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Xunlai Jade Junkyard

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The encounter will start once you jump or glide down to Ankka. Ankka will instantly shoot multiple projectiles on the group, inflicting . As many of Ankka’s attacks apply conditions, healers should bring lots of condition cleanses. DPS players with passive or unused condition cleanses can also help lighten the pressure on the healers by removing as well. Additionally, Ankka will apply Debilitating Void which further reduces incoming healing by 50%.

Periodically the boss will jump around the arena in a random direction, firing a multi-bullet cone attack similar to her initial attack.

Throughout the fight, Ankka will gain a defiance bar that should be broken for a damage increase. Similar to the Aetherblade Hideout strike mission, this break bar is not connected to any timer or mechanic, and breaking it will interrupt any skill that Ankka is currently casting. If an attack is interrupted Ankka will skip it in her rotation.

Phase 1: 100% – 75%

Ankka follows a very specific attack pattern. However, her Hallucination or Death’s Reach attacks will take one of three forms. Ankka will open the fight with a Death’s Reach: Small Hands attack, then will repeat the following pattern:

  1. Death’s Reach (Small Hands will be first)
  2. Death’s Reach (Timed Hands will be second, then will choose randomly)
  3. Hallucination
  4. Death’s Reach
  5. Pull
  6. Hallucination
  7. Death’s Reach

Death’s Reach

Ankka will perform one of three summoning attacks. Apart from her first attack she will randomly choose from these three summons.

Grasping Horror 

Known as: Small Hands

Ankka summons small AoEs where pairs of hands reach from the ground. Standing in these fields deals low damage, but inflicts , , and . These fields despawn after a few seconds.

Ankka always spawns three circles equally distanced from each other in a triangle shape and additional circles for each player further than those initial three. Stacking directly on top of her only spawns the first three.

Death’s Hand

Known as: Timed Hands

Periodically, three players are targeted by medium-sized AoEs. Once fully loaded each AoE will spawn a single hand, dealing significant damage and inflicting 6x and 6x  to any players in the AoE.

Players selected by this mechanic should move away from the group, ideally stacking their AoEs in one location.


Untargetable snakeheads will spawn around the arena, performing a chain of interchangeable attacks: doughnut-shaped AoEs will pull players, while circle AoEs will knock them back. After a short while the snakes will despawn.


Ankka will summon one of three types of hallucinations: Exploding Quaggans, Krait, or Lich.


Multiple sets of Quaggans will spawn around Ankka. When their AoEs expand, they will explode, inflicting , and dealing heavy damage.

Explosions can be avoided by usual means like blocking, dodging or evading. Try to avoid standing in exploding areas.


Three Krait Hallucinations (or two on the last arena, due to it being smaller) will spawn on one side of the arena and slowly move to the other side. Each hallucination is surrounded by a damaging AoE that inflicts and leaving very little room between them.

These Krait will pull players constantly towards their AoEs. When the hallucinations are close run away from the pull. and will make it much easier to resist the pulls.


One slow-moving hallucination with a medium-sized AoE will spawn in one of the ordinal directions of the current arena and will fixate on a single player. This person (and only this person) will see a blue tether connecting them to the hallucination and will be pulled towards it.

The tethered player should kite the Lich away from the group, as its surrounding AoE deals heavy damage and inflicts and .


The boss will perform a Pull attack as the fifth attack in her rotation. Ankka will raise her hand and summon a large AoE in the center of the arena. After a brief moment, she will teleport to that area and will start pulling everyone in.

The AoE will deal heavy damage and inflict and . Getting pulled in generally means going downstate (and fully dying) so players should avoid it at all cost.

Phase 2: 75% – 40%

At 75% health, the boss will teleport to the next area. The squad should follow her, avoiding large Death’s Reach attacks on the way. These AoEs are not very threatening as their damage is considerably lower than their counterparts from the actual fight. However, stepping in them will inflict and . These AoEs will despawn as soon as someone enters the new arena, at which point the boss summons a Necrotic Ritual.

Necrotic Ritual

The boss will start this phase invulnerable and will instantly use a Necrotic Ritual attack. She will summon three Reanimated Spites marked with a crossed-swords icon, as well as many Reanimated Malice spider adds.

The spiders pose a very low threat to the group and can be ignored. Instead, players should split up and focus on killing or breaking the break bars of the three Spites to break the ritual.

Failing this mechanic results in Ankka getting a Power of the Void buff increasing her damage and decreasing the damage she receives by 25% per add that stays alive. This buff is removed only after her break bar is broken. Additionally, all surviving players get a 50% reduction on received healing.

After successfully interrupting the Necrotic Ritual, the squad should restack on Ankka and focus on her while cleaving her remaining spiders. If ignored these spiders will despawn shortly afterwards.

In this phase, Ankka’s attack pattern will look as follows:

  1. Death’s Reach (after the first Necrotic Ritual this will always be the Snakehead version)
  2. Hallucinations
  3. Pull
  4. Hallucinations
  5. Necrotic Ritual
  6. Hallucinations
  7. Death’s Reach

Starting from this phase the Pull attacks will spawn four AoEs instead of one. Ankka will try to pull you into one of them.

Under 40%, Ankka will teleport between the four AoEs, changing the direction of the pull. Her next pull location will be indicated by a column of green light. Be prepared to adjust your movement based on her movement and try to stay between all four AoEs or at the edge of the arena.

Phase 3: 40% – 0%

Upon reaching 40%, Ankka will teleport to the third area. This arena is smaller than the previous two. Follow her, avoiding the AoEs along the way. Just as the previous movement phase these are cancelled as soon as someone reaches the new boss area.

Her final attack pattern will be:

  1. Death’s Reach (Small Hands)
  2. Hallucinations
  3. Necrotic Ritual
  4. Hallucinations
  5. Pull
  6. Hallucinations
  7. Death’s Reach

Apart from the attack pattern change, only two Krait will spawn during the Krait variant of Ankka’s hallucinations attack during this phase.

Finally, there will be an additional Reanimated Hatred add spawning among the spiders. This add will fixate on a player, taking the form of a Wraith and spamming and dealing heavy damage on the fixated player. The fixated player (and only the fixated player) will see an icon over their head. This add’s break bar can be broken to despawn it, but it is generally cleaved by the group instead.

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