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Underground Facility

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This fractal will start you out in a underground dredge facility

Pressure Plate Area

The first part of this fractal consists of pressure plates being activated to open gates. To progress through this fractal, one player should go left to open the first gate. Another player then goes right up the ramp to open the gate into the encaged room.. It’s recommend to have either Stealth, blocks or evades to got to these pressure plates as there will be enemies around them. As soon as party members go through the first gate, the player who went up the left ramp can begin making his way back to the party into the final room. The player who went up the right ramp controls the opening of the first and second gate and the players in the final room control the second gate as well.

In the encaged room kill all the dredge enemies. There will be 2 pressure plates, one on the left and one on the right. Both of these must have a player on it to open the control panel door. One player must then interact with the control panel for 20 seconds uninterrupted. Dredge will consistently spawn in this final room so remember to not AFK on the pressure plates. You can use Stealth or Aegis to block the attacks for a easier time also Anti-projectile fields are recommended during this room as a lot of the dredge attacks are normally ranged projectile attacks.

Once this is done, another gate will open. Kill the security dredge suit. You will then come across one of two possible rooms.

Right Room

Proceeding right, there will be additional dredge to clear followed by a security dredge suit. Touching the red AoE surrounding the dredge suits will reveal players. You will find a small caged area which will occasionally spawn bombs. 9 bombs must be carried to the other end of the hall and deposited.

The more bombs are deposited, the more dredge suits will progressively spawn.

There are two pipes that allow for stacking stealth. It’s advised players taking bombs go through both to have plenty of stealth. Players not in Stealth running across the security zones will trigger a laser attack that can stun and damage players.

Bombs last for 20 seconds each indicated on your buff-bar. If the bomb explodes the player will also be revealed.

Once all 9 bombs are deposited, hit the detonator that is located near the second stealth pipe.

Left Room

Proceeding left, engage and kill some dredge enemies. There will be a small interactable box located on the left that provides players with a ‘Dredge Mining-Laser’. You will need this laser to open the door to the next room by damaging wit with your Skill 1. Picking up the laser will make the player lose all of their endurance and so that they can’t Dodge.

Leading up to the ramp to the door, there will be many large AoE circles shot down that follow two different patterns. The patterns will change roughly every 30 seconds. You must avoid being hit by any of the orange AoE’s to maintain the correct Skill 1 attack to use on the door. Being hit by an orange AoE will change your Skill 1 into a self-detonation attack that provides no value. If hit, go back and pick-up a new dredge weapon.


Once the door is open on either path, you will find yourself to the first boss.


Entering the room a dredge named Rabsovich will appear.

During the fight, additional Dredge mobs will spawn. Stability is useful for a lot of the attacks from this boss. When Rabsovich raises his shield. He will block all incoming attacks while also dazing anyone attempting to attack him.

Sometimes the bosses will slam in a long line, this can easily be sidestepped or Dodge.

Destroy the boss to then have the machine he arrived in break open a new entrance that will lead you to the final boss. You can ignore the enemies in the hallway running up to the final room.


You will meet one of two possible bosses for this fractal.

Legendary Rampaging Ice Elemental & Legendary Dredge Powersuit

Around the room will be 4 large buckets which are used to provide the Superheated buff to the bosses. The buff lasts for 30 seconds. Without this, you will be doing almost near 0 damage to the boss. The boss will be Fixated on a player in which he must the kite boss under a bucket. Another player then goes up a ramp to hit the interact button which pours molten liquid over the boss to make them vulnerable.

If a player interacts with the switch too early and misses the boss, move to another bucket. Both bosses will sometimes heal, you can interrupt his healing process by breaking the boss break-bar.

Legendary Rampaging Ice Elemental

The Legendary Rampaging Ice Elemental will do a frontal ice attack which detonates after a few seconds. Players standing in it will take massive damage and most likely will go down.

Occasionally the boss will also summon a rain of Ice shards that will inflict damage and knock you back. Blocks and Aegis will NOT protect you from this attack. Stabilitywill prevent the knock-back.

The elemental can also rampage, slamming down a ice AoE that inflicts a lot of damage and agony.

Additional Ice elemental mobs will spawn during the fight. Kill the boss to finish the fractal.

Legendary Dredge Powersuit

The Powersuit has a jumping attack that will send out shockwave projectiles.

Occasionally the boss will shoot out cluster bombs that will detonate after a short delay.

Lastly, the boss can do a slam attack that will do a lot of damage and inflicts agony.



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