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Jump down to a group of enemies, defeat them, and await the NPC Arkk to let you pass the forcefield. Engage a larger open-field space. There will be lots of mobs and a single Elite Watchwork enemy. Killing all the enemies will spawn the first boss.

Multiform Ambulatory Mobile Artillery (MAMA)

Boss will spawn with no vulnerability and a break-bar. Destroy the break-bar as soon as you can so you can dish out more DPS.

At 33% the boss will spawn an AoE underneath it which inflicts damage and inflicts to all party members standing in it. The damage isn’t too significant, but makes it hard to overheal it.

Once the boss is dead, traverse further into the fractal and engage some more enemies, you’ll be presented with two capture points. Players must stand in capture points in order to proceed to the next room where you’ll be introduced with three capture points including one big central one. Stand in all capture points to proceed further.

Note: The more players standing in a single capture point, the faster it captures! This excludes the big central point in the hallway.

Run up a ramp while avoiding orange AoE’s. This will lead to the second boss.

Siax the unclean

Engage Siax the unclean by interacting with the orange orb. Boss spawns with no invulnerability buff which means you can damage immediately.

Break-bar will spawn moments of him fully channeling out of the ground, break it as soon as it appears. Kill the boss and proceed to next room.


After interacting with the orb, the boss will spawn in a weaker form and do very few attacks.

Only attack worth noting is a CC knockback attack.

When reaching 75% he will grow stronger and regain all lost health. The real fight begins.

Nightmare devastation

Boss will teleport to a location and drop a shield in which players must be in stand in to avoid the deadly AoE damage Ensolyss channels.

A break-bar will spawn shortly after the shield allowing you to dish out more DPS to the boss.

Once he reaches 66%, he will become invulnerable and 5 capture points will spawn at fixated spots. Players will need to capture points in order to engage the boss again.

Note: If any player dies during this phase, as long as the phase is completed by any single player, all players will resurrect.

After capturing all points, Ensolyss will return and a break-bar present again. Destroy the break-bar and DPS the boss down to 33% when the boss will repeat the same mechanic and summon 5 capture points. Repeat the process.

Ensolyss will come back with the same break-bar, break his bar and finish the boss off.

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