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Urban Battleground

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You will start this fractal on the battlefield having transformed in Charr, those same Charr are currently invading Ascalon City

Progress from your starting point to a gate guarded by a Champion: Siegemaster Dulfy, keep an eye out for your teammates, if are too fast, you might be easily killed at the gate as there are multiple siege weapons around including arrow carts, ballistae, and pots of burning oil.

Siegemaster Dulfy and the Gate

You should use ranged attacks to destroy the pots of burning oil above the gate so you will have a safe place to stand when engaging the boss in melee range. There is a big chance that you will pull the aggro of the veteran mobs around Siegemaster Dulfy, these can be dangerous if not dealt with properly.

Dulfy will occasionally block to ignore incoming attacks and has simple attacks that don’t pose much threat.

Once Dulfy is defeated, the gate behind will become vulnerable, and you can destroy it ignoring the remaining siege weapons.

The Courtyard

Your goal is to get into the courtyard area located in the top left of the map, but there will be barricades in random lanes that block certain pathways so players must locate the right pathway. Small groups of enemies and any siege weapons should be killed on the way, while they are not required to kill, they can be frustrating when ignored. Alternatively, you can use to run through this part but it is more difficult in unorganized groups.

Once you’ve reached the correct gate to the courtyard, destroy it and move in. The center of the courtyard is covered by groups of mobs and much more siege. is heavily advised to have here. You can hide behind some of the statues to pull some of the mobs behind you.

A large ring will appear around the area which acts as a capture point and a new NPC will join the encounter, you must protect him while he summons a massive ball of fire.

Players will need to destroy fixed waves of enemies starting from East and slowly rotating clockwise. Once the summoning is done, you will encounter the final boss. You can ignore the last pack of mobs as they are killed once the summoning is done.

Captain Ashym

Captain Ashym is invulnerable until he reaches the center of the arena, he opens with very powerful attacks so try to avoid them by evading or having . Captain Ashym has a Protection buff that cannot be removed and gains a Retaliation buff later in the fight.

During the fight, Captain Ashym will summon a  Veteran Ascalonian Squire that grants him stacks .

Every 25% he will alternate his weapon sets and may cast extremely large AoE fire attacks, including a firestorm which does significant damage if standing in it but can be out healed. Upon reaching the last 25% health, he will alternate to Fiery Greatsword which deals deathly damage. Players must be ready to dodge any charge or whirl attacks from the boss. Once he has equipped the Fiery Greatsword he will also gain a buff called Growing Rage. He will stop summoning Ascalonian Squires and gain stacking from this buff

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