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Solid Ocean

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The fractal starts with you on one of the floating jade platforms. You have to travel across the platforms and engage multiple groups of enemies. You may choose to run through all of them or slowly kill them all until you reach the final boss.

Jade Maw

There will be 2 tentacles and a bunch of enemies on the platform. Destroying the 2 tentacles triggers Jade Maw to start attacking players with the laser beam mechanic. On lower-tier fractals, the remaining mobs will leave while on higher-tier fractals they will remain.

After killing the tentacles more will spawn and start dropping Reflecting Crystals. Carrying a reflect crystal will disable your normal 1-5 skill-set but your 6-0 skill-set will still be active, but carrying it is required to counter Laser Beam.

Also, Veteran Jade Colossus will start to spawn until the gauge on the side is filled. Once that is filled the Jade Maw will re-summon his tentacles.

Laser beam

Players (one at a time) will be tagged with a Red Skull above their heads indicating Jade’s attack. You must be carrying a Reflecting Crystal or you will be downed. After being hit while holding a crystal, you now can throw the charged crystal back at the Jade Maw.

The only ways you can damage Jade Maw is by shooting him with charged crystal (5% of his HP) or killing tentacles (roughly 3% of the Maw’s HP).

The tentacles will do two different attacks, a powerful targeted strike, and a large AoE swipe attack. or is useful in this encounter.

When reaching close to 0% on the Maw’s HP, the boss will tag every player with the skull mechanic and shoot the laser mechanic a final time. Make sure all players are carrying a reflect crystal for the final attack to prevent you from dying.

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