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Molten Boss

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The fractal starts with you accompanying Braham Eirsson and Rox as they infiltrate the Molten Facility.

Traverse down a ramp and engage packs of enemies. Players can either attempt to run past them to the fourth pack in which they’ll need to progressively kill the packs or kill each pack one at a time. There will be a Dredge Resonator among the fourth pack of mobs that must die first before you can damage the Elite Flame Shaman.

Once the fourth pack of mobs is killed, a bridge will be available to cross over in which you’ll then engage the first boss:

Champion Molten Effigy

The Champion Molten Effigy must die in order to proceed, there are dozens of mobs around this boss, one being a resonator. It is advised to kill the Protector before focusing damage on the Champion.

The boss can sometimes gain boons (including ). Boon-strip is useful to have in this fight.

One of the attacks from the boss is a shockwave that does knockback. It can be ignored with

Once the boss is dead, head towards the next set of enemies. After defeating the eighth group of enemies, you’ll be presented with a bridge to a circular platform where you’ll fight the final bosses of the fractal

Molten Berserker and Molten Firestorm

Engage the Molten Berserker and the Molten Firestorm with phases to this fight. Both must die to complete the fractal.

Focus on killing one or the other. Once one dies, the other will regain all of its lost HP and walk over to its corpse to then ‘upgrade’. Party members will also reset their HP and begin the second phase where they’ll now be fighting a slightly stronger single boss. It is advised to focus on killing the Molten Firestorm first due to the simpler second phase. is extremely useful during this final encounter. Every time one of the bosses loses 25% health, the other one will become Enraged, increasing the rate at which he uses his skills, however this can be mostly ignored as focusing on one boss at a time is recommended.

Molten Berserker

The Molten Berserker will teleport around the platform and perform a chain melee attack that will end in a shockwave shooting out in the direction he is currently looking.

Sometimes he will do some stomps and smashes that send out circular traveling shockwaves. The white ones will go along the ground and can be jumped over or dodged. The blue ones will travel through the air. This can be avoided by not jumping, If any of these attacks hit you they will do damage and knockback while also inflicting agony.

Molten Firestorm

The Molten Firestorm flies around the platform shooting flaming AoE’s that persist on the ground for several seconds. These flaming AoE’s will inflict agony.

Combined Tech

The Molten Berserker gains an upgraded stomp and smash skill that will now also cause debris to fall down on the platform in the form of red AoE’s

The Molten Firestorm creates a windstorm around the outer edge of the platform. Players who enter the windstorm will start being pushed towards the edge of the platform and may fall off, killing them.

Note: If the party wipes during the second phase, you will not have to restart the whole final encounter, you will simply start at the second phase again.

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