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Siren’s Reef

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You will awaken washed up on the shores of the Siren’s Reef where you have to engage 2 groups of mobs: on the left a set of two Veteran Bristlebacks and a Veteran Bonebreaker, and a set of 2 Veteran Smokescales on the right.

Progress further into the jungle and encounter a Champion Stonehead, it has a defiance bar that can be broken normally or by running it into a tree or wall. At 25%, the Stonehead will players around it and break down some walls behind it leading to some mines and a cannon you can use to clear the mines.

Engage some ghostly enemies and defeat them all.

Blasting Black Peter

Be sure to have at least one player on the cannon before jumping into the arena. The cannon clears mines.

Multiple ghosts spawn during this encounter as well as numerous mines around the lower area. Players triggering a mine will most likely end up downed state. The player manning the cannon should use the cannon to clear the mines near the boss to let the rest of the group kills the champion.

Cannon will have 3 skills:

  1. Ripple Shot: a single projectile that will bounce after landing, this will also destroy mines.
  2. Scatter Shot: A shotgun blast projectile that is useful for clearing out adds and mines.
  3. Ice Shot: A ice projectile that will freeze enemies when it lands. This counts as a CC skill.

Traverse further into the jungle and encounter some packs of pocket raptors. You’ll shortly enter the treasure maze.

Treasure Maze

Players will need to carry three bags of Cursed Treasure towards a chest located at the end of the maze. Picking up a bag applies a stacking debuff called  Curse of Frailty that increasingly reduces movement speed and applies , , and . Picking up the same treasure or another treasure will inflict more potent versions of the curse called Curse of Enmity. Both of the curses will have the same icon on your buff bar , only way to see the difference is by checking icon above your head.

Eventually, and will come into play making you essentially immobile while carrying a bag, requiring you to then throw the treasure to another player to continue carrying. Avoid ghost sentries to prevent extra enemies spawning while passing treasure through the maze.

Note: Skills that teleport or blink players can be used without triggering them whereas skills that move the player will.

Once all three bags reach the treasure chest at the end. It’ll open the door to the final area of the fractal where players will see a Pirate Ship.

The Kraken’s Pride

Carry the Treasure Chest to the pirate ship and place it on the target location. Once placed, the first boss will appear on the ship.

Mad Jack Squall

During the fight, icy projectiles will shoot across the deck that inflict Daze and .

At 50%, ghostly winds will appear and attempt to push players off the deck. The winds will start from the front and slowly move to the back of the boat. If a player is pushed off the deck, you will begin to suffer from Fetid Fog which applies and  every second until the player gets back on deck. In addition to the above, if the player is pushed into the water, Piranhas begin to attack the player and do a fixed amount of damage per second.

Additional ghost mobs will spawn every 25% of Jack’s health.

If the party wipes during this encounter, you will need to fetch the treasure chest from the beach and place it on the target location again. , , and Dodge will not prevent you from getting knocked off the deck if standing in the telegraph, this applies to all phases.

After Jack has died, the final treasure chest will spawn and will need to be moved to the same target location as the first, on the ship.

First Mate Calix

The boss follows similar attacks to the previous one.

In addition, the first is a cone attack which launches players when hit.

Another attack seen in this fight is the Grim Lagoon that spawns underneath a player, the player has a few seconds to move the AoE away from the group. The AoE pulses multiple conditions on allies and buffs the enemies with  and .

Ghostly winds spawn at 75% going one direction and another at 50% going the opposite direction, avoid both.

Defeat the boss to begin the pre-phase of the final encounter. Players will need to man cannons, there are 4 in total, and destroy waves of ghostly enemies. A bar will appear to track your progress. Periodically, Veteran mobs will appear on deck to attack players directly. Once the bar is filled, the final boss will appear on deck.

Captain Arabella Crowe

The main threat of the final boss is the amount of ghost spawns there will be. Anti-projectile,  and boon-strip will all be useful during this final fight.

Ghostly winds start from either end of the boat and move across the deck slowly, be sure not to stand in them to avoid getting blown off deck, potentially into deadly waters.

An additional AoE green mechanic will appear underneath certain players, requiring at least one additional player to stand in to avoid party damage.

Grim Lagoon also comes back on this fight. Aim to drop the AoE on a corner of the deck rather than on the party or on the boss where it may gain boons and make the encounter more difficult. Strong AoE DPS is highly advised for this final encounter. Anti-projectile fields are also super effective when instabilities such as ‘We Bleed fire’ are active.

Defeat Captain Arabella Crowe to finish the fractal.

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