling up to her. It is very useful to have players with crowd control conditions attacking her.

Spread and Stack

During this phase, players will sometimes encounter two attacks that require them to spread or stack.

  • Spread: players will occasionally be targeted by orange AoEs. Similarly to Minister Li’s spread mechanic, players should spread to avoid lethal damage.
  • Stack: a player will be targeted by a green AoE circle, and will take lethal damage if alone. This damage is reduced if any other players are in range at detonation and is negated entirely if five or more players are in the detonation.


To efficiently handle this phase you can choose to either swap between targets or split the group to focus on both mini-bosses simultaneously.

If the group decides to swap, keep an eye out for stacks of Equalization Matrix. Typically, as the Sniper is teleporting on and off the platform the Mech Rider will be killed faster – be ready to swap quickly to the Sniper when she reappears!

If you decide to split, split the squad into groups of 7-3, 6-4 or 5-5. The group attacking the Sniper should have multiple sources of soft crowd controlling conditions, while the other group will focus on the Mech Rider.

Note: With a good amount of soft crowd control like Taunt, Immobilize, Chilled, Blinded, Weakness, Slow, and Crippled, the group can automatically break the Sniper’s breakbar, cancelling her Snipe without sending anyone to her rooftop. Assign players with good sources of these conditions to focus on the Sniper.

Minister Li phase 3: 33% – 0%

Minister Li’s pattern will change for a final time. Occasionally he will swap his corner Cleave attacks with Number attacks.

Additionally, one final mechanic is introduced to the Cleave and Spread combo. One of the players not targeted by the orange Spread will have a green Stack AoE. This Stack behaves similarly to the Mech Rider and Sniper Stack: an alone player will go downstate while five players stacked inside will negate its damage completely.

While the Stack adds chaos, it should not change how you handle Minister Li’s Cleave and Spread combo. The Spread players should continue to move in front of Minister Li, dodge the Cleave, and return once their Spread detonates while the other players should stack behind Minister Li, conveniently within the Stack AoE.

Overall, Phase 3 is easier than Phase 2 as Minister Li will have more Numbers attacks. These attacks are free DPS uptime on the boss as long as the targeted players position off of the stack.

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