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Twilight Oasis

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The Twilight Oasis Fractal shows the conquest of Elona from the perspective of the Mordant Crescent, Palawa Joko’s elite military unit. Following Joko’s orders, players will be raiding an Elonian village and ruthlessly crushing the Sunspear forces protecting it.

Head to the Elite Sunspear Sandbinder

Upon entering the Fractal, players are instructed to clear the Sunspear forces along the way, but this step can be easily skipped.

Simply run through the village and past the mobs, heading straight for the Elite Sunspear Sandbinder. You can also use .

Elite Sunspear Sandbinder

This is the first of the three Elite Sunspear Sandbinders that need to be defeat to progress through the Fractal. Sandbinders will summon two tornadoes that pull players and inflict . They will also channel an attack that inflicts damage and . This is telegraphed by a series of rings centered around the mob, which expand outwards and in alternate rows.

Meet Amala

After defeating the Sandbinder, head through the passageway that opened just ahead, turn right and enter the courtyard to meet High Priestess Amala, the boss of this Fractal.

The group should stack behind this pillar and quickly burst Amala down to 75% HP.

Amala will then channel a scripted attack that cannot be avoided and kills all players. Palawa Joko will revive you and grant you the Enhanced Reflexes Special Action Key (SAK), which launches you in the air. Use it to navigate the map, or dodge attacks.

TIP: Typing /gg in chat can skip Joko’s dialogue and reduce downtime. However, this interaction is only possible if all party members have been transformed specifically into female Elonians.

Storm the rooftops

Hunt down the two remaining Elite Sunspear Sandbinders shielding the gates to the final encounter. These are marked with a crossed swords symbol on the mini-map. Groups can either defeat one at a time, or split and deal with both simultaneously.

Climb the buildings in the courtyard to get to the first Sandbinder and defeat it. Most groups tend to start with this one, as it is the easiest to reach of the two.

From this location, players can jump across rooftops and reach the last Sandbinder. Alternatively, if the group splits, players can choose either of the following two skips.

Start by the stairs at the entrance of the courtyard and run along the sand wall. Use Enhanced Reflexes to make your way onto the rooftops by finding ledges to jump on.

Alternatively, you can remain in the courtyard and jump onto the eastern cliff, making your way up by landing on narrow ledges with Enhanced Reflexes. This is the most challenging path.

Defeat High Priestess Amala

With the Sandbinders eliminated, return to the courtyard where you first met Amala and head into the final arena. Stand behind Amala to easily deal with the Sunspears and the Earth Elemental. Once this horde is defeated, the final encounter begins. Every 20% of her health, Amala will channel the power of one of the Five Gods in the following order: Lyssa, Melandru, Dwayna, Grenth and Balthazar.

TIP: It is advised to take for the frequent and boon-stripping skills to reduce the uptime on the boss.

Lyssa – 100%

At the start of the fight, Amala will split into multiple clones and create several Mesmer portals. Players stepping into these portals will be teleported up in the air and will likely land on top of yet another, effectively remaining stuck in a frustrating loop. Avoid these portals and identify the real Amala to damage her.

TIP: The real one can be recognized by checking the portrait.

A clone with no title and NPC rank.

Legendary rank Amala, with the “Dervish” and “Channels Gods” titles.

Polymorph Moa
Amala will target a player with an expanding Area of Effect (AoE); any player within it will be transformed into a Moa. This attack can be dodged, evaded, or blocked, but players should pay particular attention not to move into the group and transform other party members.

Mystic Detonation – Defiance Bar

Mystic Detonation
Once Amala reaches 85%, 65%, 45% and 25% HP, she will start channeling an attack that deals a large amount of damage and partially heals her. Break her defiance bar in time to stop her.

Amala becomes invulnerable every time her defiance bar is broken, starting an intermission phase. Use Enhanced Reflexes to jump on the ledges encircling the arena and kill the priests in time, to prevent Amala from healing herself.

Melandru – 85%

Mystic Wave
Starting at 85% Amala will slam the ground for moderate damage and a short stun.
This can be avoided by dodging through, or by using Enhanced Reflexes to jump over.

While channeling Melandru’s power, Amala will summon a Champion Earth Elemental, which can usually be ignored. However, if the group struggles with this phase, the fixated player (purple diamond symbol) should lure the Earth Elemental away from the group to avoid its crowd-control AoEs. At 65% she will start channeling Mystic Detonation again and the intermission phase will repeat.

Dwayna – 65%

Smite Undead
Amala will create multiple, small circle AoEs underneath all players that and deal damage. Run or use Enhanced Reflexes to avoid these lightning attacks.

Amala will spin, slashing her scythe and creating arrow-shaped AoEs that leave lingering, damaging lines on the ground.

Amala starts doing another attack that repeats as well, similar to ground slam. This mechanic will also continue to happen even after Dwayna phase.

Around 60%, Amala will spawn two Tornadoes like seen with the Sandbinders. These will apply .

At 45% she will start channeling Mystic Detonation again and the intermission phase will repeat.

Grenth – 45%

Amala will summon wurms that shoot AoE attacks. She will also cast multiple marks around the arena that should be avoided.

Walls will also appear around the arena, stepping into them inflicts

At 25% she will start channeling Mystic Detonation again and the intermission phase will repeat.

Balthazar – 25%

Amala will spawn 2 tornadoes again.

Occasionally she will tag a player with a meteorite strike, which can be dodged.

At 5% she will start channeling Mystic Detonation again and the intermission phase will repeat. The only way to defeat the priestess on the ledge is by killing the Sunspears, as each one killed deals 25% damage to her.

Once done, jump back into the arena and finish her off.

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