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Captain Mai Trin

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The fractal opens with a small battle with Aetherblade and Inquest enemies. There will be one Champion Inquest Technician. After all the enemies are defeated, you may pull a small lever that will teleport you and all party members into the boss room where you will fight Captain Mai Trin and First Mate Horrik.

Mai Trin

Mai Trin has a couple of important mechanics to take note of:

Boss begins with 10 stacks of Captain’s Shield which reduces damage taken and condition duration by 10% per stack. She is essentially invulnerable until at least one stack is removed.

Purple Bomb

When the small purple bomb appears above a player’s head, that player must try to stand on top of Mai Trin. An electrostatic field will be shot at the player with the purple bomb above their head and this is where you must have Mai Trin stand in order for her to lose her Captain Shield stacks.

Red Bomb

This will above a player’s head and follow up with a standard cannon shot from Horrik. You may move out of the group to reduce the chances of your party also eating this mechanic. Anti-projectile fields can ignore this attack.

Shadow step

Mai Trin has a shadow step attack that will target the player who is farthest away from her. It will make it easier for the party to stay close to her so that she is more likely to stay in the range of the electric field (purple bomb).

Mai Trin has a defiance bar which is best to be broken while she is inside the electric field so she will remain inside it. Boss attacks inflict a lot stacks so having some sort of condition removal is recommended.


Every 25% of Mai Trin’s health, she will leave the platform for you then to engage her partner, Horrik. Just DPS him down, once he is down to 25%, Mai Trin returns to the platform with 10 stacks of Captain’s Shield that again needs to be cleared with purple bomb. This effect repeats until you DPS her down to 25% in which you can finish Horrik from 50% down to death. It’s advised to bring CC that pulls in enemies during each 25% phase where new adds will spawn.

While Mai Trin is away from the platform there will be cannon-fire along on the whole platform, they move in patterns normally starting on one side and slowly firing across to the other side of the platform. The cannons will trigger a daze CC. can help ignore cannon-fire if a group chooses to eat the mechanics. Reflects and anti-projectile does not protect you from this attack.

In Tier 4 fractals, three more enemies will spawn after the cannon-fire barrage when Mai Trin reaches 25%. Elite Boarder Zonn, Elite Boatswain Stormsplit, and Elite Sharpshooter Tarron. Leaving them alive will make the fractal much harder so it’s recommended to kill these enemies first. Especially Sharpshooter Tarron as he deals massive damage from range.

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