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Raid Ranking Breakdown

Players will initially seed at rank 1200 (exceptions in tier 3/CMI will apply).

Team rank is the average of ALL players signed up for your team.

A team gains/loses a min of 0 and a max of 32 for each raid wing. If a team has the exact same rank as another team they will gain or lose 16 points. If a higher rated team beats a lower rated team the gain/loss will be less than 16. If a lower rated team beats a higher rated team the gain/loss will be more than 16. See the chart below for some examples.

In a “one on one” scenario (only 2 teams running against each other at the same time) it plays out exactly as the above description/chart. In a mass start situation, the cut off is at the number of teams who will eventually qualify for the next round. For example (see below), if there are 12 teams and 8 teams will make it to the knock out round. In this instance, if you place 1-8 in a raid wing, each of those teams will gain the corresponding points for beating the 9th place team and the 9-12 place teams will lose the corresponding points for losing to the 8th place team.

1st: Gain Rank
2nd: Gain Rank
3rd: Gain Rank
4th: Gain Rank
5th: Gain Rank
6th: Gain Rank
7th: Gain Rank
8th: Gain Rank
Cut Off
9th: Lose Rank
10th: Lose Rank
11th: Lose Rank
12th: Lose Rank

Gains/loses are calculated after each raid wing is completed in the order that the rounds take place.

There is an acceleration that is applied to your first 30 wings to get new teams/players to a more accurate ranking faster. 50% increased rating for 1st 10 wings, 25% for wings 11-20, 10% for wings 21-30.

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