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Hardstuck Raid Tournament Winners

Tournament: Ready Check Cup 3 (RCC 3)

Date: October 2023

Winner: Retired Misfits [rMF]

Runner Up: Nostalgia

Tournament: Benchmark Brawl 1 (BMB 1)

Date: September 2023

Winner: Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]

Runner Up: Tiny Ducklings [dL]

Tournament: Ready Check Cup 2 (RCC 2)

Date: April 2023

Winner: Zeta

Runner Up: Dua Lipa

Tournament: Ready Check Cup 1 (RCC 1)

Date: December 2022

Winner: Inters Care Unit [ICU]

Runner Up: Nudelwasser Ist Lecker [Mjam]

Tournament: Hardstuck Raiding Party Invite (HRP Invite)

Date: July 2021

Winner: Snow Crows [SC]

Runner Up: Downstate Cucks [WIN]

Tournament: Hardstuck Raiding Party Open (HRP Open)

Date: July 2021

Winner: Wonderful Ideas Poor Execution [Wipe]

Runner Up: I Just Invited Randoms [idk]

Tournament: Elitist Raiding Party 3 (ERP 3)

Date: August 2019

Winner: Lucky Noobs [LN]

Runner Up: Snowify [sT]

Tournament: Amateur Raiding Party (ARP)

Date: November 2018

Winner: Dungeon Ducks [META]

Runner Up: Mystic Builds [SALT]

Tournament: Elitist Raiding Party 2 (ERP 2)

Date: April 2018

Winner: Meth and Faxes [MnF]

Runner Up: Snow Crows [SC]

Tournament: Elitist Raiding Party 1 (ERP 1)

Date: November 2016

Winner: Quantify [qT]

Runner Up: Snow Crows [SC]

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