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Recommended: , crowd control, projectile mitigation

Upon entering this Strike Mission, the time of day is locked to whatever it was at instance creation.

Although a relatively simple boss, the jotun wizard Dagda does have quite a few attacks that require decent reactions from players due to their fast start-up and high ticking damage. Furthermore, she has a large amount of health compared to older Strike bosses, meaning that squads without a relatively sensible composition will take a while to bring her down.

Boss Attacks

Some attacks in this encounter will apply a debuff known as Residual Anxiety, which at 10 stacks will make players hostile to their squadmates and unable to damage the boss.

Shooting Stars

Known as: Arrow, Hide

Dagda will target a random player while charging up powerful astral magic.

At least five members of the squad must stand in between Dagda and the target or else that player will take 90% of their maximum HP as unavoidable damage. Furthermore, upon failure the rest of the squad will become Infirm and take 50% of their maximum HP as damage.

For the targeted player, this attack is telegraphed by red text on their screen and in the chat box which reads “Beware the Shooting Stars. Hide behind your allies!”. For the entire squad, a target symbol will be visible above the target’s head along with a large green arrow extending from the boss and through the target.

Whenever this attack’s arrow telegraph appears, players should check to see if they are the target. If they are, they should back away from the boss a fair distance so that the rest of the squad can body-block the magic projectile; don’t AFK on the boss!

Spinning Nebula

Known as: Spin

Dagda will spin in place, sending out a steady stream of orbs around herself that deal high damage, especially as multiple can hit a player at a time.

These orbs can be destroyed or reflected.

Dagda can sometimes choose to teleport a short distance away from the center of the arena before using this move, in which case the orbs will only be sent toward the center. Furthermore, she will always teleport back to the center immediately after the attack concludes.

If she uses Spinning Nebula on top of the group, players should back away or Dodge out as soon as possible to be able to avoid the projectiles—this attack can pack quite a punch without strong heals backing up the squad!

Demonic Blast

Known as: Pizza, Cones

On most phase transitions, eight cone-shaped AoEs will radiate from Dagda and detonate after a deceptively long delay.

Getting hit by a cone will Debilitate players, deal high damage, and apply three stacks of Residual Anxiety.

While moving out for each phase transition, make sure to stand in the safe zones between each cone, dodging if necessary.

Demonic Fever

Known as: Spread

Dagda will spawn large AoEs that, upon expanding, will cause an explosion around seven players in the instance. These explosions deal moderate damage on their own, but will instantly down any players that are inside two or more circles.

As with most Spread AoEs, players should pick a spot and generally stick with it, only slightly moving in response to the players around them in order to avoid misinterpretation of each other’s intentions. Players with ranged damage and support should move out further to make space for their melee compatriots.

Be very careful when this attack coincides with Dagda’s quarter-health phase transitions; the forced movement toward the edge of the arena can make players bunch up unintentionally.

Intermission/Split Phases

Dagda will become untargetable and invulnerable every time 25% of her health is taken out; along with this, she will continually push players away from the center of the arena with a strong current of air, channel Demonic Blast, and spawn a large red pool under herself that deals extremely high ticking damage to players.

These phase transitions do not cancel most mechanics that were on the field before the health barrier was reached.

Players should be looking at the boss’s health in order to predict when a phase transition will occur and move out accordingly. Being slow to leave Dagda’s pool of pain will lead to a swift downstate for most builds.

In order to make the boss targetable again, players must kill the assorted Kryptis minions that spawn around the arena; two minions will spawn during the first split phase, four during the second one, and six during the last one. These minions are Veterans and Elites (with defiance bars to match), so they will require multiple players to focus them down in order to expeditiously clear the phase.

Dagda also has a few other health-related mechanical triggers, most notably an odd occurrence at 90% HP remaining where she goes untargetable, casts Demonic Blast, then becomes targetable again without any player input.

Soul Feast

Under 75% health, Dagda will occasionally summon a Soul Feast while leaving two white orbs on the ground. The Soul Feast is a targetable entity that applies both Residual Anxiety and while also dealing high ticking damage to any players in its hitbox.

When summoned, the Soul Feast will fixate on a player (telegraphed with the on-screen text “You are targeted by Soul Feast. Run!”) and relentlessly chase them down until it is destroyed.

Dagda can summon Soul Feasts after Spinning Nebula concludes; listen for Zojja screaming her heart out to know that one has spawned.

Although they will expire after enough time on the field, the proper way to dispatch Soul Feasts is for a player to pick up one of the white orbs, which will grant them the Purifying Light special action skill. Purifying Light will instantly destroy a Soul Feast on hit, so this player should then target the Soul Feast—by using TAB (or whatever their Next Enemy keybind is) as the only two hostile entities on the field will be Dagda and the Soul Feast—and let the special action skill loose.


  • Dagda can body-block Purifying Light and prevent it from hitting a Soul Feast when she’s in between it and the player that cast the special action skill. Players should make sure the boss is not in the way when dealing with this mechanic.
  • Soul Feasts’ models will linger for a while after they are destroyed; these are not active and will not harm players.

Rain of Comets

Known as: Rain

Under 50% health, Dagda will occasionally cast a Meteor-Shower-like spell across half of the arena. This red AoE deals pulses high damage to players—the visual effects of the comets themselves falling are just for show and don’t deal any damage of their own.

Players can simply walk into the safe half of the arena to avoid taking major damage from this attack.

After this move, Dagda can follow up with Demonic Fever.

Planet Crash

Known as: defiance bar, break bar

Under 50% health, Dagda will occasionally gain a defiance bar and begin summoning a massive celestial body above the arena. If her bar is not broken in under 10 seconds, she will smash it into the group, dealing unavoidable damage to each squad member to the tune of 90% of the player’s maximum HP!

If the bar is broken in time, Dagda will become , however a lightly-damaging AoE will spawn on the boss as smaller comets will still rain from her misfired spell.

Always break Dagda’s defiance bar as the debuff will speed up the last two phases considerably; the damage from the smaller AoE can be safely ignored.

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