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The fractal starts with you meeting two NPCs, Torin and Kay trying to find their way into the Deepstone Vault. Climb down some small cliffs and enter the central chamber. You will have 2 available paths: west and east. You will need to do both to progress. Usually group does them one at a time, but on rare occasions party will decide to split and do them at the same time.

West Path

Traverse through tiles and reach the other side with oncoming lit tiles. Touching the lit tiles will inflict severe damage. Two players must reach the other side and press on two different runestones at the same time to deactivate the trap and engage the Deepstone Sentinel.

Note: It’s possible to activate them solo with use of any type of portal.

The oncoming tiles move in a pattern, movement skills and skills granting invulnerability will be very useful here.

Deepstone Sentinel

The Deepstone Sentinel has a few attacks to watch out for.

Every 20%, the elemental will spawn multiple tornados which can pick up players and drag them off the cliff. Allies can CC the tornados to break players out if caught.

The Deepstone Sentinel will use a large AoE CC skill which will stun all players for a moment. with proper usage you can ignore this mechanic.

Once the Deepstone Sentinel is defeated, an orb of light will appear. Interact with it to teleport back to the central chamber. Drop the orb at a shiny crystal located behind you when teleported.

East path

Spiders will start spawning from spider nests. After killing the nests and all the spiders, you will come across a bridge with telegraphed wind animations indicating when and where you should not stand.

Standing in the telegraphed wind areas will knock you off the bridge and you’ll need to start from the beginning of the bridge again.

Two runestones midway on the bridge must be stood on at the same time by players in order to progress to the final room, it will also switch off the telegraphed wind mechanic. Similar to West path, one player with the use of any portal can do this alone.

The last room contains some spider nests and 2 Elite Broodmother spiders. Kill the 2 elites to spawn the Champion Brood Queen.

Champion Brood Queen

The Champion Brood Queen will spawn multiple spiders that inflict and a couple of Veteran Shadow Imps, she has a couple of attacks to be careful of.

The attack she will use the most is a two stab attack that is will have 2 AoE’s in front of her.

She also has a web attack that will shoot out multiple web AoE’s that will slow players walking through it and will pull in players that are directly hit.

And finally, she has a charge attack that will deal a decent amount of damage

At 50% health, the boss will become invulnerable for a few moments and gain some boons including . Boon-strip and CC with pulls are extremely useful here.

Once the boss is defeated, an orb of light will appear. Interact with it to teleport back to the central chamber. Drop the orb at a shiny crystal located behind you when teleported.

Central chamber

Once both paths are completed the player will gain a special action key skill called Light of Deldrimor, now you can engage the Champion Minotaur Spirit at the central chamber.

The Champion Minotaur Spirit will spawn invulnerable. Players will need to use their special action key to make him vulnerable and use it as often as they can to keep him vulnerable.

Some of the attacks the Minotaur will do include leaping far distances to players and an AoE CC attack, is useful to ignore some of these attacks. Veteran Imps will spawn around the fight as well. The Champion and imps need to be destroyed in order to progress through the central chamber into the next room.

Abyss chamber

The unveiling room requires players to traverse through and interact with a total of 4 orbs of light using their special action keys. Enemy shades will spawn in this room. Players must light up all 4 orbs of light to proceed.

To unveil the path to reach these orbs the player must use their special action keys to light the way. It’s a very common assumption, that players providing will do it throughout the puzzle.


You’ll then come to a descending platform that will present you with waves of veteran enemies and one elite. Kill them all, ideally utilizing pulls to group them up first. Upon reaching the bottom, enter the final hall.

The Voice

Torin, now consumed by shadows, will be become the final boss: The Voice.

During the fight, tiles will begin to glow and disappear as they are hit by the attacks from The Voice. If you fall you will be saved by your stacks of Residual Updraft. If you don’t have any more of those stacks you will fall to your death.,

Residual Updraft stacks are gained after using your special action key to restore floor tiles, which you should constantly do during the fight.

Every 10% The Voice may teleport to a random place on the platform but it can also stay in place.

The Voice will start with a ranged orb attack that deals decent damage as well as deleting tiles where it lands. It bounces one to three times depending on what tier you’re doing.

At 75% The Voice will start to attach shadow bombs to people that will fill up and drop a second before detonating. This will deal massive damage as well as daze the player and destroy tiles. If any player is hit by this attack it will repeat immediately.

At 80% and 40% of his health, The Voice will teleport across the platform and gain a barrier. The Voice will now inflict damage on all players with a red beam. His defiance bar must be broken to stop this attack.

At 60% and 20%. The Voice will be invulnerable and Spectral Flames will gravitate to the middle. Destroy them before they’ll reach the boss. After defeating 10 Spectral Flames the boss will become vulnerable again. Failure of preventing Spectral Flames from getting to the boss will result in a massive AoE that inflicts severe damage to all players.

Additional ghost enemies will spawn during the encounter that can do large CC skills and destroy tiles. Be sure to kill them in-between phases.

There are lots of small orange AoE’s that will spawn underneath players. Be sure to move out of these AoE’s to avoid damage and being knocked down. is an extremely useful boon on this encounter.

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