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Shattered Observatory

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At the start of the fractal players have to jump down some floating rocks to reach a platform where they will meet the first boss, Skorvald the Shattered.

Skorvald the Shattered

Skorvald will attack in cone-shaped AoEs originating from the center and covering the platform.

The boss will periodically target a player and kick them making a line of Agony and knocking any player in its path. He will also do a larger version which is in a cone-shaped version.

One of the attacks puts a small charging AoE underneath players, once fully charged dodge to avoid getting hit by the Agony blast, this mechanic can also be jumped over.

Skorvald targets a player and will do a cone-shaped AoE originating from Skorvald going to the player, the AoE moves with the player until the last second before he attacks.

Note: When engaged, Skorvald will spawn with a defiance bar.

At  66% and 33%, Skorvald will become invulnerable and arrows will appear on the main platform, these arrows indicate which island players must go to, on the island, there will be a Veteran Flux Anomaly that needs to be killed, there are 4 islands in total that need to be eliminated and players will go Counter-Clockwise to each island.

Once Skorvald reaches 50% he will start spawning Solar Blooms that tether onto a player and will blow up dealing large amounts of damage and have a large knockback effect that may hit players off the platform, these can be pushed with any ability to keep away from the group.

Note: The Veteran Flux Anomalies and Skorvald have a lot of CC abilities, it is recommended to have Stability

Making your way to Viirastra

After Skorvald has been defeated players will gain a special action key Nova Launch using this skill will make the player periodically invulnerable and launches them to the targetted location.

Move into the Ley-Energy to be launched into a rift which takes you to a large platform. in front of you, there will 3 portals that are all locked, the portal to the right will take you to Simon which is a cat that can be added to your home instance. Going through the left portal will take you where you need to go.

After going into the Left portal there will be friendly golems on a small platform, going to the end of the platform will make the golems enemies, kill the golems to progress. once the golems are killed a Ley-energy will appear at the end of the platform, go into it and you will be met with a larger golem, DPS it down to 75% at which point it will become invulnerable and disappears.

Ball puzzle

After the larger golem disappears you will be presented with a puzzle.

Players need to stand in the white AoE when the ball bounces to that AoE to bounce it further, generally, you want 2 players on the upper AoEs, one on the lower rock and one on the higher one, once the ball has bounced the entire path a Ley-Energy will appear, go into it to progress.

Make your way to the area right before Viirastra by using Nova Launch

A quick method of traversing by using Nova Launch to the platform before Viirastra

on the platform before Viirastra the large golem will appear once again, this time fully kill it and get ready for Viirastra.


use Nova Launch to make your way to the platform which Viirastra is on. to start the fight a player must stand inside the white AoE when the ball hits it.

At the start of the fight and after each split-phase Viirastra will do a triple jump which ends with an Agony blast.

Corporeal Reassignment: 1 player in the party will be given a Red Skull above their character, head into the dome in the middle so it does not kill everyone.


Once Viirastra gets down to 66% she splits into 4 clones and during 33% split she will spawn one extra clone in the middle, these clones have a break-bar that needs to be broken, once broken they will die, once all clones are dead Viilastra will then reappear.

Once returned after 66% and 33%. She will spawn in the middle and channel an extremely large AoE shockwave attack. Dodge or Nova launch can ignore this.

After 66% the Ball mechanic from before will appear, one player should juggle the ball, if the ball fails to be juggled Viirastra will teleport to another corner and deal a lot of damage to the party. once the ball mechanic is successful the ball will hit Viirastra, making her have a breakbar and becoming vulnerable.

Note: After defeating Viirastra Nova Launch will be upgraded to deal stun damage


Arkk will start off with his reactor mechanic, completing the mechanic will start the fight.

At the start destroy four reactors that spawn by pushing Solar Blooms into them. They spawn on the platform’s edges and tether to the closest players. You can use simple attacks to move them, if this mechanic fails Arkk will deal damage to all players. this mechanic will occur again at 80%, 50%, and 30%.

During the 80%, 50%, and 30% phases successfully completing the phase will result in Arkk being vulnerable and another powerful attack will be channeled. A break-bar will also spawn. Destroy the break-bar to keep Arkk locked down to deal more DPS.

One of the most important mechanics to dodge is the Solar Fury which spawns a red orb above Arkk, once the orb disappears use Nova Launch to avoid getting hit and not having an AoE spawn under you.

Corporeal Reassignment returns in this fight but this time the dome does not have a fixed spawn position.

The eye mechanic will also return to this fight. Be sure to once again face away from the boss when it appears to avoid getting feared.

Arkk will focus a cone-like attack on a player. He will trace them for a few seconds and then stop for a moment before launching the attack. Players can dodge or side-step this attack.

Arkk will also perform an expanding circle attack that stuns players and lifts them, this mechanic can be completely ignored by using Stability.

In 99 Shattered Observatory once Arkk reaches 40% the middle platforms will disappear, players being told beforehand by arrows. if by chance players do fall off the platform they will be teleported high above the platform to make them die from fall damage, but by using Nova Launch you can ignore the fall damage.


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