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The fractal starts with you in front of an underwater passage. Swim through the underwater passage while avoiding the mines floating in the water to meet up with Inspector Kiel where you will face 2 groups of Aetherblade Enemies. Once the Aetherblades are defeated you can pass on to the puzzle area.

The mines will kill you after a very short delay after triggering them. They can be dodged through.

Aetherblade puzzles

Puzzle 1

Traverse through the bridge, avoiding any lit platforms, touching a lit platform will send you to the start of the puzzle and in downstate (Inspector Kiel will be there to revive you). At the end of the puzzle, there will be a little room containing a number of switches in which all must be interacted with to shut down the platforms allowing safe passage. It is not required however to have multiple players to turn them off. Applying or active condition cleansing allows any number of players (including only one) to turn them off.

The platforms light up in a sequence. pay close attention and pass through them all

Between the first two puzzles, you will have to fight 2 elite mobs, it is recommended to defeat them before moving on to puzzle 2.

Puzzle 2

You are presented with a laser room in which you’ll need to interact with a number of switches (increasing with fractal difficulty, from 1 to 4) that will immobilize you when interacted with. They must all be interacted within a 5-second window to shut down the rotating lasers and progress. The lasers will move in a fixed rotation and touching them will stun you, so move carefully to the different terminals.

Advanced strategy:

More adventurous players can attempt pressing all the terminals, even on Tier 4, by themselves. This will require a mix of , or condition cleansing, mobility skills, and possibly portal. That is no easy task, but most certainly it’s possible.

Once the lasers are disabled move forward to a teleport panel, you’ll be phased into the next area


Once teleported down a progress bar will appear on how many enemies need to be killed. Enemies will spawn in fixed locations on each wave. The boon and Crowd-Control skills such as pulls are extremely useful during this part of the fractal.

Cannon barrages are also present which are indicated by large orange AoE’s during this phase. Blocks and the boon do not protect you from cannon barrages.


Interact with the ally Inspector Kiel and begin the final encounter. You’ll be phased into Frizz’s lab. Interact with Frizz and begin the four-phase fight.

At the start of the fight, Frizz becomes vulnerable to attack and additional enemies are present. DPS him down to 75%, he will then become invulnerable. Frizz will leave the fight and sit invulnerable in a tube. A golem shown as inactive at first will become active. Defeat the first golem spawn to move on to the next phase. A large-slow rotating laser will spawn during this phase.

After defeating the first golem, two more inactive golems will become active in fixed locations, the large-slow moving laser will deactivate and a small-fast rotating laser will now be activated, defeat the two new golems.

Both rotating lasers will inflict a lot of damage and grant the golems a blocking buff. The damage cannot be avoided by dodging through the lasers

After defeating the next 2 golems, the last two inactive golems will activate. Both rotating lasers will spawn during this phase. After defeating the golems, you will have reached the end of the fractal.

Be sure to wait and not leave the fractal early until you’ve obtained your rewards!

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