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The fractal starts with a short cinematic, after which you will have to clear waves of Grawl. A progression bar will spawn to indicate how many are left to be killed. After doing that, head down a corridor where fireballs will roll through, touching a fireball will down you.

Note: Very often one player, just before the Grawl fight is over, will summon a portal at the beginning of the corridor, run down, and summon a portal exit just before the singularity.

When reaching the end of the corridor to an open area, you’ll engage the first boss.


The boss will be invulnerable and remain stationary until the bubble protecting him is destroyed. To do so, you will need to pick up flaming rocks dropping from above and throw them at the boss. There will be an “event indicator” of how many survivors are alive and how many more rocks are needed to be thrown at the boss.

Occasionally, a Veteran Grawl will spawn on the other end of where the boss is and make a run to one of the prisoners to sacrifice them into the lava. Kill him before he will reach the prisoners.

Note: If all humans are sacrificed, the party will wipe.

Once the bubble is destroyed, break LOS (Line of Sight) with the boss to pull him down. The Shaman will occasionally re-summon the weaker form of his shield that can be broken by only one rock.

The fight is a very easy one, one of the few attacks that you have to be mindful of is slow charging AoE that can be interrupted by breaking boss’ breakbar or even completely negated with skills like Shield of Courage. If you can’t deal with it in such a way, you should step out of the range or Dodge it.

Other than this, you will have to stay at his max melee range, as he will kick anyone getting too close, this can also be negated with heavy abuse, also watch for totems he will sometimes spawn, you will have to destroy them quickly, as they will grant him boons such as .

Once the boss is defeated, players will traverse further into the fractal and down some broken tracks. The jumps are quite easy. You will eventually reach the lava lake where the final boss will be located.

Players may skip right to the final boss from the Champion Grawl Shaman by jumping down on some rocks located on the right side into the lava lake and make a run to the final boss platform to create a new checkpoint, after one person succefully does that, rest of the group can /gg.

Imbued Shaman

The platform you fight him on will have lava pits that will occasionally be active, standing in them will deal heavy damage. Additionally, if you are not moving, you will be hit with stacks, to prevent that you should keep moving in any direction at all times.

Roughly every 25% the boss will gain a shield which has a stack of 40 and begin making its way slowly to one of the prisons to steal its health, it’s ideal to keep him in the center of the island to help manage that phase. You can destroy the shield by reducing the stacks, which happens when you simply attack the boss. Upon reaching the prisoner, the boss will heal for 25% of its health.

When the shield is active, additional enemies will spawn and shoot projectiles towards the group that inflicts damage and . Reflects and projectile absorbing skills are extremely useful here. Pulls like Temporal Curtain, Spectral Grasp, or Binding Blade can help with grouping up adds for faster cleave, Epidemic can also be very handy here.

Each time the shield is destroyed, the boss will gain an Enrage buff, inflicting any attacking player with constant , condition cleanses, or will help deal with this, but if you can’t handle that many conditions, you can step off for a moment and wait until boss will lose his enrage buff.

Be aware of boss’ animations including a Firestorm cast and Dive attacks that can CC players and deal significant damage.

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